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02/26/2017 at 15:42. Facebook
Guajataca 2017 Start Line
Aera Trucks
02/25/2017 at 19:05. Facebook
Guajataca Slide Jam 2017, Puerto Rico
Aera Trucks
02/21/2017 at 00:19. Facebook
Bammin' through the 'hood

Leo Sartor SMASHES it out in the local bomber hood. FLYING.

Old Child media

David Driscoll at it again with the fast freeride flow. SLAY'IN'IT'

Aera Trucks
Action Board Shop
Aeon Skate Co.

Adam Heironimus films styles
Local skating on the local road. MDL MTF!

Evandro Dorneles Silveira Filho showing you the local hill he skates in Brasil. It's a thoroughfare route, but it just so happens to be SICK. If you want to skate a road like this, up those skills and make sure you are CONSISTENT.

Schlickmann Surf Boards filme - O melhor prancha de surf do mundo!!!
Rippin' through the fog.

David Driscoll slappin' the local runs in the mist.

Adam Heironimus filme
We all wish this run was in our backyard...

Sergio Henríquez Insúa BOMBIN' FAT on the islands. He's riding Aera Trucks, Powell-Peralta wheels, Original Skateboards, and Urethane Burners pucks.

Ayoze Martin Perez film
Sunset run in Germany

Homie Nils Bodenheimer sends this quick clip of him riding some #aerak3 from back in the day. He's riding Olson&Hekmati boards!

Jan Stein film
Best hill.

Mackenzie Wacey and James Ware smash down the local Vancouver favorite on their Aera Trucks.

Join Aera Trucks at the Central Coast Up n' Down on April 8th / 9th!

Here, Kevin Reimer takes you on a course preview while riding his #aerak5

Caden Castellini footage
130 people interested · 100 people going

Central Coast Up n' Down


Stefano Barbizzi of TuckYeah Apparel killing it in Italy. This road is TOO SICK, and closed to traffic. Stefano is riding Aera Trucks, and Powell-Peralta wheels.

Film by Nicolas Dell'oro
GNAR - Bombing over train tracks?!

Aidan Lynds and Mack Wacey slay one of Vancouver's gnarliest descents - Both riding on Sector 9 Skateboards Race Wheels, Aera Trucks K4s, and Hardcore Skate Products bushings.
Some foggy bombin'

We are HYPED to announce a new addition from out in NC, Garrett Gourley welcome to Team Aera!

Thanks to Team Broke Off for the footage and edit!
K5 by Aera Trucks

The K5 is available in select colorways. Black and gold for now. Raw is coming soon.
Bombin' n' slidin' into 2017

Garrett Gourley is a beast. Here he's shown blasting on his Aera Trucks and Comet Skateboards

Team Broke Off vid!
Best downhill run ever?

Garrett Gourley blowing MINDS on his Aera Trucks K4s and Comet Skateboards skateboard. DAMN BUD.

Film by Team Broke Off.
Winter downhill at its finest.

Micheal Apgood sends in this premo freeride run in the hood.
Leo Sartor SMASHES the local interior BC runs.

Leo is a super boss at skating, as evidenced. Check out Old Child's insane video film and edit skills as Leo mashes his Sector 9 Skateboards board and wheels into the ground, mounted to his prototype Aera Trucks 176/46 trucks. PREME

Stefano Barbizzi is a boss. This SUPER sick run was shredded on some Aera Trucks 176/46 protos, Powell-Peralta Race Wheels, all while wearing TuckYeah Apparel Apparel.