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Had a real LOL moment seeing this :)
We are always on a look out for THAT SOMETHING else.

Don't wait ! Meditate...

It will make you 10Γ— in every aspect of your life- professional, personal & u name it. Personally experiencing !

Now from where to learn to meditate:-

I was a spiritual wanderlust. In the last 12 yrs did almost all courses and techniques of meditation across ...

Not that they were wrong or inferior; but I was...
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And then took another yawn & slept again :)
Mom & I spent the last 7 days & my birthday totally without Mobile phone, internet, TV etc etc


We realized that such a brave act doesn't lead to either Constipation or Piles. Personally experienced :) . You too can now fearlessly.

Overwhelming joy at the Kriya Yoga Meditation classes & retreat, YSS Ranchi.

P.S. - Thank you for your birthday wishes :)
This !

Kyuki Har ek friend zaroori nahin hota &

Na hi jo tera ha wo mera hota ha !

Pic Credit: Peaceful Warrior
A wonderful video I came across and a really good advertisement. Just made me smile :)

Hoping that it will make your day !
This :)

At certain point in our lives, we all feel confused. Not knowing which path to choose!

For example, students face such a confusion when they enter 10th or 12th standards on which career path to choose. Similarly, grown-ups face such confusions at various stages of their lives -job, promotions, family etc.

Trust me, everyone goes through it! However, CONFUSION only leads to...
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And, it's so deep :) Understand your self worth!

If your girlfriend or boyfriend or a friend (whatever!), treats you like NOTHING and you are still running after them, then it's your FAULT !

Stop giving your mind, thoughts, and time on RENT to those who don't deserve it!

Pic credits: Desi Humor :)
And this :)

If we could only BUNK the JUNK and direct ourselves towards our 'Real Goals'!
So ! How soon do you intend to get rid of your Clutter ?
Ok guys ! Good time to apply for SBI-PO.

I just visualised them partying in UK / Canada / France :) after a few years.

Shocko-Nomics :)
& you keep on Shining & Rising -- THIS way !!
Objection Over-Ruled :)
Extreme Gender discrimination under Modi :)

Sab Mile huey hain ji !!
Yup ! The world has always been like this & WILL BE !!!
Read THIS !!

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Bhai !! Bhabi bewafa hai :)
OK... Now; this deserves a Happy SHARE !!

People have a sense of rumor BUT then some people also have a sense of humour :)