The kind of stuff that you secretly wish to grow up to :)

When Appadurai A., Country Head- India & Sri Lanka , HP (Hewlett Packard) surprisingly lifts you up on his shoulders during Thanks giving in #Malaysia .

Humbled !! and Happy, Happy :)

#CorporateTraining #MotivationalSpeaker
Expecting a nationwide agitation from the Minority Tindaa community after this :)
Give yourself a chance, to clap for yourself :)
Virat Kohli recommends something non-commercial & says this loudly (this morning):-

'This book is a MUST read for all those who are brave enough to let their thoughts & ideologies be challenged.

The understanding & implementation of knowledge in this book WILL CHANGE YOUR WHOLE PERSPECTIVE & LIFE.

Believe in the divine and keep marching on; doing good deeds".

I add:- ' Autobiography of...
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Brewing Hot at my Blog - 'If Warren Buffet were to give you Relationship Advise; He would say ...'

I promise you a DEEP read !!

LINK :- [ Link ]
:) Try it !!
Drowning in risky relationships? Here's some kick-ass advice, "The Warren Buffet Style" - [ Link ]

Invest well. It is IMPORTANT :)
:) Will make your day . .. For sure !
Did you put your heart and soul to your work?

They DID. And they reached the moon and stars and beyond! :)

#proud #isro
Before you step out, look into the mirror :)
The Secret :)
Yes ! We need closure :)

P.C.- Karan Bajwa
'Why Marriages Are Failing & How You Could Get Lucky In Yours'- The v fresh at my Blog !

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This is ALL that I learned from the mediocre & broken #marriages around -in the last 20 yrs.

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The secret science of 'How we screw our #Happiness ' :-

It's a #Habit !
:) 100% success rate!