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yesterday at 23:12. Facebook
Osborne Macharia. Photographer/Mad Hatter/Provocatuer/Artist doesn't even capture what or who he is. We've got no words or emoji for this man's genius. Just enjoy him ... go on ... you know you want to ... (& to find out more about him visit our website, Afritorial. We've done a short write up but it still don't do him no justice!)
Simply beautiful.

Dyan comes home

Hair yes!!!! β€œBritish Hair Awards 2016 - Afro Finalist Collection” By Luke Nugent. #happyfriday #friyay #hairgoals
For all those teachers out there who never felt appreciated ... What a stunning way to be honored.
Jokes aside - #Vote wisely America. The world is waiting for wisdom to prevail.
Congratulations Deng Adut!
[ Smh.com.au Link ]
Africa, let's engage in critical thinking and questioning of motives before getting too excited about why the world is flocking to our shores. What's more impressive is locals producing/manufacturing and creating industries and services rather than mindlessly consuming imported ideas ...

Facebook’s satellite went up in smoke, but its developing world land grab goes on | Emily Reynolds

We're loving this new project that challenges the 'absent black father' stereotype.
Hats off to the many fathers - of all skin types - doing their bit as dads who love and care for their families!

Me and my dad

10 years on and Guy Goma is still our hero!! Whattaman!!!

Their faces tell it all! Oh the wonder of discovery!!! Have a lovely week y'all ...
Lupita Nyong'o takes Vogue back home to Kenya in the October 2016 Cover Story. She is flawless and inspiring but what is striking beyond her obvious beauty is how much Lupita recognizes the influence of her image and embraces it.
In the accompanying Vogue interview, Lupita makes it clear that she knows the power and subsequent responsibility that comes with being a woman of colour – a...
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