Happy #EU60 - Massive gatherings all across Europe to stand for the European ideal. We all #MarchForEurope today!
Our members are shaping Europe! This week, Hilde Vautmans (Foreign Affairs), Gérard Deprez / Député européen du groupe ADLE (Justice and Civil liberties) and Iskra Mihaylova (Regional Development) have been awarded MEPs of the year in their fields of expertise. Well-earned reward for their amazing work. #EUFightBack
Tomorrow will mark the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. Let’s celebrate what unite us; let’s shape the future together! #IamEuropean
The current Polish government’s crackdown on the rule of law, women's rights, press freedom and fundamental rights has lasted too long. The European Commission, as the guardian of the treaties, has both the power and the obligation to act. Let’s act NOW. Read more with Guy Verhofstadt, Sophie in 't Veld and Nathalie Griesbeck.

Rule of law in Poland: Commission must act to uphold EU values

Today we honour the victims of the #BrusselsAttacks and our thoughts are with all those affected. The perpetrators of these despicable murders have tried to divide us; they will not succeed. Let’s stand united in defence of our cherished freedoms and open, democratic societies.

This Saturday will mark the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. All across Europe, people will gather to show their support for the European project and advocate a re-launch of European political unity. Are you in? We’ve gathered the full list of marches on our website; The more we are, the better we spread our message! #MarchForEurope2017

Let's #MarchForEurope2017

Our #SundayReflection
"Women should decide on their own body, always!"
Strong plea by Sophie in 't Veld during this week's debate on the #GlobalGagRule
Happy #StPatricksDay to our friends in #Ireland, especially on behalf of Marian Harkin MEP!
The populist threat is growing everywhere in Europe. It's time for Europeans to fight back and wave our flag. Share if you feel the same.
We believe that Europe must not contribute to the exploitation of minerals fuelling armed conflicts. That is why we fought for effective ways to make the origin of minerals more traceable. Today, the European Parliament made it mandatory for European importers, smelters or refiners to certify that their imports are clean. It is high time to break the link between trade with minerals and armed...
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GOOD NEWS - Liberals are once again by far the strongest in the Netherlands, as Dutch voters made a clear choice in favour of Europe & unity. VVD's Mark Rutte and D66's Alexander Pechtold have shown that a positive pro-European message wins. Let’s hope the people of France and Germany follow this path and also reject far-right populism! #IamEuropean
‪Exit polls looking great for our member parties VVD and D66. NL remains liberal & pro-European! ‬
"It is cynical that Erdogan calls the Netherlands "fascist", while at the same time he turns Turkey into an authoritarian state. He asks for freedom of speech in Europe for his Ministers, but at the same time he jails critical journalists in Turkey. In my speech I call on the immediate release of the German journalist Deniz Yücel and a freeze of the accession talks with Turkey." Watch Guy...
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Let’s turn waste into gold - The EU must close the loop and move towards a #circulareconomy, where nothing is wasted and materials are used efficiently. Not only will it boost European growth and competitiveness; it will also help protecting our environment. Common European policies on waste recycling will help drive this change. Read our full reaction with Nils Torvalds.

Liberal and Democrat MEPs welcome boost to the circular economy - News - ALDE

Important initiative on EU citizenship rights. Sign & share! #IamEuropean

EU Citizenship Petition

Our #SundayReflection
What should be the EU’s future? Have your say!
Vote for solution A, B, C or D in the comment section below & feel free to share your ideas with us.
In 2015 alone, more than one million people arrived in Europe fleeing war and conflict. The high number of asylum applications, together with the numerous shortcomings of the current asylum framework, made the EU asylum system collapse . Our Swedish MEP Europaparlamentariker Cecilia Wikström today presented her report on how to reform the Dublin regulation, which is one of the cornerstones of...
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Thank you Beatriz Becerra for this video which sums up very well why we need to hold #IWD2017 in the EU and worldwide - #BeBoldForChange #BeTheChangeYouWantToSee