Awkward Africa :)

Thanks to Tony Caloba
Lost in Translation :)
This was taken from Gaborone Botswana
That could get very uncomfortable as the toilets were normal size ????????????????. ... found in service station in Botswana
Thanks to Steve Healey‎
I love his facial expression :)
It's just a jump to the left..... and then a slide to the right...

Caption This ?
Two things nobody wants to see together on one sign right....
Africa loaded !
taken on the N1 Near Pretoria.
Thanks to Chipo Nchimunya‎
Thanks to Linnea Lundgren
"This house is NOT for sale, contact owner xxxx26138..."
Ghana, where you indicate that your house is not for sale, yet owner should be contacted.. ????
...and other signs

Outside the Volkswagen factory in Uitenhage. Thanks to Jonker Fourie
A partially sedated white rhino wandered into this waterhole. These rhinos are the first to be reintroduced to this area in over a hundred years. Luckily the team were willing to brave the crocs and scare her out of the water before anything happened.
Toilet Humour - Only In Africa :)
ITs FRIIIIIIday..lets dance ! :)