You don't have to be a mind reader to know James McAvoy is awesome playing 24 personalities in SPLIT.

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In the nearly 20 years since our minds were first freed from machine control, no other movie has reached THE MATRIX's level of deep thought, joyful invention, radical status-quo disruption or on-screen amount of patent leather fetishware. Catch it next weekend for only $5.

THE MATRIX | Saturday, January 28th
Most of next week's screenings of SAILOR MOON R: THE MOVIE are sold out, but we have some seats available on 1/29!

SAILOR MOON R: THE MOVIE - Subtitled | Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
All ticket proceeds from tomorrow's screening of BEST IN SHOW support Special Pals Shelter!

Join us for a night of big dogs and even bigger laughs... just don't forget your busy bee.

BEST IN SHOW - Fundraiser Screening | Sunday, January 22
David Fincher initially pursued Radiohead to provide the music for the film.

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The most irresistible movie of 2016 becomes the unmissable Movie Party of 2017. as we turn the beloved Ryan Gosling/Emma Stone musical into an interactive experience you'll love!

LA LA LAND Movie Party | Friday, January 27th
Anne Hathaway + Jason Sudeikis + Korean kaiju + the demented visionary mind of Nacho Vigalondo + NEON = COLOSSAL. Stomping our way this April.

COLOSSAL Gets Its First Amazing Trailer
"It's just a flesh wound."

Join us next week for this Movie Party masterpiece, featuring plenty of coconut halves to clomp around the theater with! Tickets: [ Link ]
Birth. Movies. Death. says M. Night Shyamalan "still has an expert’s eye for pacing and tension," and that he puts it to great use in the fun, pulpy new thriller SPLIT.

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Okay, stop what you're doing and watch the Seoul-shattering first trailer from director Nacho Vigalondo's COLOSSAL.

Anne Hathaway Controls A Monster In 'Colossal' Teaser - Exclusive
James McAvoy tells Birth. Movies. Death. about how Professor X's chrome dome informed 24 flavors of characters in SPLIT.

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James McAvoy Talks Unleashing The Beast And Going Bald For M. Night Shyamalan
Viddy well, little brothers and sisters. Viddy well...

Alamo Drafthouse and Mondo are teaming up on a yearlong celebration of visionary director Stanley Kubrick, and we're starting with a bit of the old ultra-violence.

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Anyone wanna help Tim League and Ant Timpson make a horror anthology? Of course you do.

Tim League And Ant Timpson Want To Make You A Part Of THE FIELD GUIDE TO EVIL
"An eerie and intimate psychological thriller with Hitchcockian tones harkening back to the Shyamalan’s early 2000s run that put him on the filmmaking map." - USA TODAY.

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La La Land Movie Party

126 people interested · 11 going

Moulin Rouge Movie Party

Alamo founder and CEO Tim League has five reasons that you MUST see the provocative new film from director Paul Verhoeven, ELLE.

See it for $5 tomorrow night at Mason Park. Tickets: [ Link ]