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#LetsColorWallsOfConnection We will paint 100 walls around the world to bring
communities together in celebration of unity and kindness.
Through painting, singing and dancing, these walls will become tools for inspiration, connection and activity.#HumanCities #LetsColour #WallsofConnection [ Bit.ly Link ]

AkzoNobel and MasterPeace join forces to color 100 “walls of connection” | AkzoNobel

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Working with Dutch government we’ve saved the same energy as everyone on Earth making a cup of tea #PlanetPossible [ Bit.ly Link ]
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The Power of Paint:
#LetsColourWallsOfConnection will inspire local
communities to embrace diversity and collaborate.
Through the power of paint, creativity and thousands of
participants in cities around the world, we will “color
peace” by transforming walls into community hubs.
#HumanCities #LetsColour #WallsofConnection [ Akzonobel.com Link ]
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100 walls are going to get a makeover through our new partnership with @masterpeace2014. The Let’s Colour Walls of Connection initiative aims to inspire and energize communities in more than 40 countries.
#HumanCities #LetsColour #WallsofConnection
[ Youtu.be Link ]

Let’s Colour 100 Walls of Connection with AkzoNobel and MasterPeace

AkzoNobel is joining forces with MasterPeace, a global peace movement, in an initiative to paint 100 walls in more than 40 countries. The Let’s Colour Walls ...

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We are gearing up for one of the biggest #HumanCities announcements. Stay tuned… Tomorrow we will color your world! #LetsColour [ Bit.ly Link ]


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AkzoNobel’s multi-award-winning Intersleek celebrates its 21st anniversary!
Intersleek, AkzoNobel’s innovative foul release technology, has real and verifiable benefits to the environment and shipping. Over the last decades, Intersleek has helped ship owners and operators to save ten million tons of fuel and 32 million tons of CO2. These savings are equivalent to the amount of CO2 emitted...
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$3 billion of fuel and 32 million tons of CO2 saved: AkzoNobel marks Intersleek’s 21st anniversary | AkzoNobel

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We love supporting local communities through our Human Cities initiative. One of the latest projects was in Egypt, where a school for more than 200 special needs children has been renovated. [ Akzonobel.com Link ]
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All smiles on International Day of Happiness! We’ll tell you tomorrow why they look so cheerful :)
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Nine million people were touched by our Human Cities initiative in 2016! Our own Annemieke Kievit, Director Public Affairs & Human Cities, shares how caring about people makes us a more successful company. [ Akzonobel.com Link ]
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Find out how children in the US are learning about sustainability and climate change in a converted railway boxcar, thanks to an AkzoNobel employee’s expedition to Antarctica. [ Youtube.com Link ]

AkzoNobel employee’s EBase dream comes true

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In October, our micronutrients were used to create a vertical garden in Quito, Ecuador, as part of a major Human Cities initiative to transform part of the city. [ Bit.ly Link ]
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A child at the Association of Early Intervention for Children with Disability in Muscat, Oman shared that she now looks forward to coming in every morning to make paintings with the new materials donated through our recent community project. Spending time with these amazing children and bringing color into their lives helps them learn and thrive. [ Bit.ly Link ]
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New team. New boat. And now a new website. Keep up with all the latest team AkzoNobel developments and sign up for the newsletter ahead of the next Volvo Ocean Race. Visit

Homepage - team Akzonobel

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Could you handle the ultimate test of performance? Find out why team AkzoNobel was first to enter the next edition of the Volvo Ocean Race. [ Bit.ly Link ]

Welcome - AkzoNobel Report 2016

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Peace House in Busan, South Korea helps disabled people integrate into society and offers vocational training. Every little bit helps, and that’s why 100 volunteers coated the roof with “cool paint” that reflects heat, cools the house and saves energy at the same time. An example of our Human Cities initiative in action, it will improve the lives of more than 200 people in need.

Improving life at Peace House in South Korea by painting a ‘cool roof’

The roof at Peace House in Busan, South Korea, has been given a “cool” coat of paint by Human Cities. This paint cools the house, saves energy and helps to i...

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Working with the architects, interior designers, and conservation specialists, Sikkens recreated more than 60 of the original 1885 colors, as well as eight brand new colors for the Rijksmuseum

Restoring the Rijksmuseum | AkzoNobel

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It’s paint – but not as you know it. Find out what else Dulux Forest Breath can bring to homes, apart from essential color.

Case studies - AkzoNobel Report 2016

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Love this time lapse showing how artists transformed one of 40 walls in a community in Montevideo, using our Inca paint. A great example of Human Cities in action. #HumanCities #LetsColour [ Akzonobel.com Link ]
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Happy Holi – wherever you are celebrating.
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Road trips can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. Our ethylene amines make asphalt stronger and more durable, reducing the need for road work and keeping roads safe so you can keep driving.