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"I'm hungry," Kathy Burek said, after more than three hours at the necropsy table. She removed the otter's head and reached for the bone saw. "Who likes Indian?"

When an animal dies mysteriously in Alaska, this woman gets the call
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As the man fled his vehicle following a 45-minute chase, troopers said he "turned and fired a handgun" on a K-9 before troopers returned fire. The suspect later died of his injuries.

Troopers: Wasilla man shot and killed after fatally wounding K-9
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By Sunday evening, riot police hauled in more than 700 demonstrators in Moscow as the crowd, numbering in the tens of thousands, chanted, "Shame! Shame!"

Hundreds jailed as Russia sees its biggest unsanctioned protests in years
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From this week's We Alaskans: After 40 years, Eaglecrest is more than just a ski spot -- it's part of the community.

Generation after generation, finding community at Eaglecrest Ski Area
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Real estate advice from Barbara and Clair Ramsey: A home inspection alone isn't a guarantee that you'll detect every potential issue with a newly renovated home. Here's information you'll need to avoid buying a flop.

Buying a house that may have been flipped? Here's how to avoid costly mistakes
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The end of the game, between Dimond and Wasilla, had everything to be expected in a wild March Madness championship showdown: a comeback, a clutch 3-pointer and big-time free throws in crunch time.

Parker, Osborne come up clutch to lift Dimond to 4A boys basketball glory
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A big gallery of photos from tonight's 3A and 4A Alaska state basketball championship games.

Photos: 3A and 4A Alaska state championship basketball
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Wasilla won its second straight Class 4A state basketball championship — its fifth in seven years — by silencing the often explosive Dimond Lynx 51-34 in front of a noisy Alaska Airlines Center crowd Saturday night.

Wasilla girls use coach's 'bag of tricks' to repeat as 4A champions
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From the "We're ready for you all!" chant they recited during a pregame huddle to the loud "amen" that punctuated the end of their postgame locker room celebration, the Lions of Anchorage Christian came ready to play, pray and prey Saturday.

ACS girls play, pray and prey their way to Class 3A state title
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The Alaska Supreme Court recently decided to reopen a child custody case that puts the father’s violence and the children’s Alaska Native heritage at the center of the discussion.

He handed his wife a loaded gun. Now their families are fighting over who should raise their kids.
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Opinion columnist Dermot Cole: Many legislators are saying otherwise, but without an income tax and spending restraint over the long term, there's a good chance the Permanent Fund and the dividend are doomed.

Theoretical budget cuts and standoff on taxes threaten Permanent Fund
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Anchorage musician Mr. Whitekeys played keyboard in the backup band when Chuck Berry came to Anchorage to play at West High School. Here's how that all went down (including a drive in a rental car through some bike trail tunnels).

That night in 1974 when Chuck Berry played Anchorage
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Guest opinion columnist Tom Williams thinks Alaska Permanent Fund dividends should continue, but has some ideas about how to reshape the program -- starting with redirecting kids' PFDs to schools and cutting off snowbirds and public-assistance recipients.

PFD? Yes, but not for kids or part-time Alaskans
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The girls play at 5:45 p.m. and the boys at 7:45 p.m. at the Alaska Airlines Center in Anchorage.

It's Dimond vs. Wasilla, times two, in Class 4A state basketball title games
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The more than 12 million people who bought 2017 health insurance plans on and other websites the law created are not in danger of losing their healthcare or having their premiums go up right now, experts say. But 2018 is another story.

Obamacare exploding? Maybe just a slow burn
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"I feel horrible for upsetting her but stand by my feelings. What should I do?"

I told my friend her constant wedding talk was boring. Now she's kicking me out of the bridal party.
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A small, but tenacious group of comedians show up, night after night. And when people do come to listen, they're laughing.

Here's what it's like to be a standup comedian in Anchorage
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Frank Perez said the vandalism angered him and he felt compelled to act. He brought 18 sponges, $24 worth of graffiti remover and his two daughters.

Good Samaritan cleans vandalized locomotive in downtown Anchorage
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The two largest Alaska-based telecommunications companies say they don't plan to sell customer data to third parties.

Alaska's big telecoms say they won't sell consumer data after Senate internet privacy vote