Company betting on its "Block 5" version of the Falcon 9 for easy reusability.

SpaceX is about to launch one of its final expendable rockets
Robert Lightfoot formally took over as acting administrator of NASA Jan. 20 as the Trump administration assigned two people to positions within the agency.

Trump administration assigns first political appointees to NASA -
Please join us for the 20th Annual Commercial Space Transportation Conference on Tuesday, February 7th and Wednesday, February 8th of 2017 in Washington D.C. The event will consist of a day and a half of panels, speakers, and networking events, that will inform and discuss the most pressing issues w...

20th Annual FAA Commercial Space Transportation Conference
Bigelow Aerospace is in discussions with NASA about extended use of an experimental module added to the ISS, although no agreement has been reached yet.

Bigelow Aerospace seeking additional use of experimental ISS module -
The incoming acting administrator of NASA said he expects some members of the Trump landing team to stay on at the agency after the inauguration.

Some NASA transition team members to remain after inauguration -
A ferocious competitor, Mr. Cernan rocketed into space three times, went to the moon twice and shattered aerospace records on the Earth and the moon.

Eugene A. Cernan, Last Human to Walk on Moon, Dies at 82
Fox and Chernin Entertainment’s “Hidden Figures” dominated the domestic box office, topping charts for the second straight weekend after earning $26 million. The film’s mess…

Box Office: ‘Hidden Figures’ Dominates MLK Weekend as ‘Live by Night,’ ‘Monster Trucks,’ ‘Silence’ Collapse
PBS announced plans this morning for The Farthest (working title), a two- hour documentary about NASA’s Voyager mission, which began 40 years ago this August. The twin Voyager spacecraft resolved k…

PBS ‘The Farthest’ Spotlights NASA’s Voyager Mission On 40th Anniversary – TCA
This spaceport is good for launching satellites into Polar Orbit. The ideal place for launching into polar orbit are the North and South Poles, but that is impossible, so we will have to settle for the next best thing. As far as this base is concerned, perhaps it can be sold, or leased, to a private company willing to provide this service.

Senator targets Alaska launch site in wasteful spending report -
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It almost certainly begins with a head tilted toward the night sky—that burst of wandering imagination that compels our fingers to trace paths between the stars, wonder out loud what it might have been like for astronauts to step on the Moon, and whisper under the sheets our scenarios of alien encou...

The Space Review: Is the purpose of deep space exploration pure science or proving humanity’s worth?
In the not-to-distant future, asteroid mining will likely use autonomous or semi-autonomous robots to extract resources. Conflicts are likely to emerge between competitors. One company’s robot might dig in an area earmarked or claimed by another company. The aggrieved company would seek legal redres...

The Space Review: When robots trespass
America is on the verge of a revolution in opening the space frontier, led by the entrepreneurial genius of the American people. There is reason to believe that a much greater NASA emphasis on supporting commercial space development will substantially increase American activity in space without incr...

The Space Review: A human spaceflight program for the new administration
For most of 2016, the attention SpaceX received for its Falcon 9 launches involved what happened about eight to ten minutes after liftoff, when the company attempted to land the rocket’s first stage on either a ship at sea or a pad back on land. The company closed out 2015 with its first-ever landin...

The Space Review: Back to business(es)
Congratulations to SpaceX for a successful launch and an equally successful return of their first stage back to Earth. They are no doubt leading the way to a cheaper and better launch system, available for all. – Falcon 9 returns to flight with successful Iridium launch