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Aflac Duck
01/13/2017 at 13:50. Facebook
Another day, another dollar (or two) that you could be donating to #Duckprints! See how your Holiday Duck purchase can help fight pediatric cancer here: [ Afl.ac Link ].
Another day, another dollar (or two) that you could be donating to #Duckprints! See how your Holiday Duck purchase can help fight pediatric cancer here: [ Afl.ac Link ].
New year, new duck. I vow that my attempts to fly will not crash and burn (literally or figuratively) in 2017! (But thankfully I’m covered by Aflac if they do.) #ducklife
She may be small, but she is fierce. See how Aflac’s #Duckprints initiative helps give girls like Brylie a fighting chance in the battle against pediatric cancer. [ Aflac.com Link ]
My New Year’s resolution? Remember to waddle south for the winter BEFORE next winter. #Imfreezing #Ducklife
Wondering if you may like the benefits of supplemental insurance? Yule love ‘em! Log on to [ Afl.ac Link ] to learn more.
Aflac can help keep one bummer from leading to another. Aflac.com/lifestyle
Stock up on benefits before flying down the slopes! It’s open enrollment season, people! Learn more here: [ Afl.ac Link ].
Don’t let a fall cost you a trip. Aflac helps protect the money you’ve saved for other things by covering the stuff major medical may not. [ Afl.ac Link ]
He’s either the strong silent type, or has just been ignoring everything I’ve said for the last 20 minutes… Regardless, I speak for both of us when I say happy holidays from Aflac!
Having to pay for the little things major medical insurance doesn’t cover can make your other plans a little bumpy. Aflac can help with the turbulence. [ Afl.ac Link ]
Don’t let the opportunity to stock up on benefits slip. You might need them after a fall! Learn more about how Aflac can help cover you for a busted tailfeather here: [ Afl.ac Link ]
Unwrap the gift of hope with a 2016 Holiday Duck! They come in two different sizes, but they’re equally cute (trust me). Buy one to support #Duckprints here: [ Afl.ac Link ].
All aboard! Take the express train to Givetown with a 2016 Holiday Duck. Buy one to help support #Duckprints in the fight against pediatric cancer here: [ Afl.ac Link ].
It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Open enrollment season! Take a break from decorating and get the gift of supplemental insurance before open enrollment ends: [ Afl.ac Link ]
If you’re out of work, Aflac is there to help keep your lifestyle out of Bummer City. Aflac.com/lifestyle
I knew I’d need a cancer-fighting sidekick this holiday season, so I recruited this handsome fellow! Help us help #Duckprints here: [ Afl.ac Link ].
Injuries can wind up costing you money you’ve saved for other stuff. Aflac helps cover things major medical insurance may not—so your social life isn’t stuck on the sidelines. Aflac.com/lifestyle
Want a GIF that keeps on giving? Aflac will donate $2 – up to $1.5 million – towards fighting childhood cancer for every Duckchat GIF keyboard download and use of #Duckprints on social media. Get Duckchat here: [ Afl.ac Link ].
Your love of hikes means your health may change. Aflac helps make sure your concert plans don’t have to by helping to cover the things major medical insurance doesn’t. Aflac.com/Lifestyle