Friday Safety Brief. Gather 'round, shut your cock holsters, and listen close. You don't want to end up like Charlie Sheen do you? ...or maybe you do. ~Will
Based on the various weapons being used, i.e. MK-47 (Striker 40), FGM-148 Javelin, and a truck-mounted minigun, it’s safe to say that US Special Operations troops were present and “advising and assisting” in the mission as well. ~Will

Fresh Combat Footage From The Forgotten War In Afghanistan
More airstrike footage at > Funker530 - Combat Footage

An ISIS hilltop fighting position gets a massive amount of overkill from US airstrikes. The ISIS rats have been living under ground ever since. ~Will
Here's a shout out to our Kurdish brothers taking the Tabqa Dam. You guys keep kicking Daesh ass, and we'll keep on spreading the word. ~Josh
I served in the footsteps of these men. They were heroes. Every single one of them. ~Josh

Ambush Alley - The Battle Of Nasiriyah
Crazy combined Special Operations airborne and amphibious assault just took place near Raqqa. Here's the scoop you won't find in the official report. ~Will

Legendary Airborne and Amphibious Assault Op Just Happened In Syria
Sometimes you just need lunch, regardless of the sniper threat. ~Josh

What Street To Street Fighting Looks Like In Mosul Right Now
More military training and combat footage at > Funker530 - Combat Footage

The Polish military takes the saying "just take the bus," a little too serious. ~Josh
More combat footage at > Funker530 - Combat Footage

THIS is close combat! Army of Islam jihadists surround a building full of ISIS fighters and all hell breaks loose. Dirtbags killing each other... you gotta love it. ~Will
Charlie Company. 1st Battalion 2nd Marines. Today we remember those men who died in Nasiriyah, Iraq. Semper Fidelis brothers. ~Josh
I now identify as a black shark. I only accept proper pronouns for my new gender. ~Josh
Moments like this stick with you for the rest of your life in the most vivid detail. Every speck of dust is 100% engraved into your mind's eye for eternity. ~Josh

Interpreter Steps on IED On Patrol - Helmet Cam Footage
BREAKING: Terror attack on the Houses of Parliament. Here's what we know as well as a livestream for ongoing developments. ~Will

BREAKING: Terror Attack On Westminster Bridge, Houses Of Parliament
The more aggressive fighter, as in the fighter who is least afraid to die, has the highest probability of winning in this terrible situation. ~Will

Close Combat: Two Fighters Fire At Each Other From Around Corner
With multiple camera angles, the video does well to demonstrate the complexity of the battlefield. ~Will

Royal Australian Regiment Battle Taliban In Chora Valley
More footage of the battle for Raqqa at > Funker530 - Combat Footage

United States M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) fires from Kobani onto ISIS targets in Raqqa yesterday. ~Will
I believe the Aussies are going to say something like... "STRAYA C**T" ~Josh

Meet The Australian Juggernaut That Leads The Australian Anti-Tree Battalion