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Its competition time with Viper Tactical once again
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Thinking of going all boba fett?
This clip on mask by TMC might be a good starting point
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Job Opportunity
Junior Sales & Marketing Representative
£20,000 per annum increase will be given based on performance
Employment opportunity seeking a part/full time member of staff in a sales and marketing role.

Stirling Tactical UK Limited is a UK manufacturing company based in
Harlow Essex. Our facility manufactures military load bearing systems and outdoor equipment;

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Tactical Load Bearing Systems from Stirling Tactical
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Here at AiHQ we've been working behind the scenes to get Airsoft International in more stores than ever before.
Our news trade agents have now confirmed that Airsoft Internationall has more store availability with more copies on sale than any other Airsoft magazine
COMAG have also confirmed that Airsoft International sells more copies world wide than any other Airsoft publication and is the...
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Magazine Stockists - Find a retailer selling the magazine you are looking for
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Just in at Fire Support!

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Find out more about these bad boys!
Its feel good friday with Viper Tactical
Something a little different in this month's issue of Airsoft International! How do you like that Russian kit form Grey Shop - Motherland Supply and

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More new AEG models from Nuprol have just been announced! We'll be spoilt for choice this summer!
Airsoft International Magazine Volume 12 Issue 12 is on sale now, featuring SAS Kit from E27 group, ULTIMATE AIRSOFT Beginner’s Guide, Russian kit and more. There’s something for everyone inside this hard-hitting issue so make sure you buy a copy today!
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ASG EVO Carbine, Russian Kit, SAS Black Kit, Massive Beginner's Guide and loads more.

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Airsoft International Magazine Volume 12 Issue 12
The sad news that Royal Robbins has passed away popped up on our feed. You might be wondering why a celebrated and pioneering rock climber is relevant to the airsoft and tactical world, but Robbins was actually the proprietor of 5.11, a brand that is HUGE in the tactical world thanks not least to the groundbreaking tactical pants of which Robbins devised many of the features.
Some of the goodies on show at Combat-Uk Stevenage
Aryan, UK Editor of Airsoft & MilSim News Blog has enjoyed some sucess with his Umarex HK VP9 whilst competing in Belgium this weekend. Find out why we all agree that the VP9 is an amazing pistol in our review in Airsoft International Volume 12 Issue 10, available for just £1.99!
Find out more about the ASG EVO 3 A1 and it's fascinating development in our exclusive feature "The Theory of EVOlution" including never before seen prototypes and concepts from the ASG HQ.

Read all about it in Airsoft International Volume 12 Issue 11, on sale NOW.
Its feel good friday with Viper Tactical
Nuprol add the Enforcer to the Delta AEG range this spring! Based on the popular Delta AEG system the Enforcer comes in 2 length options that look ripe as a Mk18 or Block 2 basis.