Yesterday millions of people marched in America to protest for women's rights and against hatred and intolerance. They were joined by thousands across Europe and the world. It's time for all of us to stand up for fundamental rights; they are not to be taken for granted

9 aerial photos show just how big women's marches were around the world
As Donald Trump is being inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States, Europe and the world enter unchartered territory. Let's remember this: there is nothing great about division. In the challenges that lie ahead we must remain united and strong.
The EU is based on the principle of free movement of goods, people, services and capital. Yet digital data still cannot freely move across member states. It’s time for the European Commission to take a step into the future. "Data is a huge driver of innovation, job creation and societal progress. But instead of enshrining the free movement of data in EU law, the Commision only proposed a...
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Thousands of migrants and refugees are trapped in freezing conditions in Greece and the Balkans. EU member states must start working together to accelerate the agreed relocation plan, immediately provide humanitarian aid and prepare better for the future.
"I have never seen a US president saying the European Union will fall apart. The turning point is here: this is a moment for unity, reform, and integration. The time to work together is now. Because it is now that we have to rescue Europe, not in 2019." Watch Guy Verhofstadt's speech in today's plenary session
The ALDE Group has agreed on a crucial pro-EU partnership with the European People's Party aiming to reform Europe with new energy and ambition. Trump, Putin and right-wing nationalists pose a serious threat to our liberal way of life. Pro-EU forces must get together to change the direction of where the EU is heading. Let's move Europe forward #europefightback
ALDE and the EPP - European People's Party have formed a pro-European coalition to reform Europe. We want to act together to bring results for citizens and guarantee stability. This is a partnership of results and reform. We invite all pro-European forces to join
January 16th is Martin Luther King Day. He was a hero whose fight for equality must never be forgotten and his achievements taken for granted.
The European Parliament has 14 Vice Presidents. After choosing a President on Tuesday Jan 17th, elected MEPs will vote to cover these posts until the next European elections in 2019. Our two candidates, Alexander Graf Lambsdorff and Pavel Telička will fight for a modern Europe that listens to its citizens
The life of thousands of migrants and refugees, trapped in freezing conditions in Greece and the Balkans, is at risk. How can we allow this to happen? We urge the Greek authorities and the EU to take immediate action to ensure this situation does not last any longer.

Refugees are literally freezing to death because Europe has stopped caring about them
The last Eurobarometer shows that "Four in ten EU citizens agree that their "voice counts in the EU", while 54% disagree with this statement. Our ALDE Candidate to the European Parliament's presidency, Guy Verhofstadt, wants to give to your representatives the impact YOU deserve.
Next Tuesday elected MEPs will choose a president of the European Parliament for the next 2.5 years. We believe Guy Verhofstadt is the perfect candidate to deliver the real change that EU citizens deserve. You too? Take a stand, make your voice heard and let your representative know! You can find your MEP and their contact details below. Let’s fight all together for a new Europe #Guy4President

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How to efficiently reduce EU greenhouse gas emissions while generating millions of jobs and lower energy bills? It's all about a genuine long-term approach. Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy published his report on the “EU Climate Action Regulation”. This ambitious regulation covers emissions from transport, waste, agriculture and buildings, which are together responsible for about 60 percent of the EU...
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Is a Renaissance painting like this something to worry about? For Facebook - the "Expulsion of Adam and Eve" by Giuseppe Cesare might be – let's see if this is removed. Some social media platforms often act as “editors in chief”, sometimes censoring certain texts, pictures and even nude art. Join our seminar live today at 3PM where journalists, politicians and social-media people will debate...
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For 30 years, thousands of students have been travelling across Europe to study, meet new friends and discover our cherished European diversity: in languages, in cultures, in ways of life. As nationalism gains ground across Europe, more than ever these experiences can be the cement of a Europe united in diversity. Young people are our future; let's help them build a free, prosperous and...
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Thank you for supporting Guy Verhofstadt's presidency. Let's change Europe together #IamEuropean
Facebook has come into controversy of late for being too strict on naked images but not doing enough to prevent the spread of “fake news”. On Jan 10th we are holding a panel with speakers, including from Facebook, The Economist and Aftenposten, shedding light into the mystery of this new reality. Registrations are open and it's free to join [ Link ]
Europe needs to change and move forward. People deserve representatives who aim to reform the union and make them proud Europeans again. This is why Guy Verhofstadt is running to be president of the European Parliament. Can you think of anyone better for the job at these challenging times? Let's move forward together #IamEuropean