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Quinnipiac University has updated its logo after a student petition said that the previous wordmark's lowercase "u" undermined the school's academic excellence. [ Link ]

Quinnipiac University Updates Logo After Student Petition
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Amazon has become the most relevant brand to millennials in America. [ Link ]

What Online Retailers Can Learn From Amazon
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"Having a newborn baby is the main reason why people purchase their first car." [ Link ]

Cute Kids Experience Life's Big Firsts in Chevrolet's Ad Aimed at Chinese Parents
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Sport England has launched the second phase of its "This Girl Can" campaign to get women exercising, following on from its award-winning 2015 campaign. [ Link ]

Sport England's 'This Girl Can' Tackles Age and Difficult Life Circumstances in Follow-Up Campaign
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The quirky approach is aimed at engaging the brand with 16-24 year olds -- to whom, bombarded with VR from other advertisers, this might just appeal. [ Link ]

You Can't See a Thing in Rustlers' VR Experience (But That's the Point)
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ICYMI: Created by illustrator Tim O'Brien, it follows other notable Trump-themed covers from campaign season -- "Meltdown" and "Total Meltdown" by artist Edel Rodriguez. [ Link ]

There's a Striking Contrast in Time's Latest Donald Trump Cover
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When the iPhone 7 Plus launched in Brazil in late 2016, tech websites reported that the phone cost almost twice as much there as in the U.S. [ Link ]

Apple's Vibrant Ad Salutes Brazil's Carnival -- in Portrait Mode
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Levi's latest TV ad gives a mischievous nod to its target audience's smartphone obsession. [ Link ]

Levi's Pokes Fun at Smartphone Obsession in Its Latest Spot
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Jollibee's tear-jerking tales about love and fried chicken are getting millions of views. [ Link ]

These Filipino Fast Food Ads Will Make You Cry Over Crispylicious Chicken
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MillerCoors is poised to reintroduce the 1990s-era clear malt beverage that was once advertised as "zomething different." [ Link ]

Remember Zima? Clear Malt Beverage Is Poised for Comeback
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Need a new podcast for the long weekend? We've got the top minds in advertising dishing over cocktails in “Tagline.” [ Link ]

First 'Tagline' Podcast Features Wendy Clark, Rob Reilly, Rob Norman -- and Whiskey
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"Given the fact that Trump can't stop talking about the 'lying media,' I suspect this is one of the better tools in their arsenal to land people on a donation page after taking the survey." [ Link ]

Though Not Scientific, Trump's Media Survey Reinforces Resentment of Press
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Not much seems to be keeping advertisers away from "what is generally referred to as the Super Bowl for women." [ Link ]

ABC Sells Out of Ad Time in the Oscars
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ICYMI: Kraft Heinz's $143 billion offer to buy Unilever was rejected by the international food and household products maker. [ Link ]

Unilever Rejects $143 Billion Offer From Kraft Heinz
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ICYMI: Presenting the Creativity Awards finalists, chosen over days of spirited judging by juries of the industry's brightest stars ... [ Link ]

See the Finalists for Ad Age's Creativity Awards
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"You don't know the S.M.O.O.C.H. Method? How the heck have you been team-building, then?" [ Link ]

GE Wants You to Say Goodbye to 'Useless Productivity Tools'
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As Thor prepares to head off for a bike ride, Daryl tries to explain to him that he can't pay rent with things like pumpkins or Asgardian coins. [ Link ]

Thor Really Sucks as a Roommate in Marvel's Teaser Film
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The image teases a story by Philip Elliott entitled "Donald Trump's White House Chaos."
[ Link ]

There's a Striking Contrast in Time's Latest Donald Trump Cover
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D&AD's 2017 call for entries film is based around the inspired idea of interviewing the mothers of previous pencil winners. [ Link ]

Meet the Moms of Past Winners in D&AD's Hilarious Call for Entries Film
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The UAW is planning an ad campaign to encourage consumers to buy cars made in the U.S. [ Link ]

UAW Plans 'Buy American' Ad Campaign