Looking forward to rocking with our US pals in Canby, OR again this year! ^A^
Happy Birthday Brad Whitford! ^A^
Thanks to all those who participated in our Harefest video poll!
Here's the winner of the poll, "Last Child" ^A^

Thanks for taking the time to vote!
More videos to come...
JFP jamming up a storm! ^A^
Thanks to all of you who've taken our video poll thus far.
It looks like "Last Child" is in the lead!

We have some great unreleased footage from Harefest that will comprise our next live video. Have your say in which video we release next by voting for your favourite;

- Last Child
- Living On The Edge
- Other Side
- Love In An Elevator
- Pink
- Falling In Love Is So Hard On The Knees
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Help us choose our next Harefest video release!
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Help us choose our next video!

We've now published videos for "Let The Music Do The Talking", "Toys In The Attic", "Eat The Rich" and "Sweet Emotion" from our 2016 set at Harefest 6.

What would you like to see from our set next?

Please take a moment to choose one of the following song titles from our set list. Most popular answer will help us to decide which footage we edit and post...
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Aerosmith Rocks Harefest Video Poll

Aerosmith Rocks tribute band performs "Sweet Emotion" in Canby, OR at 2016's Harefest 6
Happy Birthday to Aerosmith's Tom Hamilton! ^A^
Have a very Aero XMas! ^A^
"Let The Music Do The Talking" & "Toys In The Attic" | Live from Harefest ^A^
Added a new video: "Eat The Rich - Live From Harefest 6" [ T.co Link ] #video [ T.co Link ]

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Aerosmith Rocks tribute band live at Harefest
- photo by Paul Brown
Added a new video: "Let The Music Do The Talking - Toys In The Attic | Live from Harefest 6" [ T.co Link ] #video

Aerosmith Rocks Videos | ReverbNation