To all the women marching across the globe for gender equality:

We hear you.
We suport you.
We commend you.

-Team AHF
Let's work together to end HIV/AIDS stigma.

Bharara sues city over NYPD rejecting man with HIV
"[R]esearchers found that, among a cohort consisting mostly of same-sex–attracted men on the HIV-prevention regimen PrEP, “quarterly rates of rectal gonorrhea and urethral chlamydia increased steadily and about doubled after one year."

Protect your love! Use a condom!

America—Especially Gay America—May Be on the Cusp of an STD Epidemic. What’s to Blame?
Proud to have marched in such a powerful event.


Photos: New Orleans-area celebrations honor life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.
"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

Photo of AHF supporters at the MLK March this morning in Los Angeles. Did you see our "AIDS IS A CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE" bus?
Honored to have Rev. Al Sharpton holding our AHF t-shirt that reads "AIDS is a Civil Rights Issue" on #MLKday. Reverend Sharpton once marched with Martin Luther King Jr. himself and we are honored by his continued support of our foundation.

Thanks to Athlete 4 Faith for the photo.
#ThrowBackThursday to one of our more head-turning billboards! Do you remember "Syphilis Explosion"?
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110,000,000 Sexually Transmitted Infections in the U.S. alone - use a condom!

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"....any kind of interruption in care is going to result in more cases of HIV."

Exhibit A for Republican Obamacare repeal challenge: people with HIV
"As of Dec. 1, 2016, a total of 1,008,752 persons in Nigeria have been reached with rapid HIV tests, of them 17,172 have been diagnosed as HIV positive and over 10,000 are already on treatment."

AHF Nigeria Turns 5, Hits 1 Million HIV Tests Milestone | AIDS Healthcare Foundation
“Taking medications every day can be a challenge, especially if that medication is being used only as a preventative measure and taken by young, healthy adults. An implantable device that only needs to be refilled once or twice a year could revolutionize HIV PrEP treatment the same way that long-acting and implantable birth control devices have broadened choices for contraception.”

An Implant Could Revolutionize The Way We Protect Ourselves From HIV
"To tackle the problem emanating from poor infrastructure, a couple of startups have come up with medical treatment for HIV patients directly into the home — or smartphone."

These Startups In India Are Making HIV Treatment Confidential, Affordable And Efficient
....And you're still not using a condom?!

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BREAKING: "[T]he number of Russians who have received a positive H.I.V. diagnosis passed the one million mark this year.

H.I.V. Cases Surpass a Million in Russia, but Little Is Done
An EXTREMELY satisfying time lapse of our Rose Parade float build honoring those affected by the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando!
"HIV prevalence among these young women is disproportionately high, because many face sexual violence and forced or early marriage."

Ethiopian Girls Empowered and Informed by AHF’s HIV Prevention Session | AIDS Healthcare Foundation
"The temperature here, above the polar circle, can drop to as low as -64C (-83F) in the winter...AHF has been helping provide antiretroviral therapy (ART) and services to people living with HIV since 2015."

AHF Helps Patients above the Arctic Circle | AIDS Healthcare Foundation