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Hardwork & Consistency is the key to achieve your goal.

Train together, Stay together!

@emilie.provencher ❤

Credit @flyfit_photography
Happy #flexfriday to everyone!

Focus on your goal guys and work for it!

#GrindHard #Goal #NeverGiveUp
Working on my symmetry for my next photoshoot in 2017. This pic was taken during the Olympia week end 2016 with team @hardmagnum !

Always be the hardest worker in the room!

#HardWork #Everyday #MakeItHappen #GrindHard
Flexing with my love @emilie.provencher #MagnumStrong

@hardmagnum @markuskaulius
Create your own opportunity!

Credit photo: @flyfit_photography

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Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself!

Pic taken few days before last Olympia!
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Discipline is just choosing between what you want Now and what you want Most.

Abs check!

Success in achieving your goal is the sum of small effort repeated day in & day out!

#GymMotivation #DailyMotivation #NeverStop
Always be hungry for more progress!
Morning workout done! ✔

This year, I will really focus on putting some lean muscles. Since few years, I never really focus on that because I always took engagement with photoshoot or special event that require me to be really lean almost 12 months a year. This was not bad but maybe not optimal for muscle building. This time I decide to make things a little bit different. I decide to take a...
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Believe in yourself and live with a relentless pursuit of better!

Credit photo: Arsenik Studios Inc.

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If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it! #DailyMotivation

Credit: @arsenikstudios @inside_fitness @terryfrendo

#GrindHard #Persistance #NoDaysOff
Be your own motivation! It's you against you!✌

I am very happy to get back in the gym. Olympia is already done. Its time to set new goals to keep the motivations at is best!

It feel good to increase the calorie intake.

#DailyMotivation #YouVsYou #Everyday
Motivation is what gets you started, habits is what keeps you going!

Credit photo: Studio Jenkins
So cool! Look who is on the new @hardmagnum Amino Perfect, Hi5??

So humbled to have this opportunity once again.

Hi5 is so far one of my intra-workout product! 100% pharmaceuticals grade fermented amino acid with no human hair!

Hi5 contain the largest dose of HICA on the market, adaptogen plants, carnitine, BCAA, amino acid and electrolytes! You will clearly see a difference on your...
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Never stop fighting for your goal!

Credit photo : @dangalicphotography
That elevator lighting! Picture taken just before my photoshoot for @hardmagnum at @davidbartongymbellevue Vegas!

#SelfieSunday #PicOfTheDay #InstaFit
Just finish a quick photo session with @emilie.provencher for our project @equilibreperformance
Stay tunned!!

Thank you to @guillaumetouchette for your help!

How you find Emilie's Boots??

#PowerCouple #Strong #Flexing
@ajellison and I trying to take advantage of the elevator lighting to flex and take a selfie!

#ElevatorSelfie #Aria #MuscleModel #WorldsChampion #HardMagnum