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ABSOLUTELY love reading about me in the news paper. Thank you #Thehansindia . :)

Read it here guys : [ Bit.ly Link ]
My close friend Shashank #HelloUhallo short film First Look Poster . Poster looks very cool bro . All the Best bro
#MuayThai training.. Preparing myself harder to be what i want to be! But this is just the initial KICKstart, lots more to learn !!
Wishing my sweetest enemy & my partner in crime Pavithra a bombastic Happy B'day! Sis, our beloved parents have made us siblings and we made us two great friends. Sometimes i maybe fight with her, but i finish it up like a best friend. Sister, you are my everything and even more. I feel that I’m definitely one of the luckiest! I am completely in complete with out you! Only wish i was there...
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Digitalization is making our huge world smaller,
And we wanna make it even more smaller,
we wanna bring the world on a,GLOCAL-Global Yet Local Platform!

Digilutionize. an innovation

First day of training Muay Thai in Bangkok with the Muay Thai champion guiding me ready to go #TheFitLife
Many many more happy returns of the day to the synonym of Style & Simplicity, one & only super star of Indian silver screen & the man who is loved & owned by millions of hearts, SUPER STAR RAJINIKANTH sir! A self made man who is an inspiration to millions! Long live thalaivaaaaaaa!❇ ❤❤ ❇ #Livinglegend
Best wishes to Raam Shankar babai n team for the release .
Babayi-Abbayi Interview :)
#ISMDay . Guys do watch and give your feed back .
Best wishes to my friend #Roshan for the release of #NirmalaConvent today .