Two years after Boris #Nemtsov's murder, we still don't forget. Citizens will march today in #Moscow in commemoration of the Russian liberal reformer and former Партия народной свободы leader murdered in February 2015.

Read more details about the demonstration here: [ Link ]
Liberal Sunday read: The United States, after President Donald #Trump took office, has rejected making any step forward in trade deals with Asia or Europe. Foreign Policy points out that now those two abandoned partners are getting together "threatening to leave the US out in the cold as the world’s biggest economic blocs reshape their trading relationships."

“We have seen that many of the...
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Dumped By U.S., Europe and Asia Get Together on Trade Deals
2017 is a crucial year for our member party in the Czech Republic ANO with legislative elections coming up in autumn and our party and its leader Andrej Babiš leading the polls. Take a look at the line-up of this weekend's ANO Congress with Ministers, MEPs, Guy Verhofstadt and Věra Jourová as speakers.

Stay tuned via their website for updates! [ Link ]
Happy 99th anniversary to our friends in #Estonia!
ALDE Party Individual members have launched a series to highlight how country coordinators contribute to the promotion of liberal values. This week, meet Andrea Rusco, the country coordinator of the #UnitedKingdom, a community formed by 200 members.

His plans to activate individual membership in the UK are clear: “We want to work closely with the Liberal Democrats on a local basis and to...
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Does the #Eurozone need to find a permanent solution to #Greece’s debt?

Earlier this week, optimistic Eurozone leaders agreed to buy time. But did they tackle Greece’s financial problems heads on? Share your view >> [ Link ]

ALDE Party
The European Union has 24 official languages, but far many more are spoken throughout the EU and Europe. What is the longest word in your mother tongue? Share it with us today as it is #InternationalMotherLanguageDay!

We're also trying to find out which of these languages is your mother tongue - CLICK HERE and let us know! [ Link ]
Because we believe in a world where we advance social justice when we remove barriers that people face because of gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture or disability. Share if you agree with our motto for #WorldSocialJusticeDay!
Liberal Sunday read: What do all the political leaders mentioned in this article have in common? Yes, we know, they are all men. However, they also share an ideal: they want to make #Europe great again.

Take a look at the leading personalities that the German newspaper WELT has included in their list of politicians fighting for a better Europe. Among them, some leading Liberals such as...
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Europa-Fans: Let’s make Europe great again! - WELT
In less than one month, Dutch citizens will kick of a series of elections in Europe.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte of ALDE Party member VVD recently wrote an open letter "to all the Dutch people." Train your Dutch language skills and learn why for him this election campaign will focus on one question: "What kind of country do we want to live in?" Read his open letter on the VVD website: [
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Normaal. Doen. - VVD
In less than one month, Dutch citizens will kick of a series of elections in Europe.

D66, one of the Dutch ALDE member parties, promises to get things done - especially for better jobs, health and elderly care, and education. Watch the video with the D66 leader Alexander Pechtold on the D66 website: >> [ Link ]

D66 krijgt het voor elkaar - D66
"The European Union is a truly remarkable achievement, and an unprecedented model for peaceful cooperation. The whole world benefits from a strong EU," said today Canadian PM Justin Trudeau (Liberal Party of Canada | Parti libéral du Canada) addressing the #EPlenary.

We couldn't agree more with his statement - Share if you do too! [ Link ]
Happy 99th anniversary to our Lithuanian friends!
In this age of increasing protectionism, the EU must show that we can build bridges and shape globalisation. The recently approved #CETA, the Canada-EU trade deal, is a key example of the way forward.

SIGN UP here to show your support to European Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström >> [ Link ]
ALDE Party Individual members have launched a new series to highlight how country coordinators contribute to the promotion of liberal values. This week, meet Katerina Polizou, the country coordinator of #Greece, a community formed by 167 members.

Her vision of Europe is a strong Liberal message: “It is vital that Europe remains a place where #humanrights are respected and history is not...
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Clear vote at the European Parliament for #CETA! With the support of the ALDE Group – Liberals and Democrats in the European Parliament, MEPs have just approved the EU-Canada trade agreement, which is a modern deal, good for our economies and citizens with a progressive like-minded partner. Stay tuned for tomorrow's address by Liberal Canadian PM Justin Trudeau at #EPlenary. Share if you agree...
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Liberals on the lead at local level! Open Vld Bart Somers, President of the ALDE CoR - Liberals and Democrats in the European Committee of the Regions and Mayor of #Mechelen, has been awarded the 2016 World Mayor Prize.

Somers is well-known for his achievements in integrating immigrants from different backgrounds: "What counts is not your origin, but your future. If we enforce our fundamental...
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Bart Somers awarded 2016 World Mayor Prize - ALDE Group - Liberals & Democrats in the European Committee of the Regions
Gefeliciteerd to Mark Rutte Minister-president, Dutch Prime Minister and VVD leader, who turns 50 today - Like & share to wish him happy birthday!
Love has no borders, love does not know gender, nor race, nor age. Happy #ValentinesDay!
Happy birthday to Timmy Dooley TD, ALDE Party VP and Fianna Fáil's Spokesperson on Communications, Environment & Natural Resources. He defines himself as "a humble servant to the people of the Clare constituency." In fact, in the latest Irish elections he was re-elected in his constituency with the most first preference votes and topped the poll. Like & share to pass on your birthday wishes to...
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