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Whoever made this meme - I love you. ????
These are incredible. Can you think of any that were left off of this list? ~Josh

5 Weapons From Science Fiction That Actually Exist

#JustMachineGunnerThings ~Josh
The initial onslaught of the 2003 invasion into Iraq. ~Will

13 Minutes of Constant Cobra Carnage

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Winter is coming. ~Will
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When you spent 12 years as a Machine Gunner, but now you're working in construction. ~Josh
This is why you need to change your routes. Even if it's going to add time to the overall mission, you need to be unpredictable. ~Josh

FARC IEDs Destroy Entire Columbian Police Motorcycle Patrol

A brutal reminder of what the Iraqi troops are still dealing with on a daily basis. ~Josh

**Mature Content Warning**

Graphic: Iraqi Troops Riding On Vehicle Take A Direct Hit

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If he's still in there, he ain't happy. ~Josh
It's a shame they tried to retreat, it got them killed. Sometimes you need to just make a stand, and die on your feet so you don't end up in one of these videos. ~Josh

Retreating Soldier Cut Down By Tracer Fire In Somalia

I have a great idea, let's change the VA from a disaster into a hilarious joke. ~Will
When you do awesome stuff for a living, it's hard not to talk about it. ~Will

Watch The Video That Got 7 Navy SEALs Disciplined

More combat footage at > Afghanistan Combat Footage - Funker530

The more ammo you use, the less you have to carry back. ~Will
Getting real sick of the deception. Show the entire quote, don't take two snippets of one quote and paint the man to look like some sort of insane war monger with it. ~Josh

**Wall of text warning**

Main Stream Media Taking Mattis Quote Out Of Context To Fear Monger

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You would think the Claymore would be common sense, but if there is a warning label, that means someone probably did it at some point. ~Josh