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"Do not be a slave to others when Allah has created you free" - Imam Ali (as)

(Photograph; Imam Hussain (as) shrine)
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"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice, determination and most of all, love of what you are doing"

You can do it! Heres a little inspiration: [ Youtube.com Link ]
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"And Allah guides whom He wills to a straight path” - Quran 24:46

Whatever you have done in the past. Whatever mistakes you have done. You can change for the better. Its never too late. The inspirational Faith Behind Bars documentary!
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Healthy habits that will change your life

Watch the full episode here: [ Youtube.com Link ]
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[LIVE] General Q&A with Sayed Muhammed Al-Musawi
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- A week of liberation and victories for Iraqi forces battling Daesh terrorists in Mosul city.

- Sunday was a day of mourning and anger for Bahrainis, as the country's regime carried out executions against three young activists.

- Bahrain has summoned Iraq's ambassador to Manama this week to convey the regime's resentment after vice-president Nouri al-Maliki...
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Why is Sheikh Zakzaky of Nigeria sill in captivity?
Will the oppression end in Bahrain?
Will president Trump be able to deliver on his 'promises'?

We are live with Arzu Merali & Massoud Shadjareh
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Former NBA player Mahmoud Abd Al-Rauf embraces Islam

Watch the full episode here: [ Youtube.com Link ]
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Start a Crowdfunding Campaign for a Muslim community cause and raise thousands of $ € £ now: [ Tahafunder.com Link ]
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How did Muhammed react to tribulations? #UnderstandingIslam
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CALL FOR PRAYER - Brother Missing At Sea.

We have received devastating news of a boat that has capsized taking the lives of 2 members from our beloved Shia Community in Tanzania; Brother Altaf Fazal and little 4 year-old Umme Abiha Khakoo have sadly passed away in this tragic incident.

We humbly urge our dear viewers to pray for the safe return of Brother Mujtaba Bhalloo who dedicated his...
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The #halal gourmet #burger "revolution" has entered a new chapter following the rise of #burgistabros in London!
Peace be Upon you oh Imam Al Ridha (as)!

"On the Day of Resurrection, I will save whoever has made a pilgrimage to me , at three levels [at the scale mizan], at the bridge [sirat] and when he is given the record of his deeds" - Imam Al Ridha (as)
‪Watch | His Eminence Sayed Mostafa #Modarresi speaks at the eulogy held for the execution of innocent Bahraini Shia youth and recollects the miserable demise of tyrants throughout history (Note: for the English lecture watch from 33:00) [ Facebook.com Link ]
It's a seismic shift for the worse. It's the unthinkable! Three gentle souls ravaged by a dictator.. Three young lives ended abruptly by machine gun bullets. Young activists who dared to dream of a better future, without chains or servitude to a repressive, sectarian monarch whose family has ruled with an iron fist for 300 years. And for that dream they paid the highest price. After enduring...
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::: URGENT CALL TO ACTION ::: Three young Bahraini pro-democracy protestors are facing 'imminent' execution tomorrow at the hands of the barbaric regime of Bahrain. The millennial activists, Ali, Abbas, and Sami are being killed as part of the government's sectarian cleansing targeting the Shia majority population. Please take action now before it is too late. Contact the U.K. Foreign Office,...
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*Announcement* Ahlulbayt TV in conjunction with the Shaheed Nimr Int'l Organization are inviting artists, graphic designers, photographers, and filmmakers to produce artwork and media in rememberence of the martyr Ayatollah #SheikhNimr to honor the legacy of this great symbol of resistance against evil and tyranny. Selected works will be featured on Ahlulbayt TV and other media platforms, as...
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BTH brings together experts and analysts discussing the week's breaking news headlines. This week;

Donald Trump's controversial dossier - is this fake news as he described?
Obama's Legacy and the death of Ayatollah Rafsanjani.
Less than 12 days left. Heydar has progressed 22% towards his goal. Please share and generously donate to his noble cause:
Dua Simaat - To be recited in the closing hours before sunset on Friday.

We've uploaded the full Dua for you, less than 15mins long with immense reward in this world and the hereafter! Go ahead and have a listen