Aera Trucks
Aera Trucks
04/27/2017 at 14:33. Facebook
Aera Trucks is extremely proud to announce this new team member...

Max Ballesteros has returned to his roots of riding Aera. He was after more flow, more grip, and more fun - And we're here to give it to him. STOKED.

After years on the chase for the World Cup, Max is out in force and ready to dominate, create some gnarly media, and increase brand awareness for Cuei Wheels, and Bustin Boards...
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Max Ballesteros
Troy Robert Westbrook
Guido Cortez
Aera Trucks
Aera Trucks
04/24/2017 at 18:18. Facebook
JUST SMASHIN'R. This is a seriously rough road.

Brandon DesJarlais rips it up big time. Check him out handling one of the roughest and gnarliest in SoCal on his Aera Trucks #AeraK5

Film by Joe Gutkowski
Ley Yap
Brandon Ailion
KC King
Micheal Apgood slashing it up on his Powell-Peralta Downhill SNAKES and Aera Trucks K5. It's all about having fun on the hills!

Cole Bennett Film!
Kristen Hanson
Dylan Whittier
Kaique Pereira

Ian Freire flying down one of Brasil's gnarliest.

Showing his stability on his Aera Trucks, ROCKET Longboards pro model, and Face skate wheels
Rian Proença
José Carlos Chamusca Jr.
Gustavo Brito
We are so stoked to have Brandon DesJarlais on Team Aera. He is one of the hardest working skaters in the game right now, and represents his sponsors at the highest level. Brandon was leading the ticket race at Central Coast Up n' Down and ALMOST had the win. He'd have certainly deserved it.

We can't wait for more footage with this guy!

Thanks for trusting Aera Trucks and the #Aerak5 for...
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Brandon DesJarlais
Johnny Jara
Joe Gruber
Groms are the way of the future.

Cole Trotta SLAYING IT MAJOR in this epic edit. Cole is riding Aera Trucks #Aerak5, Sector 9 Skateboards board and wheels, and Holesom Rider pucks.

INSANE FILM / EDIT: Turner Williams @Boarding_media
Dylan Patton
Sam Starratt McCune
Marie Sears
Douglas Dalua FLYING on his Aera Trucks #AeraK5

The mad-man is back, and he's feeling fly. Check out how stable these bad-boys are at 110km/h at Teutonia.

Rafael Bastos e Fruke Alves filme
Mackenzie Wacey
Mark Dazu
Fabiano Barbosa
Afternoon skating

Camilo Cespedes G and Cole Kurtz came up to Santa Barbara to film with Alex Colorito (who killed it with this edit). FUN WAS HAD BY ALL.

This is what it's all about, getting out there and cruising with your buddies, slashing it up and getting goofy. It's not just about bombin'!
Senior Pushbroom McCarthy
Jackson Clark
John Hapi
Bombin' hills with your homies. That's really what it's all about.

Willian Rubim and Yan Bertinati (filming) fly down this run in south Brasil. Willian is riding a Powell-Peralta Downhill K-Rimes board, Freeday Skate shoes and Face skate wheels.
Randall Edwards
Boby Sousa
Willian Rubim
Italian bombin'

Stefano Barbizzi slaying it up again on his Aera Trucks and Zero31 - Longboard Factory board.

Nicolas Dell'oro film
Stefano Barbizzi
Simone Barbizzi
Mirko Paoloni
Our boy Sergio Henríquez Insúa slaying it up again at the Armco freeride. Care of Skate[Slate] magazine
Mary Lynn
Anton W. Floman

David Driscoll showing us yet again, how to kill it on your skateboard. David rides Aera Trucks and for Action Board Shop.

Tyler Hunt film
Simon Vazquez edit
Stefano Barbizzi
Simon Vazquez
Kiefer FlatSpot Grainger
This guy is flying

Kevin Reimer doesn't get out as much to skate since he's full time at Skate One, but when he does... He chooses @Powell-Peralta Powell-Peralta Downhill SNAKES 69mm.

Caden Castellini footage
Evan Finses
Max Kuker
Mark Mahan
Amazing skating, amazing skater.

Sergio Henríquez Insúa is the newest addition to the Aera Trucks Euro team. This guy is a nice guy, lives and breathes downhill, and skates like a beast. Truly one of the world's top stand-up shredders.

Andrea Pedrotti came thru with one of the sickest edits we've seen in a long time. THANK YOU!
Carl Manoff
Marcuse Tortuga Namaste
Marcuse Tortuga Namaste
David Driscoll showing off his Kung-Fu prowess while holding out some crazy slides!
David is riding Aera Trucks k4's, Powell-Peralta Downhill Snakes, and an Aeon Downhill board
Abs Boards
film: Team Broke Off
Eric Axelrod
Catherine Harvey
Brian Vickery
TFW Douglas Dalua comes back to Aera Trucks.
Guido Cortez
Douglas Dalua
Ryan Richbourg

Check the $$$ line at 1:07

David Driscoll absolutely obliterating this super sticky run on his Aera Trucks K4s, and Powell-Peralta Downhill SNAKES 75a.

Insane footy by Josh Neuman
Bill Morse
Daniel Engel
Jay Pepper-Martens
Caden Castellini smashing the local premo
Jake Craig
Jon Michael Zepeda
Jake Craig
Guajataca 2017 Start Line
Emerson Echeverry
Bryan Suarez
Patrick Crosby
Guajataca Slide Jam 2017, Puerto Rico
Pedro Santos