Albert Einstein
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Did you catch that awesome Justice League Movie trailer? In honor of the film's trailer release today, here's Einstein's connection to DC Comics and the comic book industry at large.

When Superman met Einstein: A history of Albert Einstein’s comic book appearances
Albert Einstein
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It's not just Morphin' Time. It's Einstein Time! In honor of today's release of the Power Rangers Movie, read about Power Rangers co-creator Shuki Levy's mission to create an Albert Einstein museum in Israel. H/T Grapevine |

Power Rangers creator building Albert Einstein museum in Israel
Albert Einstein
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On his wire fox terrier Chico, Einstein said "The dog is very smart. He feels sorry for me because I receive so much mail; that's why he tries to bite the mailman." #NationalPuppyDay
Albert Einstein
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We're proud to team up with Bling Is The New Black to host a one-week long giveaway to win this free Albert Einstein lead crystal-studded pillow! Click the link preview below for your chance to win! No purchase necessary.

Enter to win a FREE EINSTEIN CRYSTAL STUDDED PILLOW Courtesy of "Bling is the New Black"
Albert Einstein
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Albert Einstein regarded Michael Faraday as an influence on his own scientific career. But what made Faraday so special? Learn more via OpenMind.

Faraday, the Apprentice Who Popularized Electricity - OpenMind
Albert Einstein
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Einstein was a poet, and you probably didn't know it. Here's one stanza he wrote to Rudolf Goldschmidt in November 1928. #WorldPoetryDay
Albert Einstein
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We don't know if Einstein was necessarily a foodie, but it's certainly safe to say that science plays a heavy role in the culinary arts world. Our friends at Grapevine | spoke to Dr. Robert Wolke about his book "What Einstein Told His Cook" and the correlation between science and the food we eat.

A Q&A with the author of 'What Einstein Told His Cook'
Albert Einstein
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Scientists have discovered that a gigantic ring of galaxies stretching 10 million light-years wide is speeding away from our own galaxy so fast, our current physics models can't explain it. Read more about it via ScienceAlert.

This Gigantic Ring of Galaxies Could Bring Einstein's Gravity Into Question
Albert Einstein
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There are geniuses and there are places that support genius. Join The Next Einstein on March 28th at 10:30 AM at MaRS Discovery District in Toronto to launch The Next Einstein Competition, as we attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the "Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Albert Einstein.” The world's largest urban innovation hub, MaRS is home to visionary researchers and...
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Albert Einstein
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It was on this day in 1916 that Albert Einstein submitted the final version of his paper on general relativity. #GameChanger
Albert Einstein
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Fantastic work by our friends at Popular Science on E=mc^2, the role this equation played in the development of the atomic bomb, and its real meaning.
In honor of St. Patrick's Day, read about Einstein's connection to the beer industry. You'll look at your Guinness in a whole new light. H/T Grapevine |

Einstein's bizarre connections to the beer industry
Einstein fans, we're so excited to host a special Instagram Stories Q&A tomorrow, 3/17/17, at 12:30 PM ET with Popular Science Science Editor Rachel Feltman. If you have any Einstein related questions, leave a comment below and we may answer your question tomorrow!
Einstein called Princeton home when he came to the US, so it's only fair that Princeton Men's Basketball gets preferential #MarchMadness treatment.
One of our favorite moments from #PiDayPrinceton happened during the Einstein look-a-like contest, in which kids of all ages dressed up as Einstein for a chance to win a $314.15 check. Grapevine | has the recap.

Do these kids look like Einstein?
The "c" in E=mc^2 definitely stands for coffee. #Repost from @baristart.
Sigh, even Yahoo News has a few misattributed Einstein quotes in this article. Is it safe to say that Albert Einstein is one of the most misquoted historic icons ever?

Albert Einstein Quotes To Celebrate His 138th Birthday
Thanks for the birthday shout-out, Nobel Prize! #HappyBirthdayEinstein
In celebration of Albert Einstein’s birthday we’re announcing this year’s The Next Einstein competition! On March 28th enter your idea to win $10k in cash. The Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the official organizers of the competition, are also looking to set a Guinness World Record for “Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Albert Einstein” as a way to kick off the...
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