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Name that road!
Who is going rafting this summer? You can relax on a quiet river, or go on a heart-pounding whitewater trip!

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Any day with views like this is a good day #myalaskadream
We spent the weekend in one of our favorite towns! Who can name this spot?
Look at that catch! A #myalaskadream come true!

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In one word, how would you describe this picture? We'll start. Serene.

Brent Reynolds is a local photographer who contributes photos to Alaska.org.
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We love reading and responding to all the #myalaskadream posts! Have you told us your Alaska dream yet?

Beverly Padwa Farron posted this one.
We experimented with a pano the night before last. It looks beautiful, except….
What do you want to experience in Alaska? Share your Alaska dream with us using #myalaskadream. You’ll get input from us, and, if you’re lucky, helpful tips from other local Alaskans, too!
April may be the best time of year to photograph Anchorage’s skyline—clear days and snow still on the mountains. Bob took this last night.
Beluga Point Sunday night. What are your favorite scenic drives on a sunny spring evening?

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Hiking is one of the best ways to discover the Alaskan wilderness. Not ready to hit the trails alone? Opt for a guided experience. [ Alaska.org Link ]
Here is our view above the clouds at Mt. Alyeska today! Who can tell us what the octagonal building is, and when it was built?
Want to see bears up close? Go on a bear viewing tour this summer! We think it's one of the best wildlife experiences in Alaska.
If you could give a visitor one tip about planning a trip to Alaska, what would it be?