Toilet Humour :)

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Too much luggage?
No problem - hook on the Ventertjie
Not sure if this was taken in Africa, however an African lass sent it to me and being an African myself, with an African sense of humour.....I laughed out loud, in true African style.... ! :)
I'm not sure the person in the wheelchair will get there in time
Just in case your "glass" has "glon" I got a lawn "mawer"
Seen at an Autobody Shop in Louis Trichardt.
Yes or no ?
Don't know about you but I've never seen an entire live giraffe birth from the water breaking untill the calf is up on its feet - it took a good 4 hours for all of this to go down here at Kragga Kamma Game Park.
T.I.A. :) ( This Is Africa )

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"To do the incredible you must dream the impossible".....

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Life is all about balance.....
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One of amazing African school names.
Very, lost in translation ?

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One stop shop :)
One of amazing African school names.