‘How to quit smoking’, ‘How to overcome laziness’, ‘How to control my anger’, ‘How to overcome my Mobile phone / television addiction’, ‘How do I bring an end to my Nail Biting habit’ - Trying to answer all. Practical ways of "Breaking Bad Habits"

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P.C - Kawal Nagi (Amritsar)
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For all the Ladies who almost spend their lifetime energies in shopping and for the camera :-

Do not just be synthetically beautiful.

Be something more !

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We do not WANT to be Happy !
We want to be MOVING ...

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I’m sure none of us can forget the “I Quit” scene from 3 Idiots.

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'Only when it is the darkest we can see the stars'

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Let's teach the kids not to take themselves so seriously ! What do you think?

#parenting #motivation
Do not YOU get it ??
But then – even after the worst breakup, one sleeps at night and wakes up in the morning :)

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What do you think?
I get knocked down; BUT I get up again.

You are never gonna keep me down !!
Only #Confidence matters AND that's it !!
The smile at the end says it all! Do watch if you haven't already.

And what is it that you are complaining about today?
So this is how we recharge our Tata Sky for our 11 yr old every few months :)

No #TV at home for 6+ yrs now #Happy
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Your presentation was JOBS well done :)

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This Corporate world is a Shampoo (Gets you a shine but... :)

So! You need a Conditioner.

Meditation & Fitness are THE best Conditioners & Spa for the stressed minds...

Goa, this morning - The National Sales Team (State Heads) of Alkem Labs with the Rockstar book- 'Autobiography of a Yogi'.