Aflac Duck
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Aflac Duck
02/23/2017 at 21:53. Facebook
Aflac Duck
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When it comes to fighting childhood cancer, you can make a big impact without a big effort. For every use of #Duckprints on social media, Aflac will donate $2 – up to $1.5 million – towards fighting childhood cancer. [ Link ]
Love is like a box of chocolates: well, WAS like a box of chocolates... #HappyValentinesDay
Man, it sure feels great to lay quack and relax after a long night of working the #GRAMMYs #metime
Show’s over folks, but the festivities have just begun! Let’s get this after party started!
The biggest honor of the night wasn’t at the podium. It was given to me backstage. I'm so grateful to be a P.A. for the GRAMMYs this year!

Aflac Duck: GRAMMYs P.A.
As a #GRAMMYs P.A., I’m more than happy to give fashion advice to any birdy who needs it.
With talent like that, this guy’s leaving nothing to chance! Check out all those GRAMMYs!
Whoa! Amazing tribute to a music legend! #billdropper #GRAMMYs
Man, this tribute is taking me quack to my disco days! #SundayNightFever #GRAMMYs
No sitting ducks here! Even the backstage crew is standing for that win!
Migrating back to the dressing room with my fave red-headed British singer/songwriter. #GRAMMYs
“Hello, it’s me...I’m in California... working the #GRAMMYs!”
We’re going to quack down on security once the show starts, but first, SELFIE!

Aflac Duck: GRAMMYs P.A.
So far, being a proDUCKtion assistant isn't all it's quacked up to be... It's better! Now let's get this show on the road!
I just spent two hours vacuuming this thing. I better not see a single cru– WHAT IS THAT!? Oh, wait, that was me. My bad. Carry on, folks!
My heart's all aflutter in anticipation of watching my friend Brandy Clark at the GRAMMYs today! #goodluck
Who’s got two wings and will be working as a production assistant to help prevent any missteps at the GRAMMYs on Sunday? THIS DUCK!

Aflac Duck: GRAMMYs P.A.
From holding costumes to securing stage lights with duck tape, I’m ready to be the best avian Production Assistant the GRAMMYs has ever seen.