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You get submerged in an ocean of thoughts when you run those 21 kms. Does this happen to you? #ADHM
React and tell us that ONE thing that makes you want to run the most! #ADHM
#Throwback to the time when the rest of the world was partying but we runners were doing what we do best! #ADHM
Incorporation of tempo runs in your weekly routine will assist runners to gain speed and endurance. READ to know more! #ADHM

Tempo Runs Increase Speed and Endurance

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Elite Athletes Are Better at Resisting Mental Fatigue

Runners, do you feel soreness when you reach the Mile 4 stage? Like and comment if you agree! #ADHM
Every runner needs appropriate recovery after an intensive workout? What’s better than a massage! #ADHM
Other than the below options, are there any other items you call running essentials? Tell us in the comments below. #ADHM
What does running mean to you? Let us know in the comment below! #ADHM
#Throwback to the time when rest of the world was hungover but we runners were doing what we do the best! #ADHM
Are you a highly-motivated runner? #ADHM

The 12 Habits of Highly Motivated Runners

Periodic walking helps you run faster and better! Read to know how! #ADHM

Walk Breaks for Faster Running

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Running only has multiple benefits. Have you given it a shot yet? #ADHM
These are excuses true runners will never make. Like and comment if you agree. #ADHM
Don’t count the days, make the days count! #ADHM
What are you looking to achieve in 2017? Are you going to take your running to the next level? #ADHM
Hello Delhi! Wishing all of you a very #HappyNewYear! May you cover unimaginable distances in 2017.
A simple instrument like a ‘foam roller’ helps in rehabilitating injured muscles. READ to know how! #ADHM

How to Use a Foam Roller

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Five Keys to Winter Training and Racing