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Meet Miss South africa 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters and her runner up (Also known as 1st Princess) Adè van Heerden
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He challenged the western order of white superiority and economic stronghold to their southern conquest. Lumumba was killed by the US government in conjunction with Belgians government. Since we are not united, we watched and we keep watching as they drop the intelligent and bravest of us. They leave us with camels and sheeps and turn them into Legends.
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Myself and my associates did all the math and found out that Africans and all it descendants (Haitians, black British, afro cubans, afro Colombians, Nigerians, Ethiopians etc) make up about 2 billion people on this planet, both from Africa and diaspora. We are only second to Asians in population. My question is, when are we gonna start acting like a the majority race on this planet earth, with...
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Mohamed is thankful to his wife and also his girlfriend for the support. Be honest like Mohamed
WINDHOEK - Namibia's president said Tuesday that the government is considering radical land expropriation to spur the transfer of property to the country's black majority. Speaking at Namibia's 27th independence celebrations, President Hage Geingob said the government should evoke part of the Consti...

Meanwhile in South Africa, no respect! Maybe it's African immigrants faults
Namibia is strongly considering land appropriation and willing to pay european settlers. Should any African country be paying europeans for lands they took by force and in some cases like in Namibia where they commited genocide to take over lands?
Everybody around the world is trying to help Somali people with food. Haven't heard not even an official word from AU #sad

We really do have extremely low expectation from the political leaders all over this continent. This is sickness.
Dangote of Nigeria is the Richest black person on earth. Dangote is also a huge investor all around African. Dangote is a great son of the soil.
30 years ago, Michael Jackson and many musicians made a song "We are the world" to help feed starving people in Ethiopia. 30 years later, the HORN of Africa is still going through the same things. Remember, this is rich agricultural lands, sources for Nile rivers, homes to mega fresh water lakes and volcanic rich soils. We need to start being honest with each other, this is laziness on...
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Africa Trade Meeting Has No Africans After US Visa Denials. Each year, the University of Southern California hosts the African Global Economic and Development Summit, bringing delegations from Africa to meet with business leaders, government officials and others in the U.S. But this year, the African summit has no Africans. All were denied visas.

Glad they were denied Visas, first of all, why...
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These photos were taken in 2014, all these apartments are fully occupied
Colonialism wasn't all badβ€š says Helen Zille (south Africa's politician)

Blessed with these majestic animals that people will pay fortunes to see in the next coming decades but we just watching as Americans come here to shoot them for sports (trophie hunting) and chinese decimate them because somehow they think the Lion's paws are medicinal for erectal disfunction?
If your government is in a habit of parading officials from IMF and World bank, taking loans and you are clapping for him and thinking he's helping, think again, he's selling you to slavery in a modern way. African countries do not need these IMF loans, just fair trade policies.

Global poverty did not just happen. It began with military conquest, slavery and colonization that resulted in the...
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Seems like Rwandese people know something we don't know about Female orgasm
Is "being black" a culture reserve for African Americans or is it a race/ethnicity for all people of African descent?

Get out Star Daniel Kaluuya who is Uganda/british said he doesn't feel welcome among black people in America after Samuel L Jackson suggested his role should have gone to African American.
ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia has declared three days of national mourning for victims of a landslide at a rubbish landfill site in the capital Addis Ababa. Flags flew at half-mast on Wednesday as the government announced that the death toll from the disaster that occurred at the 50-year-old Reppi dump on…

Ethiopia landslide death toll sours to 113 - Africlandpost