With all the talk about repealing the Affordable Care Act, this #throwbackthursday seemed sadly appropriate.
Tired of voting for the lesser of two evils? How about a "None of the Above" option...

New Pre-Election Poll Suggests Bernie Sanders Could Have Trounced Donald Trump

Friends, please err on the side of caution when preparing for Hurricane Matthew. You can find more information on what you need to do here:

Hurricane Preparedness - Be Ready

It's our Election Day in Florida! Are you as excited as we are to elect a Senator with Guts? Be sure to get out and vote!
Join me tonight at our Orlando office to help us get out the vote!

Alan Grayson Visits our Orlando Phone Bank!

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Thank you to all who joined us for our Tampa Townhall tonight!
Tampa friends -- I'm ready for a genuine conversation about the issues that matter most to you. Join us at our Tampa townhall for the opportunity to join our discussion, and voice your questions and concerns.

Don't worry -- our staff won't kick you out for asking a tough question. This is a campaign to elect a Senator with Guts, after all.

Grayson Town Hall for Tampa!

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"...Rep. Alan Grayson has raked in 55 percent of his campaign’s funds so far from small donors, a greater share than any other Senate candidate. That’s nearly five times the average for Senate campaigns this cycle. Nothing new, really, for the 58-year-old, Harvard Law-educated Grayson, who is serving his third term in the House. He topped the list in percentage of contributions from...
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Two Florida Dems walking away with the Bernie small donor award

Today we celebrate the birthday of Medicare and Medicaid — together with the Affordable Care Act, the most important healthcare programs in our country’s history. I was going to get a cake, but thought better of it -- we shouldn’t really celebrate healthcare with junk food, and I am morally against sugar-free carrot cakes for birthdays.

So instead, I decided to spend the day working on a more...
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A note from our digital director:
"They say you aren’t supposed to meet your heroes, because they’ll just end up disappointing you. Well, I met my hero, Alan Grayson. I’ve worked with him for years now, and he’s never disappointed me. In fact, I believe in him now more than ever. I’ve seen him get upset and frustrated at policy that he fears will hurt people – like the TPP, and proposed...
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How the sausage gets made

This campaign is make-or-break for the future of the Democratic Party. Why? Because this is the ONLY Senate campaign in the entire country that raises most of its cash from small donors who have given less than $200. Just us, just one. We need to show the political establishment – Democrats included – that there is an alternative to raising $100,000 each from 50 millionaires, or billionaires,...
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Help us elect a progressive champion to the Senate

Our supporters phonebanking on the bus to the DNC Convention from Florida. This is what a grassroots campaign looks like!
Toxic blue-green algae has invaded our beaches, hurting tourism, home values, our aquatic life and our water. We’ve already lost at least eight manatees, as well as countless fish and other wildlife to this toxic sludge.

Our state’s largest newspaper, The Tampa Bay Times, had some choice words to describe our primary opponent’s reaction to this environmental crisis, when they named him the...
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Our opponent is the "loser of the week." Here's why.

Florida MoveOn Members: please vote to endorse our progressive campaign for justice, equality, and peace today!

Who should MoveOn endorse for U.S. Senate in Florida?

The best way to fight back against the corruption of Big Banks? Team Grayson phonebanks, of course! Join our team of progressive champions across the state by signing up to volunteer: [ Senatorwithguts.com Link ]
If you’ve been watching the RNC, then perhaps you are somewhere between saddened and appalled by the pervasive dumbsanity of it all. If “he just said something stupid” were a drinking game, we would have been under the table in the first five minutes.

That’s why we decided not to focus on the RNC psychodrama (Trump: narcissistic personality disorder, or is he simply a sociopath?) Instead,...
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They sure make us look good by comparison

Here's a sneak peek of Governor Rick Scott and Donald Trump taking the stage at the GOP Convention tonight:

I can understand why watching the RNC would make you want to move to Canada. It’s only human for us to have a fight-or-flight response when we see something this dangerous.

Tonight, I’m asking you to choose to fight. Join our campaign now:

So many supporters showed up to our Tampa for Grayson office opening that we couldn't fit inside. This is what a People Powered campaign looks like! Thank you to all who joined us!
Important meeting with Terrion this morning in Clearwater. I showed him my boots, and he showed me his performance of the ABC song.