America is doomed. The Anarchists have taken over!!! ~Josh
Let's get this legend some likes and follows. ~Will

Secretary of Defense James Mattis
More military news at > Afghanistan Combat Footage - Funker530

"Chaos" takes over the Pentagon. Get some, Mad Dog! ~Will
Obama should resign tonight so Biden can play POTUS for one day. ~Josh
Will found his safe space today at SHOT show. ~Josh
Video from Mosul shows French Special Forces in the fight against ISIS. ~Will

French Special Forces Conducting Operations In Mosul
Combat Ready - Q & A with Funker530 and READYMAN
Ok, that's actually pretty good. Well done recruit. ~Josh
More psychological warfare at > Afghanistan Combat Footage - Funker530

Wait for it. ~Josh
Who thinks these guys need to team up with us to make a video game? ~Josh

New Video Game Has You Defend Europe From ISIS Invasion
Just use the Taser they said. It'll work great they said. ~Josh

Officers Forced To Shoot Man Brandishing Knife After Two Taser Fails
A "Daisy Chain" is a series of IEDs spaced out over a distance and wired to a single detonator. ~Will

Daisy Chain of IEDs Scores Multi Kill on Military Convoy
Moto-moto got a lotta motivation. ~Josh
On the way to SHOT Show, and I get a message from Will that looks like this. 1 like = 1 prayer, Godspeed Operators.
I would like to thank Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un for these glorious memes. ~Josh