Take care of your glutes for the #humpday and put your @performancepanties on!

They are so confortable!

In store soon at @epn_center !


Credit photo : @alisohrab_bam
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Thank you to @jasonbreeze for this sick tank top!

Jack'D Bodybuilding!

Get your on:

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I just finish my back workout from coach @jeanjacquesbarrett !! I add my little touch at the end for the arms part. I use my @bfrpro to do some blood flow restriction for an unreal arms PUMP! Easy to use and top quality. This equipment help me to promote more hypertrophy in my arms.

You can get yours on their web site:

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Sneak peak of the new Not-So-Brief color of @performancepanties

I hope you guys will love them! ✌

Credit photo: @healthyvisionphoto

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Memories from #asf2017 with the boss @markuskaulius and the top photographer @jasonbreeze at @metrofitnessohio !!

I can't wait to see what is going to be out of this photoshoot!

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Performance Panties is solely focused on designing the perfect, most resilient, underwear for athletes. Our panties were designed to perform better under stress, wick away...
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Get panties that works hard as you do!

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Credit: @alisohrab_bam
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Truly humbled to be part of that video of @inside_fitness with all those top fitness cover model!

Believe in yourself guys, anything is possible when you work hard and never give up!

Thank you again to @terryfrendo and @arsenikstudios


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A little video I made with @whitneyreid33_fit @corina.froese @james_grage_fit @chasesavoie...
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Push harder!! @hardmagnum

Back at the gym after 5 days off and 5 days off the diet! Now its time to get back on track and try to improve for my photoshoot in two weeks!

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With the two @alphaclothing boys, @justingonzalesfitness and @ajellison

@jeanjacquesbarrett @hardmagnum

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It was great to catch up with 2x worlds champion @shaunstafford at the @arnoldsports this week end.

You look great brother!

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Congratulations to my buddy and @hardmagnum team mate @kylefaustino for finishing 2nd at the Arnold yesterday!!

Come see us at booth #1329

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I had a HUGE carb up yesterday with @markuskaulius and some other @hardmagnum athlete!! I feel FULL and VASCULAR this morning!

Now leaving in few minutes for @metrofitnessohio for my day of shoot!
The classic Waffle at Hampton Inn ! Every year I am excited to have one or two before my photoshoot day! Its so delicious!

Of course, I make sure to took my @hardmagnum supplements to make sure to increase my muscle insulin sensivity and reduce fat storage!

2 caps of Magnum ACID
2 caps of Magnum MIMIC
1 Pak of PRIMER
I also add more digestive enzyme + HCL to better digest and absorb food!...
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Condition check up, no flex, no pump! I start my carb up this morning! I am very happy with my look this year! I am also surprise how @hardmagnum Drip Dry is effective! It's been two days that I start it up with a high dosage and this is crazy how I flush effectively unwanted water.

@jasonbreeze I will be ready for our shoot tomorrow!

#arnoldsportsfestival #HardMagnum #DripDry #Abs
That will be the shred for the #asf2017 @hardmagnum and @performancepanties photoshoot!

Yesterday I start the natural diuretic DripDry from Magnum to look a little more razor sharp.

@markuskaulius @jeanjacquesbarrett @epn_center
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Almost there!! This pic as been take before my last carb up meal yesterday after a tanning session.

Three days of depletion workout with low carbs, wednesday off from training and carb up! Photoshoot thursday and friday!

Let do this! ????
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