Look at these fancy Mondo vinyls! Starting in February these will be available for purchase at our box office. More details to follow!
Anyone wanna help Tim League and Ant Timpson make a horror anthology? Of course you do.

Tim League And Ant Timpson Want To Make You A Part Of THE FIELD GUIDE TO EVIL

The next edition of Novel Pictures is next week with Irvine Welsh and Danny Boyle's TRAINSPOTTING. In partnership with the Omaha Public Library.


"One of the most original cinematic talents at work in this country, Van Sant has a knack for pulling disparate elements together and twisting them into wildly funny lyrical odysseys of the mind and heart." - Seattle Times

MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO is heartfelt and powerful with amazing performances from Keanu and the late River Phoenix. Help us by celebrating this film in February.

Keeping it Keanu: MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO

"Audiences arriving for a lurid slab of arthouse exploitation will be taken off-guard by the complex, compassionate, often corrosively funny examination of unconventional desires that awaits them." – Variety

See it starting Friday!

ELLE | Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Let's just say that the version that you'll be watching this Saturday will be the original color that David Fincher intended audiences to see.

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The Mysterious Case of Se7en - Not on Blu-ray

"The most lovable Keaton villain since BEETLEJUICE," says MovieNation's Roger Moore (the film critic, not the James Bond).

THE FOUNDER | Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Excellent piece by Birth. Movies. Death. on WAYNE'S WORLD. We just so happen to have a second Movie Party showing tomorrow evening!

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Broad Cinema: The Battles That Fueled The Greatness Of WAYNE'S WORLD

Well obviously.

Get tickets to RAVENOUS in 35mm right here: [ Spr.ly Link ]

Why 'Ravenous' Is the Greatest Cannibal Western Ever Made

A mistake led to one of the greatest twists in cinema history.

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'Seven' Screenwriter on How a Mix-Up With David Fincher Led to Its Gutsy Ending

This will be a most triumphant event. Party on, dudes!!

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As you might be aware, one of the best action films of 2017 is opening next month. That film is JOHN WICK 2. In celebration of this grand achievement in action cinema, we present to you a mini-series of some of the best choreographed and executed Asian action films from two of the best action directors ever: John Woo and Gareth Evans.

ASIAN ACTION CINEMA | Program | Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Happy 69th birthday to John Carpenter. This man has given us some of the greatest genre characters including Michael Myers, Snake Plissken and Jack Burton. He also composes righteous film scores and music in general. This man is a legend.
We are open today!! Come beat the freeze by checking out some movies.
This is badass.

And to catch Sydney Prescott kicking some ass tonight in SCREAM, buy tickets here: [ Spr.ly Link ]

Saved By The Final Girl

This is huge news! Soon you'll be seeing Bava's BLOOD AND BLACK LACE hitting the screen here in Omaha and you'll lose your friggin minds.

AGFA Significantly Expands Its Catalogue

Well RAW from Focus World just climbed to the top of our "Must See of 2017" list.

This Movie Is The Goods: See The Poster And Red-Band Trailer For Julia Ducournau's RAW

"A heartfelt tribute to guys who get the job done. Even when the job is almost unimaginable." - Newark Star Ledger.

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Happy Friday the 13th ya animals!