Cometh the moment,
cometh the mixtape:

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Cometh the moment,
cometh the mixtape:

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Mandrillifesto is now available in Spanish thanks to @kobayashi who translated it! -L

Kobayashi's Domain
Cosmic Trigger Play is back for a London run at The Cockpit in May! -Tickets now on general release. [ Link ] #FindTheOthers #TellTheOthers ! Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.
The art-form of spoken word with music is precarious and rarely successful. Even Stravinsky distrusted the medium and felt it cheapened both word and music, so in putting the two together there has to be a very good reason, and clues for such a reason can come from quite unexpected places.

Alan Moore and Section 28 | Huddersfield Literature Festival
            You don't measure Alan Moore's writing in words; you measure it in Faradays. You measure it in Roentgens. After dropping five hundred ...

'Putting Descartes Before the Horse'
The world has not contracted as much as you may believe. The interior of the human head is infinite.

“The interior of the human head is infinite”: A Conversation with Alan Moore
You can now buy tickets to see this at the Cockpit in London, and enjoy dad's disturbing virtual cameo in it.
Hail Eris! -L

Cosmic Trigger Returns
We went to the park, and bumped into the legendary Alan Moore. Here's a picture to prove it. Very happy to report that The Great Man has excellent taste in music ????

Our EP is out now on Grass Roots - have a look here [ Link ]
Jerusalem proofreader and longtime friend Alistair Fruish has written a quite remarkable story. The Sentence.
Comprised of one single sentence made up of words of only one syllable, it's also a sci-fi prison drama.
It is being performed on Saturday 15th January at The Cockpit, London in a non stop four hour long performance.
Robin Ince tells you where to get a ticket and why you should go...
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The Quietus | Features | Tome On The Range | The Heart Of The Original: John Higgs On Alistair Fruish's The Sentence
  Produced and presented by Love and Will Productions  Hosted by The Cockpit THE SENTENCE by Alistair Fruish

The Sentence | The Cockpit
The Very Rev D Wayne Love from The Alabama 3 meets Alan Moore & talks about his friend Tom Hall back in 2013 before the launch of Tom Hall 1944-2003 Double Album.

The double album is available to order here: [ Link ]

We would like to take this opportunity to say happy new year & all the best for 2017... X
Alan Moore is the most celebrated comics writer living but doesn’t write comics anymore.

“Northampton Calling: A Conversation with Alan Moore,” by Rob Vollmar
Magical techno-futurist, Spirits of Place contributor, and generally lovely guy  Damien Williams conducted a Tarot interview with me about the project, it’s origins and it’s future. You…

John interviewed about Spirits of Place for Technoccult
I am delighted to bring you an update on Graham and Paula Cousins who were finally granted their Visa, and were reunited this morning.
Their friends and family could not be more delighted for the happy couple and we all wish them every joy in their life together!
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Spirits of Place is brand new anthology all about place and narrative and features a brand new essay by Alan Moore entitled 'Coal Memory'. The anthology also features work by Warren Ellis Iain Sinclair and many more.

A signed limited edition is available.

Spirits of Place out now