Liberal Sunday reads: Theresa May's speech this week on #Brexit finally outlined the #UK's government negotiating goals. Her speech has generated reactions among Liberals and two leading Liberals have published their opinion on The Guardian.

Two reads for today:

Guy Verhofstadt's opinion as the European Parliament's Brexit chief negotiator: [ Link ]

Tim Farron's perspective on behalf...
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We’re not out to punish Britain, but you need to shed your illusions | Guy Verhofstadt
In January 1985 Willy de Clercq, former President of the European Liberal Democrats, was elected as European Commissioner of External relations and Trade in the first Delors Commission along with fellow Liberal Henning Christophersen as Vice President.

Saturday quiz: How many years was de Clercq European Commissioner? The first 10 to give the right answer will get a copy by post of his...
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This week Donald #Trump has made some crushing remarks about #Europe and in particular about immigration policy and downplayed the importance of international trade.

As Liberals, we must make sure that we stand by our policies, our freedom and our way of life and not let fear divide us.

Click here to show you are with us and Donald Trump’s divisive policies will not work in Europe - let's...
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If you also want to the #UK to stay in the European Single Market, sign here and ADD YOUR VOICE! [ Link ]
Two ALDE Group – Liberals and Democrats in the European Parliament MEPs have been elected as Vice Presidents of the European Parliament. Congratulations to Pavel Telička (ANO) and Alexander Graf Lambsdorff (FDP) for their election. Time to move #Europe forward! [ Link ]
Today we welcome a new intern at the ALDE Party Secretariat, Elsa Pacella from #Italy, who will support the growing development of ALDE Party Individual Members. Elsa has shared her motivation to join the ALDE Party: "I am a supporter of European dialogue, which is really important if we want to reform Europe and to come together to solve the current problems."

Like this post to wish her good...
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On this day in 1975 Simone Veil, former leader of the Liberal Democrat group, first President of the elected European Parliament and former French Minister of Health, pushed forward the law legalising #abortion in #France, one of her strongest political fights. Today, Liberals are still as courageous and determined as Simone, to fight for the right of individuals to take autonomous decisions...
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Every year business, political, academic and other society leaders gather in the small Swiss town of #Davos for the World Economic Forum, the purpose of which is to improve the state of the world. Liberal politicians will not miss this chance to contribute to shape the global, regional and industry agendas. Take a look at the line-up of leading Liberal speakers at #wef17 and follow their...
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Liberal Sunday read: The rise of far-right politics has been in the spotlight throughout 2016. In this article, The Guardian suggests 10 tips for Liberals of all kinds hoping to stop the march of the right in 2017, such as standing up for integration and immigration, challenge the public, lead instead of following or most importantly - be patient! Do you agree? Would you add any other tip?

How do liberals halt the march of the right? Stand our ground and toughen up | Matthew d’Ancona
"If we lead by example, walk the talk and take an objective approach, Liberals win the hearts and minds; and elections!" said Hanno Pevkur, newly elected Chairman of ALDE Party member Reformierakond. Currently in opposition, Reform Party under Pevkur’s leadership will continue working hard to keep #Estonia on the liberal track and prepare for the next elections.

To find out more about...
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Interview with: new leader of Estonian Reform Party Hanno Pevkur
Take a look inside Europa, the new building where from now on 28 member states will take important decisions for #Europe's future. We have a little quiz for you: which ALDE Prime Ministers are part of the European Council? The first one to reply positively will win an ALDE tie or scarf - be fast :)
2017 is here and we would like hear from you: let us know which issues you think are the most pressing to the European Union in 2017? Fill in this 1 minute survey and we'll publish the results soon! [ Link ]
First Liberal victory of 2017 is here: ALDE member party Björt framtíð is now in government in #Iceland. Bright Future has agreed to form a coalition government with centre-right Independence and Reform parties and secured #EU accession talks back on the table as part of coalition demands. Congratulations! [ Link ]
Liberal Sunday watch: Marietje In Europa, an ALDE Group – Liberals and Democrats in the European Parliament MEP, makes an ardent case for Liberalism in an interview with Christiane Amanpour at CNN International: "The centre of open societies must be strengthened and come together to cooperate for solutions that work for people."

What's your view?

In face of populism, an ardent case for liberalism - CNN Video
One month ago, hundreds of European Liberal Democrats visited the #ALDEcongress in Warsaw, Poland. One of them was Dutch Liberal Prime Minister Mark Rutte (VVD) who shared with the delegates his ideas for European integration. Check out this video which tells about his day.
Today, ALDE Party member FDP met in Stuttgart, Germany for their traditional Three Kings meeting. It's the start of the political season in Germany. The FDP's leader Christian Lindner said: "If the world turned into something crazy, then vote for something sensible." Check out their page for more on #3k17
Liberal leaders support Guy Verhofstadt for European Parliament President. As Liberal Prime Ministers said: "The European Parliament is an honourable institution that deserves to be headed by someone who combines vision with extensive experience and the ability to build bridges across political divides. With Guy Verhofstadt, we have an excellent candidate who has these qualities."

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Have you watched the year in review video of ALDE CoR - Liberals and Democrats in the European Committee of the Regions? What effective solutions for 2017 would you propose to our Liberal leaders in local and regional government?

Don't forget to LIKE their page!
The Leader of the ALDE Group – Liberals and Democrats in the European Parliament Guy Verhofstadt on the sad news from #Istanbul.

Istanbul nightclub attack: Erdoğan vows to fight terror 'to the end' after gunman kills 39 – live