Adventure Time
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Such a tender moment between the Snow Golem and his rescue Fire Wolf puppy #WaybackWednesday

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Adventure Time
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The Ocarina of Adventure Time! #ZeldaDay

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Adventure Time
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Adventure Time
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It's LEGO Batfinn Time! Congrats to Instagram user vampiremonik for winning the #ATLEGOBatmanChallenge!
Adventure Time
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Adventure Time
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Adventure Time
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"I don't think I could stand to be,
Where you don't see me." #WaybackWednesday

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Oh my glob!
Candy Kingdom macaron pops!

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Are you brave enough to try a pizza ice cream sandwich? ???? #nationalpizzaday
Who else wishes these two were back together? #WaybackWednesday

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Spotted: Finn and Jake scouting space for a second treehouse? ???? #AdventureTime

(: Dreszer_photography/Instagram)
Holy stuff! Awesome comic by Alex Stephenson for the #ATLEGOBatmanChallenge!
This clip from season six makes sooooo much more sense after #AdventureTime Islands! Catch up on the app: [ Link ]
Amazing job by Twitter user DaRealBeens! What game do you think they’re playing? #ATLEGOBatmanChallenge
Mini Crayon Finn, c/o mumblestohimself/Instagram! Submit your Adventure Time x The LEGO Batman Movie mashup art using #ATLEGOBatmanChallenge for a chance to win Adventure Time goodies!