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“Safe sex is the best sex, and if you don’t have a condom, don’t have sex at all.”

Sasha Bruce Youthwork program delivers a powerful message about safe sex

STDS ARE ON THE RISE: "These three diseases [chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis] are the most common STDs that are treatable with antibiotics; however, most cases continue to go undiagnosed potentially "

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Touch An All-Time High In The US

GET TESTED: "The STD rise and stability of HIV infection can be attributed to high-risk sexual behavior and medical professionals neglecting to prescribe regular testing to their patients"

STDs Rise Among Gay Men And HIV Infections Remain High Amid World AIDS Day 2016


The new trailor for Children of the Harbor has arrived! Watch below.

Children of the Harbor is a feature documentary film following the 1st graduating class at the Green Harbor Red Ribbon School in Linfen, China— where all of its students are HIV+. Banished from their villages, kicked out of the public school system, the film explores the cocktail of what it means to be...
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Children of the Harbor

"...sex workers from LGBT group, inmates, and those who are in foreign employment [have the highest] risk of HIV infection."

More than 85 per cent HIV infection through unprotected sex: NCASC

Thank you to Free Hugs Project for being shedding light on HIV/AIDS with us at our Keep The Promise concert & march on Wednesday.

He was a crowd favorite and EVERYONE from celebrities to volunteers wanted a photo!
"Here are a dozen tips for navigating STIs in your romantic and sexual relationships, from knowing your own status to talking to partners about theirs."

Don't Let An STD Keep You From Finding Love

As we continue to commemorate World AIDS Day, we're excited to share this first look at 90 Days, a short film by Nathan Hale Williams Jennia Fredrique Aponte and Sol Aponte that explores a beautiful couple's relationship and their life altering decision after ninety days of dating. We're proud to support projects like this that aim to get people talking about honesty in relationships!

90 Days Trailer

“Quite simply, condoms save lives but new thinking is needed to ensure that men and women around the world are using them consistently and correctly to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections”

Where Are Our Next Generation Condoms?

Last night thousands marched, danced and sang to send a powerful message to governments of the world: we must KEEP THE PROMISE to fund HIV/AIDS prevention, advocacy and treatment!

"As we observe World AIDS Day, the 1.1 million people who died of AIDS last year will be remembered. We will continue to fight for people's right to access lifesaving treatment, and to educate young people and...
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“...most of the HIV infections are among the MSM group...This is by far the largest HIV-infected group... followed by heterosexual couples and sex workers"

Healthcare experts urge use of condoms to prevent HIV - The Nation

Common has love for the ladies!
"What may feel like five seconds of an inconvenience or a halted or (thwarted) moment can absolutely prevent a lifetime of potential grief and suffering."

Why condoms are the new flavour

JOIN US TODAY: "the legendary singer will join Common, JoJo and others in Los Angeles as a part of AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s (AHF) “Keep the Promise” concert. "

Patti LaBelle: We Can't Ignore The AIDS Epidemic Like The Election