Don’t miss our friends The Elephant Pants on ABC’s Shark Tank tonight at 9pm EST. Ten percent of their sales are donated to save elephants.
There are only 7,100 cheetahs left in the wild. [ Link ]. Photography by ClementWild.
Elephants live in matriarchal societies, led by an older female. Sisters, aunts and cousins all help new moms raise their young elephant calves. #AWFfacts
Test your poaching knowledge with our new quiz! [ Link ]
Ugandan authorities seized more than a ton of ivory and arrested three people believed to be part of the illegal ivory trade. [ Link ]
The bat-eared fox can eat up to nearly 15 million termites in its lifetime. #AWFfacts
Africa's elephants are running out of time. Sign the petition to join AWF in asking Taiwan to end its ivory trade for good. [ Link ]

Your voice can protect elephants
With the help of partners like KONG, our Canines for Conservation program trains detection dogs to catch traffickers attempting to smuggle illegal wildlife products (including pangolin scales!). #WorldPangolinDay [ Link ]
One million. That’s how many pangolins have been trafficked in the last 10 years. #WorldPangolinDay
Today is #WorldPangolinDay! Take a moment to learn more about the world’s most trafficked mammal. [ Link ] Photography by Jo Sharp Photography
We’re working with wildlife authorities in Cameroon's Campo Ma’an National Park to ensure pangolins and other endangered species thrive for generations to come. [ Link ] Photography by Jo Sharp Photography
Earlier today, Cameroon burned three tons of confiscated pangolin scales. Hunted for their scales and meat, pangolins are the most trafficked mammal in the world. [ Link ]
Meet the pangolin—a mammal with impressive scales and a 16-inch-long tongue. Photography by Andy Lowe Photography. #AWFfacts
Help put an end to Taiwan's ivory trade. Legal ivory markets fuel the ruthless wildlife trade, driving elephant poaching and providing safe cover for wildlife traffickers to sell their contraband. Before it's too late, tell Taiwan it's time for a complete ivory ban. Sign our petition. [ Link ]
When greeting each other, elephants hold their heads high and embrace each other with their trunks. #AWFfacts
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Happy Valentine's Day from AWF!
Today marks the first ever World Bonobo Day!

This endangered species can only be found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and is one of our closest cousins: [ Link ] #WorldBonoboDay
Dubbed “Africa in miniature,” Cameroon offers a microcosm of the continent’s biodiversity, but also the risk of unplanned development.

See how we're partnering with Cameroon's wildlife authority to safeguard the country's national parks, while opening doors for future sustainable tourism opportunities: [ Link ]
Unlike most kingfishers, the grey-headed kingfisher is not aquatic.

Its diet consists of insects and lizards. Once it has locked on to a target, the bird will repeatedly bob its head up and down before diving in to catch its prey. #AWFfacts
In Cameroon's protected areas, forest elephants, chimps and gorillas all roam. But deforestation poses a serious risk to these species. Here's how community volunteers—and their smartphones—are stepping in: [ Link ]