Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen's SINGIN' IN THE RAIN is, quite simply, the greatest movie musical of all time, a kaleidoscope of gorgeous colors, flawlessly-choreographed dance sequences, and top-tier, toe-tapping songs.

Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O'Connor are a trio of Hollywood stars struggling to make the transition into the era of "talkies.” Complications (some romantic, some...
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Singin in the Rain Movie Party

Come out and support Lubbock-Con tomorrow, Mar 25 at a very special screening of FANBOYS!

Don't miss out on your chance to see CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON back on the big screen tomorrow, Mar 25!

Join us for a very special screening of the brand new 4K restoration of DONNIE DARKO on Friday, Mar 31!

Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and, yes, Baby Groot are back to prove that the only way to follow-up saving the galaxy is... to save it all over again. Get your tickets NOW for Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2!

Plus, at ticket checkout you can purchase a limited edition Mondo GUARDIANS glass or enamel pin(s) featuring designs by superstar artist Tom Whalen.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 | Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
Get your girlfriends together for FRIED GREEN TOMATOES on Thursday, March 30!

One of the greatest action heroes of the 21st century is back on screen.

Tickets to MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Movie Party: [ Link ]
It's time for more kaiju. Join us this April as we celebrate giant monsters and the cites they love to step on with a day-long marathon of monstrous proportions.

Four giant monster movies from around the world await you at DESTROY ALL DRAFTHOUSES! We're not announcing what films we'll be showing but you should expect movies both new and old, campy and serious. This is a buffet of kaiju...
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Destroy All Drafthouses

This is a public service announcement from LADY BATTLE COP. Tickets: [ Link ]
We're partnering with Sowoon Arts and Heritage to bring you a $3 screening of RACHEL GETTING MARRIED on Wednesday, March 29.

Have your mind blown all over again at our screening of CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON on Saturday, March 25!

Your ticket to our Girlie Night 9 TO 5 Movie Party includes a cup of ambition… the boozy kind.

Tickets: [ Link ]
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here 2day 2 get through this thing called life — and, on the 1st anniversary of his too-soon passing — celebrate the legacy of the visionary and singular musical force that was Prince.

PURPLE RAIN is the semi-autobiographical tale of The Kid, a Minneapolis musician navigating the club scene while dealing with a romantic rival and a difficult family life. A...
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Purple Rain Movie Party

The Doctor is back on the big screen with BBC AMERICA’s Doctor Who: Season 10 Premiere, starring Peter Capaldi, who will be joined by new companion Pearl Mackie (Bill) and returning alien companion Matt Lucas (Nardole).

Following BBC AMERICA’s television premiere on Saturday, April 15, the episode will play in movie theaters nationwide for two nights only - with exclusive bonus content to be...
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Fathom Presents: Doctor Who Season 10 Premiere

This month PBS KIDS at the Alamo Drafthouse features brand new WILD KRATTS episodes, including a special premiere of Deep Sea Adventure. The Kratt Brothers will introduce us to new and beloved animals as they embark on their newest adventures in the animal kingdom. Young explorers and animal lovers will have a blast seeing their favorite characters on the big screen while parents enjoy the...
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PBS Kids: Explore the Outdoors

Lone astronaut miner Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell), approaching the end of a three-month job on Earth's moon, is involved in a serious & life-threatening accident after suddenly experiencing a bizarre hallucination while traversing the lunar landscape in his rover. He then awakens back inside his base, completely unharmed.

Unswayed by robot helper GERTY (voiced by Kevin Spacey), who forcefully...
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Bethesda Softworks Presents: Moon

See the dead but delicious film WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS on Tuesday, Mar 28 for only $3!

Continuing Education: WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS | Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
When RUN LOLA RUN was released in '99 it was a film the likes of which the world had never seen.

RUN LOLA RUN | Wednesday, March 22
Hold on to your butts, it’s the interactive epic 65 million years in the making!

Travel back with us to a time when John Hammond had a simple dream of satisfying his lawyers and insurance agents so that he could open a park where humans would once again be free to walk the earth with massive creatures that enjoy killing them, even when they're hiding in the bathroom. So get in your...
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Jurassic Park Movie Party

Tomorrow, Mar 22 is your last chance to catch our BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Feast. Your tastebuds can't afford to miss it!

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (2017) Feast | Wednesday, March 21