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Red nova star explosion alert! Read more via Popular Science.

We might get to watch a new star explode into the sky in 2022
Albert Einstein
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Happy #PresidentsDay! Here's Albert and Elsa Einstein pictured with US President Warren G. Harding during Einstein's visit to the US in the early 1920s.
Albert Einstein
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Albert Einstein
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Einstein's way of thinking and approach to creativity are good examples to follow in your own life. Evernote breaks it down.

Albert Einstein's Unique Approach to Thinking | Evernote Blog
Albert Einstein
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Albert Einstein
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Hey Einstein fans, did you catch Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons, wearing this awesome gravitational waves shirt? As seen on The Big Bang Theory. #GravitationalWavesFTW
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The genius in motion. Many thanks to UCLA and UCLA Alumni for sharing this gem!

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#TBT to this week in 1932 when #UCLA hosted @alberteinstein as a speaker at #RoyceHall.
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Husband and wife, just chillin'. #ThrowbackThursday
Albert Einstein
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Mashable highlights Einstein's theories and how they have stood the test of time in this insightful mini-documentary.

Even when wrong, Einstein is still teaching us
Albert Einstein
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‪Happy Birthday Galileo! It's safe to say that Einstein was a fan of one of civilization's earliest scientists.‬
Albert Einstein
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‪The look on your face when bae calls you a genius. #ValentinesDay ‬
Give it up for our friends at Curiosity. Best pick-up line EVER.
Regarding technology, Einstein once said, "Why does this magnificent applied science, which saves work and makes life easier, bring us so little happiness? The simple answer: because we have not yet learned to make a sensible use of it."

Elon Musk seems to have a solution to how we can make the best use of machines and not become obsolete in the process: by super-charging our brains. ...
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This Valentine's Day, Elon Musk wants you to know that machines will take over the world and make you obsolete
Einstein was quite the romancer! Read about his various love letters to his first wife Mileva Maric via Brain Pickings. #ValentinesDay

Albert Einstein’s Love Letters
Looking to impress your Valentine this Valentine's Day? With a little help from Einstein, here are four pick-up lines you can use.
Psst...hey, you. Are you thinking of asking your crush out on a date this Valentine's Day? Einstein's got your back.

Albert Einstein's wise words about love
Dr. Edward Dowdye, a former NASA physicist, says, "I believe if Einstein were alive today, he would take advantage of the modern techniques and the modern instruments we have and he would wind up disproving his own theory."

There's no question that if Einstein were alive today, he would use modern technology to his advantage to further articulate his theories. Yet, there's a reason why...
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Former NASA Physicist Disputes Einstein's Relativity Theory
Tomorrow is #ValentinesDay so what does Einstein have to say about love?
‪Hey Recording Academy / GRAMMYs, he's no John Legend but is there any chance that Einstein could get a posthumous Grammy for his amateur piano skills? Let us know. #GRAMMYs ‬