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I just have a message for all you amazing Afritorialists! It's the start of another week. You're going to be getting back to the hustle, to that office, to that daily slog. If you're at that stage where it feels all too much, where you're feeling weary of trying, of knocking on doors, of trying to make it, I want to tell you today ... don't give up. We're surrounded by giants who started out...
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Ana Luiza
Patsy Pat
Shirley Russo
If you pray at all this Easter, pray for South Sudan. More than that we ought to urge our governments to intervene diplomatically and peacefully. We cannot allow evil & genocide to visit Africa again.
If you pray at all this Easter pray for South Sudan More

'Genocide' has begun in South Sudan, says Britain
Anne Sax
Yahaya Ba Sele
Jewel Hervey
He's the man behind the now legendary Italian Vogue's “Black Issue,” who declared his intention to end the “white-out that dominates the catwalks and magazines.” (The issue was so successful that Condé Nast printed an extra 40k copies.)

He has guided many of the biggest fashion brands on their advertising campaigns, including Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Mulberry,...
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Hes the man behind the now legendary Italian Vogues Black Issue who

Edward Enninful Is Named Editor in Chief at British Vogue
Anderia Eze
Sharna Ansah
Erica Being Erica
Abdul Bacar
Marc Barquero Suárez
She inspired us all to believe that we all, in our own individual and unique way, have a part to play in bringing about positive change to this world ... I can't wait to see the house built in her honour.
She inspired us all to believe that we all in our own

THE WANGARI MUTA MAATHAI HOUSE / BOOGERTMAN + PARTNERS ARCHITECTS - Arc Street Journal / En mode art fashion design style music architecture news
Tshego Masemola
Cleopatra Kamale
Robb Charnoff
Mark Hasslinger
Clemer Holmes
Herbert Hall
When will folks get that our hair is NOT silky, wavy, easily tamed, smooth or flat!!!

Our hair knots, bunches, fro's out, naturally dreads and is beautifully wild!

We've had enough of being told to tame it! Much like we've had enough of being historically told we must conform in order to be accepted.

If this vexes you as much as it does us, read the article carefully and then take some...
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When will folks get that our hair is NOT silky wavy easily tamed smooth or flat

Hair's a key to their 'identity' but black students are being told to play it straight
Rachel Kasumba
Edna Roebuck Soto
Shadene Hall
Ana Neves Silveira
Larry Butler
Rosilene Silva
William Joestar Nchanjala
Heila De Swardt
Vincent Huisman
Maria Baldacchino
Mary Mengue
Linda Taimo
Lyn Brown
The Maasai want their brand back! (This is a fascinating read ... and very pertinent for those tribes and peoples in Africa who I believe are being exploited for their natural beauty and ancestry. We need to own our legacy and stories!)

[ Link ]
The Maasai want their brand back This is a fascinating read and

The Maasai want their brand back
Kafi Onfb
Koncept Moss
Kerry Outram
Zuberi Kamau Omari
Heila De Swardt
Dorka Falkenried
Lyn Brown
Hellen Stegmaier
Annalisa Galgano
In 2017 #SkintoSoulBeauty Unleashed is the only BEAUTY ACCESSORY you need.
#SkintoSoulBeauty Unleashed is the new beauty guide that shows you how to unlock the power of your inner soul beauty in a world overly focused on outer beauty.
We've got 5 FREE Kindle copies to give away ... FREE!!
Just email with your details ~ first come, first served. (NB: You...
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FREE GIVEAWAY In 2017 SkintoSoulBeauty Unleashed is the only BEAUTY ACCESSORY
Here's the gorgeous Sifa, Sydney based lawyer, mum and natural beauty, chatting to the #skintosoulbeauty crew about her beauty aesthetic! We're loving the #skintosoulbeauty movement and so should you!
[ Link ]
Heres the gorgeous Sifa Sydney based lawyer mum and natural beauty chatting

Skin to Soul Beauty Bytes ~ Sifa

Skin to Soul Beauty ~ Skin to Soul Beauty is a battle cry, a tribe and a counter movement to the modern beauty industry intended to ...

This is a little something for you beautiful girls & women ... We at Afritorial have partnered with a brand new initiative called the 'SkintoSoulBeauty'Tribe.

The #skintosoulbeauty tribe is a gathering of strong, generous, gracious, ethically conscious, hardworking, fun loving, stylish and healthy women, working together and encouraging each other to live for a purpose larger than...
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This is a little something for you beautiful girls women We at

Skin to Soul Beauty
Ombongi Jimlox James
Sue Hatari
Gerald Gerald
Gerhard Gotzmann