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We talk about human rights all the time but do we really know what they are? We must know them to demand them. Even if we're lucky enough to have them, someone else isn't #HumanRightsDay
The EU flag was adopted #OnThisDay in 1955. The 12 golden stars on the azure background represent unity, solidarity and harmony among Europeans. 61 years later, these ideals that brought peace to the continent are being undermined. Nationalists of all stripes cultivate intolerance, fear and hate to make us think we're better off alone. We dare to fight them. We dare to claim that together we...
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Poland is planning to withdraw from the only international set of binding rules aiming to combat violence against women: the Istanbul Convention. We stand with Polish women and we call on the government to reconsider its position, for the sake of abused women and children. Its job is to protect citizens not make them more vulnerable
Last week I made a call for stories about the things that still make you proud Europeans. I was very touched by this letter from Robert, an 83-year-old pensioner from the UK. Of course, I have returned the 20-euro note that was enclosed. With his permission, I am sharing this with you, as I thought you might find it as heart-warming as I did. Thank you Robert for wanting to move Europe...
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As a result of the Brexit referendum, support for EU membership has increased significantly across Europe. Did a backlash against Brexit help defeat Austria's far-right candidate? Guy Verhofstadt writes:

Austria just held a vote on the EU – Italy did no such thing | Guy Verhofstadt

Italians are voting today in a referendum to change their constitution. A No vote could create instability and influence the future of the EU. Austrians are also heading to the polls for an election that could render Europe's first far-right head of state. If you haven't voted already, make sure you do. Your vote matters. Your voice will shape the future #IamEuropean
Our Sunday reflection:
Europe has been stuck for too long. It's time to put it in motion. Liberals and democrats from across the continent are meeting in Warsaw to jump-start an EU that delivers for its citizens. Let's move forward together
This week 18 students from Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Spain, Austria, UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Czech Republic are at the European Parliament learning about identity and diversity. We feel privileged to have met them. Their freshness and enthusiasm is what we need to move Europe forward
Austria's presidential election this Sunday could give the EU its first far-right head of state. We must not let divisive politics destroy what has united us for decades. Let's use our voice to stop the hatred

Austria election: Holocaust survivor's appeal goes viral - BBC News

This is shocking. Europe has to set an example in dealing with gender-based abuse. Last week the European Parliament called for an EU-wide accession to the Istanbul Convention, which imposes stricter laws to prevent and combat violence against women

Moroccan state TV shows women how to hide signs of domestic violence

Our Sunday reflection
The EU should once again become a projection of our shared European values: the defence of liberal democracy, fundamental rights & a European identity. Let´s move forward together #IamEuropean

After Brexit and Trump’s victory, Europeans are beginning to like the E.U. again

Today is the International Day to End Violence against Women. On Thursday the European Parliament called for an EU-wide accession to the Istanbul Convention, which means putting in place stricter laws to combat and prevent gender-based violence #orangetheworld
Darwin's Origin of the Species was published on this day in 1859. One hundred and fifty seven years later, America's VP-elect Mike Pence still believes that God used Adam's rib to create Eve. We believe it's time he faces reality

VP-Elect Mike Pence Does Not Accept Evolution: Here's Why That Matters

Turkey is becoming an autocratic state. Erdogan jails journalist, shuts down opposition media and criminalises MPs. Today the European Parliament has voted in favour of our proposal to freeze accession talks with Turkey until this stops. The European Commission and the European Council must act on this recommendation immediately. By keeping negotiations with an increasingly authoritative...
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Is climate change real, Donald? 22.5 million people have been displaced due to climate-related events since 2008. Ambitious objectives agreed during COP21 should be respected by every signing party & concrete actions promptly implemented. We can't let earth down!
"One clown in Washington is more than enough." Watch Guy Verhofstadt's speech during today's plenary