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It's Elephant Resolution Day and TODAY ONLY $1 of every pair of The Elephant Pants harem pants purchased will be donated to the AWF's conservation efforts.

Help us save more elephants .
Mountain gorillas are dependent upon the forests in which they live.

Sadly, agricultural expansion and deforestation are threatening the places these animals call home. See why it’s essential we protect great ape habitats: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Did you know: Leopard cubs live with their mothers for the first two years of their life. #AWFfacts
We could put an end to the illegal wildlife trade and still lose Africa’s wildlife if they don’t have enough land to live on. Learn more about the problem of habitat loss: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Working with communities is key for protecting African wild dogs.

We're striving to educate those who live alongside these carnivores about the importance of protecting them, and incentivizing conservation through employment opportunities: [ Bit.ly Link ]
White-fronted bee-eaters are named for the white markings on the top of their head. These small birds nest in colonies with as many as 200 individuals! #AWFfacts
In this remote part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, working in the forest means chancing encounters with the Lord's Resistance Army—extremely dangerous rebel forces.

The reward for this risk? Protecting critical populations of chimpanzees and forest elephants: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Rhinos have poor eyesight, which may explain why they will sometimes charge for no reason. However, their sense of smell and hearing are very good. #AWFfacts
Elephants, tigers, polar bears and giant pandas were in the news a lot in 2016. But you may have missed some important updates about the status of Africa's great apes: [ Bit.ly Link ]
In Tanzania, we've helped reduce retaliatory killings of carnivores by 80 percent. See how: [ Bit.ly Link ]
As Africa continues to develop, the iconic species and ecosystems on which it depends must be protected.

This means allowing development in the right places and through ways that are carefully designed to benefit both people and nature: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Chinese officials recently made the largest pangolin parts bust in the country’s history, seizing 3.1 tons of pangolin scales—estimated to represent 5,000 to 7,500 individual animals.

“In addition to China’s decision to ban trade in ivory, this shows that the Chinese government is serious about its commitment to shutting down wildlife trafficking," says AWF's vice president for species...
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Did you know: Leopards are predominantly nocturnal, solitary creatures. Each individual leopard has a home range that overlaps with its neighbors. The male leopard has a larger range, and a single male’s range will often overlap with the ranges of several females. #AWFfacts
National parks are vital to the survival of Africa's wildlife.

Yet there are many stakeholders looking to exploit protected areas. AWF is helping governments safeguard these essential spaces: [ Bit.ly Link ]
A new study has revealed as few as 7,100 cheetahs remain in the wild, with extinction looming much closer than many realized.

See how AWF is protecting critical populations of the world's fastest land mammal in Kenya and Tanzania: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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By setting a specific end date for its ivory trade, the Chinese government is sending the strongest signal possible that ivory’s rightful place is on an elephant—not as a decorative item in someone’s home.

Read more from AWF CEO Patrick Bergin: [ Bit.ly Link ]