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03/23/2017 at 06:46. Facebook
Look who's on board?! It's Richard Branson with us this morning. Hope to see you again soon!

P.s. We REALLY miss you in our uniform
AirAsia Australia
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Chiang Mai, Thailand #cherryblossomgoals
AirAsia Australia
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Bayon Temple, Siem Reap #Cambodia
AirAsia Australia
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Visit iconic structures, dine on exotic cuisine or shop for bargains in #Cambodia. Have the time of your life with a truly ASEAN airline. #FlyAirAsia
AirAsia Australia
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There’s never been a better time than right now, to experience the magic of Asia. [ Link ]
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AirAsia Australia
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Go team #DapperLabs, representing Australia in the #AirAsiaHackathon2017!
#MegaSale is almost over. Missing out would be a Mega fail.
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Something Mega is right around the corner. Stay tuned...
#ThrowbackThursday to the time when Guy Sebastian captured the spectacular sunset at Maldives.
Flying with us soon? Here's a friendly reminder on our cabin baggage policy. Know more at [ Link ]. See you soon on board!
Rise up against all odds and expectations! Happy International Women’s Day from all of us at AirAsia.
Hello #March!
When KL Sentral is only 33* minutes away from KLIA2, why stop over when you can stay over? ????

So say NO to FOMO. Book now and stop the fear. Chant with me NO MO’ FOMO! NO MO’ FOMO!

Now is the perfect time to uncover Delhi. It’s full of the unexpected and will be an adventure of a lifetime.
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Escape the daily grind and explore Indonesia’s charming temples, traditional performances and more! Have the time of your life with a truly ASEAN airline. We’ll take you there. #FlyWithAirAsia