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Einstein fans will take great delight in reading Einstein's letter to Queen Elisabeth of Belgium shortly after her husband, King Albert, passed away.

Einstein on Grief, Time, Eternity, and the Privilege of Old Age: His Beautiful Letter to the Bereaved Queen of Belgium
Albert Einstein
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Einstein was so consumed with his studies on the general theory of relativity that the man forgot to eat! Here's a brief clip recounting this event from Brian Greene's "Light Falls."

Light Falls by Brian Greene, Narrated by Brian Greene, Paul Rudd, and a full cast - Excerpt 3
Albert Einstein
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Mashable provides a preview of the Professor Einstein robot currently being developed by Hanson Robotics Limited.

This Albert Einstein robot will actually get smarter the more you interact with it
Albert Einstein
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Did you know that in 1930, Einstein visited Cuba? This scholarly article discusses Einstein's visit to Havana, a story that not many people know about.

Einstein's 30 Hours in Cuba
Albert Einstein
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2016 was the year of gravitational waves. Could 2017 be the year of dark matter? MOTHERBOARD explains.

Dark Matter Hunters Are Hoping 2017 Is Their Year
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A civil rights activist, a Nobel Prize laureate, and the personification of courage. Lest us forget what true leadership looks like. #MLKDay #IHaveADream
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Albert Einstein
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Congrats to Elon Musk and his team on a successful SpaceX flight and landing!
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Smile, the weekend is here. #TGIF
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Happy #NationalRubberDuckyDay, Einstein fans!
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From the application of Einstein's scientific principles to Einstein's various cameos in the TV series, Einstein's connection to the Star Trek franchise is deeply rooted. Grapevine | discusses Einstein's influence over this major sci-fi franchise. Live long and prosper, Einstein fans!

Einstein and Star Trek: A relationship light years in the making
Doctor Albert Einstein. #ThrowbackThursday
CES 2017 is over but it's safe to say that Professor Einstein, a new robot developed by Hanson Robotics Limited, was getting some serious buzz. Read more about Professor Einstein and other tech featured via Washington Post.

The Latest at CES: Albert Einstein as an educational robot
"Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso walk into a bar" sounds like the start of a great joke. But it's actually the premise of a play written by comedian Steve Martin. Grapevine | discusses.

Comedian Steve Martin writes Einstein-themed play
Our solar system contains 8 planets, though some still clutch onto the thought that poor little Pluto is still the 9th planet in our universe. Nevertheless, space technology is improving and astronomers are on the hunt for Planet Nine. Check out this great 60 Minutes piece.

The solar system's mysterious, undiscovered Planet Nine
The next time you pop bread in the toaster or use the Internet (like you are now), think physics. Here's how the laws of physics have inspired day-to-day activities.

These Simple Laws Explain How the World Works
The last time Clemson Football beat Alabama's football team was in 1905, the same year that Albert Einstein published the theory of special relativity. Congrats Clemson! #ALLIN #CFBPlayoff
Yearning to learn more about dark matter? 6-year-old kid genius Samatha Kranthijanya breaks it down in this simple video. And now, we're hungry for cake and candy.

Dark Matter: The Dark Side of Matter

Samatha (6-year-old) explains dark matter and the search for dark matter using cake & candy. Music: bensound - Acoustic Breeze, A New Beginning Kevin MacLeod...

Hey Justice League Movie, your squad looks good, but Einstein's squad looks a little better. #JusticeLeague
Today is National Clean Off Your Desk Day. Yes, that's a real thing. Needless to say, you may want to think twice before you clean your desk. Albert Einstein was known to have a cluttered desk, and yet, his desk is very telling of the genius that he was. Read all about it via NCR Silver.

Do You Really Need to Declutter Your Desk?