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Roy and Calvin are answering questions and looking over the #aflfantasy relevant players who were or weren't named for round one.
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03/23/2017 at 05:49. Facebook
Under 3 hours to go.... Don't forget to fill your team and double check that you have all your Carlton and Richmond players locked and loaded. Good luck to all Fantasy coaches for 2017!
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The Traders will help you with all of your lockout questions and issues from 6pm AEDT.

AFL Fantasy: Chat live with The Traders from 6pm AEDT -
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REMEMBER: Carlton and Richmond players will be locked tonight at 7:20pm AEDT. That includes if they have a C, VC or E clicked on them. You will be able to edit your team around them until Friday 7:50pm AEDT when full lockout will be in effect.

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Petrevski-Seton, Marchbank, Pickett, Butler and Nankervis among the popular 'cheap' AFL Fantasy Classic options named.

FULL TEAMS: [ Link ]

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03/21/2017 at 20:48. Facebook
Tim Roman is challenged to make a team made up of purely mid-priced players. See the results when everyone on the field is valued between $400-500K. [ Link ]

AFL Fantasy: Mid-priced marvels -
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Tag your mates that are battling right now.

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Presenting: "Team Vanilla", as discussed on the podcast. How many players do you have in your squad?

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How's this for a team? Does it look familiar?

It should! It is made up of the most popular selections in AFL Fantasy Classic. Do you need to find a POD? Trade out some of these guys.

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See the most selected players per position and a vanilla team made up of them! The Traders will get you sorted for the round one partial and full lockout. [ Link ]

Fantasy podcast: Lockout week -
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03/20/2017 at 09:08. Facebook
The Traders are back with their final podcast ahead of lockout. Roy, Calvin and Warnie discuss everything you need to know to make sure your squad is sorted!

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Lockout Week - Episode 124
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Do you have a question for The Traders? They'll be hitting to studio very soon to record the lockout week podcast. They'll discuss the team they put together on the weekend

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The Traders put all of the players on the table and put together a team to call their own. [ Link ]

Roy, Calvin and Warnie will hit the studio tonight to record the final podcast before the first lockout. If you have a question, leave it in the comments.
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The Traders have put together their AFL Fantasy Classic team. See which players make the cut in Roy, Calvin and Warnie's combined squad. See more: [ Link ]

Take the boys on in their open league. Code: JV45PPJJ.

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Who makes The Traders' AFL Fantasy Classic team? See the squad, see why they've picked them and catch up with Roy, Calvin and Warnie mulling over the selections. [ Link ]

The Traders' final Fantasy team revealed -
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03/19/2017 at 04:39. Facebook
Warnie appeared on ABC Grandstand this afternoon talking AFL Fantasy. Listen now. [ Link ]

Adam Child - The Traders
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For expert advice from The Traders, head to Plenty of pre-season articles, videos and podcasts.
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This is THE best weekend to be holding your AFL Fantasy Draft. If you like to be across all of the info, then there is no better place to head than The Traders' one stop shop:
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The Traders rank each position for Fantasy Draft. Get inside the heads of Roy, Calvin and Warnie to help you draft the best side possible.