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Cape Town is an intrinsically romantic city that is the perfect destination for your Valentines getaway. Here are 5 things you need to do this February when visiting the city with your loved one -> [ Link ]

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Top Five Ways to Impress Your Valentine in Cape Town
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From From Cancun to Mombasa and all the way to Cape Town, here are the most affordable long-haul holiday destinations to travel to in 2017 -> [ Link ]

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Africa’s Growing Fresh Crop of Agri-Farmers: [ Link ]
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Africa 2.0, in partnership with OCP Africa, will be hosting the first "2.0 Connect Series" in in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire on the 2nd of February. The event will bring together young aspiring entrepreneurs and senior leaders who will help with mentorship. There will be opportunities for networking, and panelists speaking at the event will be from the agribusiness sector of Africa. The next...
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Take a listen to the Ted Talk by’s founder Teresa Clarke on uniting Africans on the continent and the diaspora here -> [ Link ]

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“The Grapevine” is a great web series for African millennials wanting to discuss issues affecting them on the continent and across the world -> [ Link ]

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From Ghana to Kenya, Mozambique to Egypt, here are artists you should know from the continent: [ Link ]

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They’re SO Hot Right Now - Young African Artists You Need to Know!
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Africa’s emerging photographers are bringing the continent’s narrative to life: [ Link ]

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The Big Picture - Behind the Lens of African Photographers
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African cuisine is as diverse and fascinating as the continent’s history, cultures, and traditions.

Here is more on the continent’s cuisine -> [ Link ]

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Spicy, Medium, Mild: Top Foodie Destinations in Africa
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Here are six Ghanaian artists that continue to push the boundaries of photography -> [ Link ]

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How did IROKO TV, Nigeria’s leading digital distributor of Nollywood movies worldwide, evolved to embrace Africa’s consumers?

Read more here -> [ Link ]

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Egypt’s roller derby team called CaiRollers, made up of 25 women from the North African nation, is representing the continent well in the sport across the world.

Read more here -> [ Link ]

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Citizens of the Seychelles, Mauritius, and South Africa have the most powerful passports on the continent, while Nigerians, Ethiopians and Somali have the least freedom of travel, this according to the latest ranking from the financial firm Arton Capital. The rankings, based on the number of countries holders of various passport can visit without a visa as well as how many they can get a visa...
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Nigerian brothers Titus and Tobias Igwe are making waves in the catering industry. The 24-year-old twins run Speedmeals Mobile Kitchen, a food delivery service operating in Lagos.

Read more here -> [ Link ]

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Voter registration has kicked off in Kenya. Read more here -> [ Link ]

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Here are great African destinations to visit during the off-peak season -> [ Link ]

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The Festive Season Rush is Over - Some Off-season Spots in Africa
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When visiting Africa, make sure to check out these great historical sites that tell the diverse and rich history of the continent -> [ Link ]

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So, what does Marrakech and Las Vegas have in common? Find out here -> [ Link ]

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From the world’s tallest sand dunes to vast shimmering salt pans, Namibia has jaw-dropping natural beauty by the bucketload, and should be on your travel bucket list -> [ Link ]

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Take a listen to the Ted Talk by’s founder Teresa Clarke on uniting Africans on the continent and the diaspora here -> [ Link ]

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