Ajay Menon Photography
02/18/2017 at 07:58. Facebook
Experience Kathakali in its pure form @ #RiverNila
#TheKathakaliTrail | March 11th 2017 | #TheBlueYonder
Trip of a lifetime :)
#ItsTheWayYouSeeIt , the 14 days trip with The Blue Yonder was so special for me for all the magical experiences, beautiful people and some great photography sessions.. Looking forward for the next !

Its The Way You See It

#ItsTheWayYouSeeIt is a photo journey with travel photographer Ajay Menon along the banks of River Nila during the invigorating Monsoon by The Blue Yonder, a...

jump :)
A WALK. Step by step it brings you closer to people, nature and other things you have ignored till today.
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Shot on iPhone7 .