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A beautiful metaphor for the home improvement journey. [ Link ]

A House Sets Sail in This Dreamy Home Improvement Spot
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The NFL said that it is working with broadcasters on a scheme to restructure the ad pods in all future televised contests. [ Link ]

In a Bid to Pick Up the Pace, the NFL Will Kill Off Everyone's Least-Favorite Ad Break
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When BBDO first reached out, Alex Meixner thought one of his friends might be playing an elaborate prank. [ Link ]

How Hormel's One-Man Band Brought Quirky, Crazy Cool to Pepperoni
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The cutest washing machine ad we've seen in a long time (if not ever). [ Link ]

Teddy Bears Multiply in the Wash in This Cute Samsung Spot
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The three kids are forced to work together -- with the help of a cute hedgehog. [ Link ]

Rival Egg Hunters Discover the Joy of Teamwork in Milka's Easter Spot
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"THAT IS DEMONSTRABLY NOT TRUE!," I've been known to shout at the TV after that jingle plays. [ Link ]

Your Ad Is a Lie and I Want You to Cut It Out
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ICYMI: Congratulations to our 2017 40 Under 40 class. [ Link ]

Meet Ad Age's 2017 40 Under 40
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Smirnoff will try to leverage Chrissy Teigen's massive social media following, which includes 4.8 million Twitter followers. [ Link ]

Chrissy Teigen and Smirnoff Take Shots at 'Crafty' Rivals
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Order beer with the touch of a button or a simple voice command. [ Link ]

Push-Button Beer Ordering? Miller Lite Gives It a Try
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"The last thing we want to do is preach from the top and say, 'Hey, listen to us, we know what is right for your child' -- we want to be part of the community, be part of the conversation." [ Link ]

How to Sell Toys When Parents See Little Value in Playtime
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What happened to Sears and how did it become irrelevant? [ Link ]

Dear Sears, It's Time To Hang Up Your Toughskins
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It's shaping up as an unprecedented revolt against the world's largest digital media player over ads placed with objectionable content. [ Link ]

More Big Advertisers Suspend Google Ads Over Offensive Videos
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ICYMI: Every agency holding company has been invited to pitch. [ Link ]

AB InBev Kicks Off Global Media Agency Review
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ICYMI: "The Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies takes this matter very seriously." [ Link ]

J&J and Verizon Join Major Marketers Suspending YouTube Advertising