Aham with co-actors of #BrahmaRakshas at #ZRA2016 :)
Good Morning :) :)
Worried and injured #Rishabh is brought home :) :)
Lord Shiva help and protect you all, always :)
Good news for all friends here :)
#BrahmaRakshas being re telecast on ZeeAnmol channel from 25th Feb. at 7 P.M. :) :)
Enjoyyyy :) :) ~Admin
At #ZRA2016 as a spectator :) :)
The dancing stars: Aham with Krystle Dsouza in #ZRA2016 :) :)
Aham's breathtaking performance in #ZRA2016 :) :)
Aham Sharma with Bharti Singh at #ZRA2016 :)
Do not forget to watch Aham's performance in #ZRA2016 tomorrow :)
Let us watch them for the last time :)
Finale episode :) :)
Shhhh..Keep quiet when Jassi dadi is around :) :)
Good Morning :) :)
#Rishabh in a thoughtful mood :) :)
#Rishabh displays his supernatural strength to #Raina :)
Leave me and go!
#Ahamians, do you remember this scene? :( :(
#Rishabh expresses his desire to die
May this day bring lots of love and good cheer in your life :) Spread happiness today and in the coming days <3 <3
Happy Valentine's day to all #Ahamians
Those eyes <3 <3
#Rishabh wants #Raina to leave him to stay safe :)