They can operate. I'll give them that. The real question is, can they drink as good as they fight? ~Josh

Norwegian Military Might - Vikings Tear Stuff Apart In Epic Mashup
The judges gave the corpse's flipping acrobatics a solid "10." ~Will

Libyan Rebel Tanker Gets Killed By Massive Malfunction In Ancient Tank
They shouldn't have dropped out of acting school. ~Will

Worst AA Team Ever Pretend To Shoot Down Helicopter
More combat footage at > Afghanistan Combat Footage - Funker530

This is what effective suppressive fire looks like. ~Will
Oh yeah. I think about it all the time. ~Josh
Best prosthetic ever. ~Josh
Here we go. TGIF. ~Will
Someone spent way to much time on the internet. "I AM THE LAW!"

Officers Confronted By Super Cop Blocker - He's High As A Kite
...forced to eject going at incredible speeds into -50 degree conditions... he then descended into a massive electrical storm, and was pummeled by hail, nearly killed by lightning, and his parachute canopy repeatedly risked collapsing. ~Will

Pilot Ejects At 47,000 Feet Into A Lightning Storm
More conflict footage at > Afghanistan Combat Footage - Funker530

A massive rocket attack is filmed by a drone from launch to impact in Syria. ~Will
Ireland, explain yourself. There's a Monty Python joke in here... I know it. ~Josh
The insane stuff happens at the three minute mark in the video, however the entire video is worth watching. ~Josh

Hezbollah Fighters Get Up Close And Personal With ISIS
This is probably the last time Goku got invited to Soccer practice with the Syrian Arab Army. ~Josh

Syrian Troops Playing Football (Soccer) Get Blown Up
It was a race to see who could die the quickest. ~Will

ISIS Vehicle Charge Ends Very Badly For Them
I remember hoping I'd get frostbite so my chain of command would get an ass chewing. This is about as miserable as it gets. ~Will

Fun Fact: The Dominos on Camp Lejeune was the highest grossing Domino's Pizza in the United States. The only place that might have been able to compete is Domino's Pizza Ethiopia: Unofficial.

Shout out to you Pizza Lady. You make Camp Lejeune awesome.

Marine Corps Barracks Thanks Pizza Lady For Her Service
Shout out to the crazy rotor wing pilots who will fly into the mouth of hell in order to pull us out. You guys are awesome. ~Josh

Recovered Vietnam Audio: Bravery In The Face Of Death
Welcome to Combat Ready with READYMAN and Afghanistan Combat Footage - Funker530. Today we'll be covering down on Helicopter Insertion and Extraction techniques with Rory, the resident pilot at Readyman.

Big shoutout to Hard Head Veterans, Black Rifle Coffee Company, and RATS Tourniquet LLC. #10000Veterans