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Wood Bison are truly awesome! Check out this great story about these BIG new additions to the Alaskan landscape. The video of their release is included!
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Whether they're sleeping, playing, eating or pouncing on salmon, we just can't get enough of Alaska's brown bears. This video should make your day!

Brown Bears of Alaska | Alaska Magazine
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"I'll huff and I'll puff..."

Here's a great shot from reader Jeannine Bryan of a stoic and snow covered wolf from the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. We recommend viewing it in full screen!
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As Brittney of Brittney J Robles Photography put it, "Fireweed and Hatcher Pass, two classic Alaskan favorites!"

We admit it, we both!
Our friend Ben Knapp, of Sportsmans Air Service in Anchorage, put together this awesome video to win a new SHOTOVER G1 camera. Check out his video, "No Roads Alaska" and make sure to vote!

MauroMedia Vimeo Acct. #2's Vimeo
When you look back on your Alaskan adventures, do you remember the experience in moments, or images? This awesome video should help jog your memory!

The Road to Alaska | Alaska Magazine
Alaska Magazine contributing writer E. Donnall Thomas Jr. has a great story in Gray's Sporting Journal of two weeks hunting and fishing in the Arctic Circle. Check it out!

Arctic Circle
Ian Johnson of Life, Wildlife, Wild-Life sent in this awesome shot of the aurora borealis as seen from Sitka. Share your favorite aurora pictures in the comments below!
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โ€œWe wanted fresh tracks, and figured a remote island in Alaska, one that also happened to be an active volcano, would deliver.โ€

How far would you go to ski on untouched Alaskan powder? Kellie Okonek has the story of this adventure on the slopes of Mount Augustine.

Smoldering Snow | Alaska Magazine
This trailer gives us chills! Alaska can be treacherous, but for some, the allure of our mountains is irresistible. Would you try your luck on the icy peaks of Citadel?

Citadel | Alaska Magazine
brrrrrr! Check out this awesome shot of the sunset at Rabbit Creek by Matt Skinner of Lights Out Photography!
There's a cool event set to take place this March at Quartz Lake, near Big Delta, AK. The 1st annual Quartz Lake Icefishing Derby is being held on March 25th and is open to all ages. Did we mention over $10,000 in prizes? Check it out! Quartz Lake Boat Rental
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Many of our readers have enjoyed Hatcher Pass in the summer. During winter, ski trails are maintained. This recent image from Mike Criss proves just how stunning the area is when covered in snow and bathed in March sunshine.
With Spring quickly approaching, we can't help but dream of awesome adventures in our great state. Here's one to add to the bucket list! Who's coming with us? Surf's up!

Surfing Alaska: Bore Tide at Sunrise | Alaska Magazine
We are so excited about the 2017 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race that we couldn't help but share a new feature from the March edition titled, "Sled Dog Love." Enjoy!

Sled Dog Love | Alaska Magazine
The 2017 Iditarod race is underway, so we decided to post this awesome photo essay! In this feature, photographer Jeff Schultz gives us some visual insight into the last great race on Earth.

The Great Race | Alaska Magazine