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Click the link to watch Mahafsoun model Alchemy's stunning Raven Jewellery.

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Ear-Wrap: E355 Raven Ear-WIng
Pendant: P677 A Murder Of Crows
Bracelet: A101 Flocking Ravens

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Alchemy Gothic Raven Wear

Mahafsoun wearing Alchemy's stunning raven jewellery. E355 Raven Ear-WIng (Ear Wrap) P677 A Murder Of Crows (Necklace), & A101 Flocking Ravens Bracelet.

Alchemy Gothic
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Valentines Day Dark Passions
Spoil your Valentine with Alchemy!
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What will you choose?
The Black Swan Pendant (P773)
Wounded Love (P740)
Devil Heart Pendant (ULFP20)
Claddagh Ring (R210)
Model: La Esmeralda
Photography: Annie Bertram
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Elizabethan Collection
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Alchemy Fan Pick
Blood Moon Pendant
A dramatic necklace fit for a vampire king or queen!
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Image Credit:
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Gift for your Valentine
Black Rose Fragrance Diffuser (AD1)
A sensual fine French fragrance perfect for any sumptuous boudoir. This romantic 'Black Rose' fragrance will open your heart and mind to love and desire.
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Quote of the Day!
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Goooooood Morning! Alchemy are ready for the day! are you? ☕
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*cup and saucer, not sold by Alchemy.
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Dogaressa Collection
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Love is King Collection
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Alchemy Artwork Friday - Sylundine.

'No one is too old for Fairy Tales'.
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Beautiful Black Butterfly! ????
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The stunning VAMPY BIT ME wearing Alchemy's La Fleur de Baudelaire Choker!
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Alchemy Artwork
Werid Girls Make Great Girlfriends!
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Empyrean Eye: Tears From Heaven Colleciton
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Alchemy Product Pick
Bed of Blood Roses Watch
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Packaged in an Alchemy branded gift box, including Alchemy Guarantee, Swarovski branded tag, fitting and care instructions.
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Alchemy Artwork
From Darkness I came, to Darkness I will return. 'till then, i will wear the night!
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Retailer Spotlight
IDEA extra - ordinary SHOP, based in Feltre, Italy!
Item feaured: Absinthe Fairy Ring
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Mellifère In Alchemy
Wearing Alchemy's Passion Collection
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Items featured: Pendant P530, Bracelet A80

Image Credits:
Jewellery: Alchemy Gothic
Dress: Gothlolibeauty / Dark in love
MuA: Samantha Von Viper
Photographer: Z. Vision
Butterfly ring: Wendy's Weird
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She Walks in Beauty Collection
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