I love my PerformancePanties underwear! They are so confortable and top quality!

Are you ready for the official lunch in few weeks??

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Happy #flexfriday FitFam!!

I love my @bfrpro for an unreal arms pump!! Go check their page to know more about there product!!

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@performancepanties is the only company focused 100% on athletes' privates. We know that athletes have unique panty needs. Our strong, durable, resilient fabric can handle the thick quads, expansive glutes and heavy sweating of the world’s toughest athletes – and they always bounce back to that firm, fresh, youthful shape you fell in love with.

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Legs workout at @epn_supplements !!

This is amazing!!
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The shred season is officially begin! I am little bit late on my preparation so I will have to work a little more harder to be ready in time for the Arnold Expo with my @hardmagnum Team!

I got to be in a very good condition for my photoshoot and I also dont want to miss any great opportunity there.

There is no secret for success, Hardwork, Dedication and Consistency!

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I just finish a good arms workout with my new @bfrpro occlusion strap on my arms! Go check there product on their page, I am very surprise how the product is top quality and easy to use!

Blood Flow Restriction for better gains and for an insane PUMP!!

You can get their product 40% off with #kickstarter

They you to #BRFPro team for this amazing product!!

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Stop dougthing yourself, work hard and make it happen!

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Happy FlexFriday!!

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Lucky me to have the opportunity to train in our brand new private studio at the new @epn_supplements facility!! I love this place so much!!

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Be relentless in the pursuit of you goal!

Photo by Noel Daganta Photography at City Athletic Club, Las Vegas
I am very proud to announce that I will be sponsored by @performancepanties , an underwear compagny design for athlete!!

I am super excited to share @performancepanties with y'all, officially launching wide February 2017!
Would you like to WIN a pair of the amazing, Canadian-made, newest, most breathable, most comfortable, BEST underwear you will ever wear??
It's real easy
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✌TAG 3 friends on their first video and THEIR OWN PAGE - be entered to WIN one of the first pairs before their released! Designed by athletes, these might just be the softest, most breathable, moister-wicking, anti-bacterial panties you have ever felt. Handmade in Canada. COMING FEBRUARY 2017
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I found this picture from my last photoshoot preparation last year. This picture remember me that it only left 3 weeks before dieting down again! The leaning season is so far my favorite time of the year. It is hard and demand a lot of sacrifices but when you see your look in the gym, it worth the price! ???? #KeepYourEyeOnTheGoal
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The only way to do Great Work is to Love what you do. - Steve Jobs

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Hardwork & Consistency is the key to achieve your goal.

Train together, Stay together!

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Happy #flexfriday to everyone!

Focus on your goal guys and work for it!

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Working on my symmetry for my next photoshoot in 2017. This pic was taken during the Olympia week end 2016 with team @hardmagnum !

Always be the hardest worker in the room!

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