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Aera Trucks
12/01/2016 at 14:55. Facebook
What it feels like to skateboard at 100km/h...

Ian Freire showing his skills holding it together for a looooong run at top speed. Ian is riding Aera Trucks K4s, and Face skate wheels.

Adriano Silveira filme!
Fall in the California mountains...

Chet Bolstridge sends in another banger.

Chet is riding Aera Trucks K4, Powell-Peralta Byron Essert model and SSF 69mm Snakes, and is rocking Push Culture apparel.
Big ol' backside powerslide

Ryka Mohammadian is our main man. He dropped in on our local hill. Here's a quick look at a new filming method (no sound tho).

Ryka is riding Aera Trucks, Powell-Peralta Snakes 66mm 75a, and Bones Bearings.
Rough streets of Bogota

Camilo Céspedes slashes the local roads behind his house in Colombia on his Aera Trucks K4s, Loaded Boards Overland, and Orangatang Wheels Skiffs

Film by Juan Camilo Yepes Rojas
Ryka Mohammadian - one of a kind
Powerslides in the forest

Sergio Henríquez Insúa is our main man over on the Islas Canarias. This homie is riding Powell-Peralta Snakes 69mm, and Aera Trucks 176/46

Garrett Gourley slaying this insane run in NC with the Team Broke Off film game on lock. Garrett is riding Aera Trucks K4s, and Comet Skateboards
Kevin Reimer smashing.

On Powell-Peralta Snakes 66mm, Aera Trucks, and Byron Essert's pro model Powell-Peralta.

Caden Castellini fojo
Send in your Aera Trucks shredder runs.

Chet Bolstridge showin' us a killer little freeride run on his Powell-Peralta Snakes, and Aera K4s.
Shredder powerslides.

Byron Essert shows us how it was done way back when in 2012. Byron rides Powell-Peralta wheels and wood, Aera Trucks K3s, and Bones Bearings.

Chet Bolstridge slaying it down this chundery road on his Aera Trucks K4s and Powell-Peralta Snakes 69mm
Jonas Richter kills it.

Jonas has been busy with university and the ladies, but he still finds time to slash the hills. He explains what skateboarding means to him in this super-dope video by: Jose Carlos Deichmann Jr.
Tiago Mohr showing you the fine details of downhill skateboarding on his Aera Trucks K5 164 x 46˚

Film by Timóteo Flores
The gnarliest....

Chance gaul showing us how it's done.

Gabe Snyder footy
Nathan Sweet
The leaves are changing and fall is here in NorCal. An excellent time to BOMB HILLS.

Chet Bolstridge sends in this flowy bomber run where he's riding his Aera Trucks K4s, and Powell-Peralta Snakes / Byron Essert pro model.
Carlos Guto Paixão winning the final IDF - International Downhill Federation World Cup at 7 Curves closely followed by Willian Rubim in 2nd and Tiago Mohr / Downhill Skater in 4th. All on the K5!

Guto has been racing on the Aera Trucks K5 all year, and this is yet again proof it is the truck of choice for World Champions.

Mylongbrothers foto
Caden Castellini firing some slides down a SoCal favorite.

Caden Castellini is riding Aera Trucks 176 / 50 and some of the new Powell-Peralta SSF SNAKES in 69mm
Sunset rips....

Caden Castellini has been testing out that new Aera Trucks premo. Here you can see him smashing the local corners.
We are ultra proud of Carlos Guto Paixão for winning the IDF - International Downhill Federation Mega Space World Cup and of Willian Rubim and Tiago Mohr / Downhill Skater for finishing 2nd and 4th on their #aerak5 and a huge congrats to Melissa Brogni for dominating the women's class! Parabéns a todas!!!

@Lucianoxlima foto!