confused #Rishabh coming to terms with his own self :)
#Rishabh comes out of the magic stone and is injured :)
Good morning, friends
When everything was picture perfect and mom Mohini was not "Mother India"
Yug surprises #Rishabh by freeing him :)
It is the day for #BrahmaRakshas :) :)
#Rishna with Mohini on their way to #Narsimha :) :)
#Rishabh in a thoughtful mode :)
Aham Sharma speaks to the press for upcoming episodes :)
Good Morning everyone :)
#Rishabh prays before starting his journey in search of #Narsimhaa :) :)
Good Morning everyone :)
#Rishabh unable to believe Sudha is his mother :) :)
Good morning :) :)
Is that #BrahmaRakshas? :)
Meet tonight @ 9 p.m. @zeetv
Good morning :)