“Dirty Jews, You’re going to die!” Two brothers were kidnapped and brutally attacked in Paris yesterday.

Attackers Saw Off French Jew’s Finger In Paris Suburb

Iran expresses unease as ties between Israel and her Arab neighbors begin to thaw.

Iran warns Arab states: Don't be enticed by Israeli attempts to win Arab allies

WATCH: AJC CEO David Harris on MSNBC discussing rising anti-Semitism in the United States.


Thank you, Vice President Pence, for being unequivocally clear about where you stand on anti-Semitism: "From the heart, there is no place in America for hatred or acts of prejudice or violence or anti-Semitism." We hope the Trump Administration will now implement a plan of action to combat rising incidents of this age-old hatred in the U.S.

Pence makes surprise visit to vandalized Jewish cemetery

We thank and applaud Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire for supporting AJC’s Governors United Against #BDS initiative! Comment below to thank him!
Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council Statement on Bomb Threats
Targeting Jewish Community Centers Across U.S.

February 22, 2017 – New York --This past weekend, 11 Jewish Community Centers across the country were victims of bomb threats, bringing the total to 69 hate crimes targeting 54 Jewish Community Centers in 27 states since January, according to news reports.

We call on the Federal Bureau...
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Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council

This is what #MuslimJewish cooperation looks like: a Muslim civil rights group is offering a reward for information on the recent JCC bomb threats.

Muslim civil rights group offers $5,000 reward for information on JCC bomb threats

President Donald J. Trump: "Anti-Semitism is horrible and it’s going to stop, and it has to stop." Now we look forward to your plan of action.

Trump calls recent anti-Semitic incidents 'horrible'

‪A message for President Donald J. Trump: To stop Jew-hatred, you must begin by calling it out and declaring it beyond the pale.

An Open Letter to President Trump on Anti-Semitism

These are real headlines from February 2017...in the United States of America...

"10 JCCs Evacuated Amid Another Wave of Bomb Threats"

"'Telephone terrorism' has rattled 48 Jewish centers. Is anyone paying attention?"

Vandals target historic Jewish cemetery in University City

"President Trump, you are a real estate developer from one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, and, as you like to say, the least anti-Semitic person around. Again, you proudly speak of the Jewish members of your immediate family. Yet, until now at least, you won’t comment on the threats that ultimately menace them every bit as much as the rest of us." - AJC CEO David Harris

An Open Letter to President Trump on Anti-Semitism

“I believe that Israel and Singapore are kindred spirits. We’re small nations that have become in many areas global powers.”
-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the first official visit of a sitting Israeli Prime Minister to Singapore

Netanyahu: Israel and Singapore are ‘kindred spirits’

An Israeli hospital is helping deaf Palestinian children hear for first time. What was that about an apartheid state?

Israeli hospital helps deaf Palestinian children hear for first time

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu embarks on a historic trip to Australia and Singapore today. This marks the first time a sitting Israeli Prime Minister has visited either country.

Netanyahu leaves for Singapore, Australia, seeking to ‘open new markets’

"The U.S. will never allow Iran to threaten #Israel with nukes." - Thank you, Vice President Pence, for sending this strong message to Iran, Israel, and the world.

Pence: US will ‘never’ allow Iran to threaten Israel with nukes

AJC is proud to co-lead the #MuslimJewish Advisory Council.

“Rising hate crimes spurred the formation of the Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council, or MJAC, a group of 38 high-profile business leaders, government officials and others. The nonpartisan council aims to combat discrimination with engagement at the highest levels of government.”

'MuJews': Muslims and Jews band together against hate

“Respectfully, Mr. President, please use your bully pulpit not to bully reporters asking questions potentially affecting millions of fellow Americans, but rather to help solve a problem that, for many, is real and menacing.” - AJC quoted in the The New York Times on President Donald J. Trump's unwillingness to address anti-Semitism.

A Jewish Reporter Got to Ask Trump a Question. It Didn’t Go Well.

Must-Read Blog by AJC CEO David Harris:

“In the end, however fraught with difficulty the two-state path might be, the one-state alternative is even more menacing because it is simply not sustainable. Sooner or later, it would sound the death knell for Zionism as we know it. Hence the concern about President Trump’s comment, even if this is surely not what he intended.”

“Two-State, One-State”: The Difference Matters

“2016 was an unprecedented year for hate.” The number of U.S.-based hate groups rose in 2016 — and most are anti-Semitic:

Number of US hate groups rose in 2016 — and most are anti-Semitic, civil rights center finds

“Israel is the biggest threat to global security.” A true display of self-delusion from Tehran.

Iran says Israel, not Tehran, biggest threat to global security - Tasnim