The artist Eduardo Kac and Thomas Pesquet, a Frenchman on the International Space Station, have created art in space.

A Space Odyssey: Making Art Up There
Space Systems Loral (SSL) has filed a lawsuit against Orbital ATK, alleging it accessed sensitive information about SSL satellite servicing technologies.

SSL sues Orbital ATK over confidential data breach -
Legislation seen as key to Georgia's chances of landing a spaceport gains final approval in the state House on Wednesday.

Bill aiding Georgia's bid for spaceport gains final approval
One day after President Trump signed into law a NASA authorization bill, Sen. Ted Cruz said he is planning a new, long-term NASA authorization bill.

Cruz plans new NASA authorization and commercial launch bills -
Australia needs its own space agency, say scientists in a paper aimed at government. Anthea Batsakis reports.

Scientists push for Australian space agency
Vice President Mike Pence said March 21 that he expects the Trump administration to reestablish the National Space Council.

Pence confirms plans to reestablish the National Space Council -
What's the difference between ball bearings and hydrostatic bearings? Jeff Bezos explains it all for you in his update on Blue Origin's BE-4 rocket engine.

Jeff Bezos does a deep dive into bearings in Blue Origin’s BE-4 rocket engine update
Bad move! The U.S. needs to include China and all its officials in the space movement, even if we conflict with them in other political matters. Having China in the movement may get them to become more cooperative in other situations unrelated to space. In the present situation, we will only lose!

Chinese official denied visa to attend U.S. planetary science conference -
The premise of this ’70s show revolved around a junk yard owner, Harry Broderick, who is inspired to build a rocket that can hover and is reusable—and made out of junk—to land at one of the Apollo sites on the Moon, “salvage” objects left behind, including a rover, and sell them (or, actually, extor...

The Space Review: Taking salvage in outer space from fiction to fact
Its impending demise can hardly be considered surprising. NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) has, since its introduction in 2013, struggled to win support, facing skepticism from members of Congress, scientists, and others who were skeptical about how a mission to retrieve a boulder from a near…

The Space Review: A farewell to ARM?
, The Space Review, October 1, 2012). Now the same “gateless” base concept has returned, but this time, it is not the only concept on the table. Currently there seem to be a plethora of achievable cislunar and lunar concepts, but few people seem to understand what makes any of them practical and aff...

The Space Review: The cislunar gateway with no gate, revisited
The Turkish parliament is deliberating on a draft bill to create a space agency to boost the country’s space industry and facilitate Ankara’s expansion within the global space industry.

Turkey’s parliament deliberates on space agency law -