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On New Year’s Eve, Sheena Darji rode from Anchorage to Denali on the Alaska Railroad, which stopped at Hurricane Gulch so passengers could snap photos of the winter landscape. More of her work can be seen on Instragram @theworldcompass
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Our friends at Frozen Lenses Photography Club from the University of Alaska Fairbanks have a cool event in the works for all you professional and aspiring photographers. They are hosting a statewide juried photography exhibition called Circumpolar.

Details in the flyer below, and you can enter by clicking this link [ Link ]
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Alaska's had some seriously cold temperatures the last couple of days, especially in the interior (Fairbanks was -50F yesterday). Clint Pickarsky took this photo last night while cross-country skiing along Turnagain arm. It was "only" -8F. He says, "It was the ripping wind and Northern lights explosion shortly after midnight that turned my ski trip into a multi-task ski/photo opp."
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Weiwu Li won the 2016 Alaska magazine photo contest with a photo other than this dramatic shot, which appears in the February 2017 issue. He took this shot as the sun set on climbers who’d been attempting to summit Mount Emmerich near Haines.
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Hylan Larson's photo taken from a drone of the Kenai River and Cooper Landing just below the bridge shows a different perspective than does a summertime drive along the Sterling Highway.
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Icy cliffs at Kokhanok, on the shore of Iliamna Lake. Photo by Roy Andrew.
Wolf populations in Denali National Park and Preserve have had their ups and downs, but Bill Sherwonit feels optimistic about their future.

"Despite the fluctuations, Denali National Park remains the best place in Alaska—and arguably North America—for people to see wolves in the wild. And it seems likely to stay that way."

Denali’s Wolves | Alaska Magazine
Angelo Saggiomo shot this fantastic image inside an ice cave underneath the Mendenhall Glacier recently. Wow!
Danny Ungrue got this close-up of a Dall sheep ram that came down near the road along Turnagain Arm recently.
Moonset on Mt. Susitna this morning. "All of Anchorage was socked in with a dense fog," says PicAx Photography (
Anthony Madden captured this shot of excited sled dogs ready to run last weekend at the Knik 200 Sled Dog Race, one of several that counts as a qualifying race for the Iditarod and Yukon Quest.
Did you know that there's great surfing in Alaska? In this feature, Dave Costello talks to adventure photographer and Alaskan surf pioneer Scott Dickerson about the growing sport and the lengths he goes to in order to capture the perfect picture.

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Alaska gets frosty in winter! Cheryl Ess took this photo of the Matanuska River with Pioneer Peak and the sun barely above the mountains on January 4. Although our days are getting longer again, today's arc between sunrise and sunset in the Anchorage area is only 5 hours, 54 minutes, and 14 seconds long.
Ed Boudreau captured this lovely image of a Christmas eve sunrise from Petersville Rd. in Trapper Creek. (
Beautiful sunrise yesterday in Fairbanks. Photo by Danielle Gundlach (.
Frozen mini waterfalls and sunrise splendor along Turnagain Arm. Photo by Danny Ungrue ([ Link ].
Happy New Year Alaska-style! Photo by Victoria Pennick of Frozen Glass Photography (.
Presenting Alaska Magazine's editorial staff picks for Gear of The Year awards. These products have been field-tested and have proven to be the best in the biz!

Gear of the Year | Alaska Magazine
Please take our unscientific poll for the March issue: Have you ever been dog mushing in Alaska? If so, tell us about it in the comments! Your story and/or photo might might make its way into the print magazine. (Photo by Chuck Ashley)