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Do you want softer, shinier, natural hair in just minutes? Check out Veepeejay’s video below to learn some new tips and tricks using some VO5 favorites! “Like” this and post your VO5 routine video on our page so we can continue to share!
Let your beauty bloom this season! The VO5 Free Me Freesia Shampoo and Conditioner formula is a nourishing combo of natural freesia, jasmine, and aloe extracts that will help your hair spring back to life! “Like” this and tell us – Are you excited for Spring?
Want vibrant, beautiful hair for your family? Try VO5 Family size, now available at a retailer near you! With a paraben-free formula and long lasting fragrances, everyone in the family will find a scent they love! Family size provides VO5’s best value in price. “Like” this and tell us below – Are you a VO5 family? :-)
International Women’s Day is March 8th, so celebrate with VO5! With our gentle cleansing formula and variety of scents, every beautiful woman can enjoy beautiful hair. “Like” this below and “Share” with a friend who inspires you!
Don’t let the weather make your styling go cold! Keep up with the hottest trends by fighting winter dryness and taking care of your hair with three easy steps! “Like” this and share your VO5 routine with us below!
Sweet moments are best shared with that special someone in your life. Pair a sweet scented VO5 Shampoo with your confidence and be ready for the next sweet moment! “Like” this below and “Share” with us your favorite moment with the one you love.
Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you give yourself! Today, take one minute out of your shower routine to treat your hair with VO5 Hot Oil Therapy. Help moisturize and condition your hair from roots to ends with 5 vitamins and proteins your hair will love! “Like” this if you deserve to treat yourself, and tag a friend who deserves the same!
Indulge in the tropical sensations of paradise no matter the season. VO5 Island Coconut combines the moisturizing power of coconut milk and our 5 Vitamin Formula to help give your hair a beautiful, shiny finish. “Like” below and tell us – Is your hair ready for a taste of the tropics?
Tired of bad hair days? We have the best “Solutions” just for you! Our NEW Solutions Shampoos and Conditioners, now available at Dollar Tree, help fight frizz, soothe dry scalp, and amplify hair at a stress-free price to help you take on the day ahead. “Like” this below and tell us – which one will you buy next from Dollar Tree?
Want to know the secret to a vibrant, beautiful year? Made with luscious, fruity scents everyone craves, our shampoos and conditioners are made with our special 5 Vitamin Formula to help nourish and care for your hair. “Like” below and tell us – Can you guess the 5 vitamins?
With so many memorable moments to choose from 2016, we decided to share our favorite! Our favorite memorable moment was when you, the fans, made VO5 Extra Body Shampoo America’s #1 Shampoo!* We are so thankful for your support and are looking forward to another great year! “Like” this if you agree!

*Based on Nielsen unit sales, 52 weeks ending 8/27/16. Not including trial size.
Resolution #1: Spend less time worrying about your hair and more time enjoying fun moments with friends. VO5 Hot Oil only needs 1 minute, 1x a week, to help restore damaged hair and add softness! “Like” below if you’re ready to start the New Year with vibrant, beautiful hair!
Dry Scalp is SNOW-bodies business, which is why we are sharing the secret to relief with VO5 Dry Scalp Moisturizing Shampoo, available at Dollar Tree! Made with Almond Oil and our 5 Vitamin Formula to help soothe dry scalp, this shampoo is the perfect solution so you can enjoy the winter playground! “Like” below and tell us – Will you be picking up VO5 Dry Scalp Moisturizing Shampoo at Dollar...
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It’s time for the holidays and we can’t be more excited! Watch below as our best friend Arya gets into the spirit and spreads a little holiday cheer! “Like” below if you are excited for the holidays and tell us – what will you gift your best friends with this year?
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We love our best friends, so we don’t test on them! Instead, we’ve created a gentle 5 Vitamin Formula to take care of YOUR hair. “Like” this below if you love VO5 and “Share” photos of your amazing pets below!
Happy #ThrowbackThursday! Celebrate with VO5 Hot Oil! This original treatment started the trend in the 70’s and is still keeping your hair soft today. With VO5’s signature 5 Vitamin Formula and restorative proteins, this pre-shampoo treatment will never go out of style. “Like” this and tell us below – has VO5 been used for multiple generations in your family?