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Will Super Bowl advertisers use the big game to address the political moment [ Link ]

Super Bowl or Trump Bowl?
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Rather than jumping into an RFP, some advertisers are trying what consulting groups loosely refer to as "agency therapy." [ Link ]

Agency-Client Therapy: How to Build Stronger Partnerships
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Sample combos include "Office Crusher," "Traffic King" "Morning Diva" and "Carpool Legend." [ Link ]

Design and 3D Print Your Own Coffee Stopper With Dixie's 'Crushtomizer'
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If you thought snowmen were harmless, cute symbols of winter, think again. [ Link ]

Evil Snowmen Do Battle With a Driver in Spot for Nissan Rogue
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ICYMI: The inauguration ratings won't be anywhere near as massive as those churned up by the fall presidential debates or the Super Bowl, and they're unlikely to top last Sunday's Packers-Cowboys game. [ Link ]

Boycott This: Why Tuning Out the Inauguration Is a Futile Gesture
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To promote its Surface Pro 4 in Sweden, Microsoft commissioned a composer to create a "symphony" based on the sounds of Stockholm. [ Link ]

Microsoft Creates a Symphony of Stockholm's Sounds to Promote the Surface Pro 4
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Now here's something you don't expect to see during an ad break: a live colonoscopy. [ Link ]

A Live Colonoscopy Just Aired During a Commercial Break on British T.V.
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The somber, darkly lit film opens on a closeup of the American flag, fluttering wildly in the wind as kids ominously recite the Pledge of Allegiance. [ Link ]

Netflix Dropped This Eerie 'House of Cards' Teaser During the Inauguration
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With today's headphone generation, there's a growing market for audio content beyond music. [ Link ]

Three Reasons Every Company Needs an Audio Strategy
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Currently, many marketers are looking at their marketing tech as spare parts rather than one cohesive whole. [ Link ]

How to Build an Always-on Marketing Machine
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Chrome extension Make America Kittens Again will automatically detect pictures related to Trump and replace them with images of cute cats. [ Link ]

Sick of Trump Already? Turn Pictures of Him Into Kittens With This Chrome Extension
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After the inauguration, the "Privacy in our Digital Lives: Protecting Individuals and Promoting Innovation" report was replaced with a smiling photo of President Donald Trump and Mike Pence. [ Link ]

New Privacy Report Already Removed From White House Site
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At least some appliance manufacturers – the NAD didn't say which or how – may be getting compensation to endorse Finish. [ Link ]

Were Dishwasher Makers Paid to Recommend Finish? NAD Says RB Should Say
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In a stunt to promote its expensive new auto show "Grand Tour," Amazon has been flying three giant sculptures of its hosts round the world. [ Link ]

Jeremy Clarkson's Giant Head Just Flew Over the Hollywood Sign
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ICYMI: "The Late Show" displayed a mockup of a possible Trump tweet while Stephen Colbert read it in his huffy Trump voice. [ Link ]

Colbert Predicted Trump Would Tweet This About Rainy Inauguration Day Weather. Colbert Was Wrong. Sad!
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The spot isn't just about taking a vacation -- it touches on the idea that travel can broaden the mind, help us overcome prejudices about others and deepen our understanding of different cultures. [ Link ]

Broaden Your Mind, Says Expedia in Spot Breaking During Inauguration
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How does a humble bedding company get a say during the goings-on of Inauguration week? 37.5 Technology has found a way. [ Link ]

This Brand Sent Its Bedding to Trump So He'll Sleep Better and Stop Tweeting
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Black Lives Matter is making a statement in the week of Trump's Inauguration, launching an app that invites black people living in America to "Mark Yourself Unsafe." [ Link ]

Black Lives Matter Asks Black People to 'Mark Yourself Unsafe' With App
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When networks and cable stations were most under attack for their lack of targeted impact, media buyers were focused on lowering the cost per eyeball. [ Link ]

Long Live Reach: Buying Eyeballs Still Works If It's Done Right
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Here are some brands that have already begun telling stories of togetherness, making inspiring work throughout the increasingly acrimonious past 12 months. [ Link ]

Three Ways Marketers Can Bridge Today's Great Political Divide