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We all know what the British weather is like!

Neigh need to worry, our Specialbuys will keep your horse covered.

Find them in store this Thursday.

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Baby Jaxon is a big fan of our nappies… and not just the box!

If you love our Mamia range too, get behind us and cast your Tommy’s Awards vote: [ Link ]
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Shopping doesn’t have to be an uphill struggle… especially with our prices.

Love to steer clear of big bills? TELL US below!
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Make this Sunday worth it... work it!

Our Home Gym Specialbuys are on sale TODAY. If your January REVOLUTION is to do more exercise, then TAG your workout buddy and get moving...

Our prices are a knockout.

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You can’t burst our bubble…

We’re thrilled to have been awarded a Which? Best Buy for our Premium Washing Up Liquid.

At 69p that’s #AldiEverydayAmazing
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Rise and dine!

Eating healthily can be affordable… the ingredients for our Very Berry Smoothie cost just £3.73 and you’ll have leftovers to make more!

Share your favourite breakfast smoothies with us – we’d love to hear them!

We have a range of delicious, healthy breakfast options available in store every day.

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Is your 2017 revolution to eat better?

Pack your meal with goodness and take a leaf out of this Buddha Bowl.

SHARE your healthy eating tips with us to inspire others!
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This healthy food trend is making us spiralise out of control!

Need some in-spiralisation? Look no further…

SHARE your favourite spiraliser dishes with us.
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LIKE and COMMENT below if you can spot which two Specialbuys our Mamia lion is hiding behind for the chance to WIN a month's supply of nappies.

Our Baby Event begins in store TODAY and online NOW.
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Meet the Aldi Revolutionists: A group of customers who are turning their 2017 resolutions into REVOLUTIONS!

We're following their epic journey over the 66 days it takes to form new habits as they strive to make their lives Everyday Amazing.

Stay tuned for regular updates on how they’re getting on…
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You’ve nearly crossed the #BlueMonday finish line… and for that you deserve a medal.

COMMENT below with how you made your Blue Monday amazing to get a personal reward!
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We’re taking a stand against #BlueMonday – and Duncan the duck is our chief happiness officer.

COMMENT below with your motivational mantra for the day and you could WIN a £30 voucher!
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Our Specialbuys are a real catch.

Get out into the fresh air this January, and share your REVOLUTIONS with us… whether it's learning how to fish or to get more omega 3 into your diet!

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It’s Dress Up Your Pet Day!

And we’d love to see photos of your pets looking purr-fect in their favourite outfits!

Comment and share your snaps with us.
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We’re very proud to announce that we’re now supporting the Teenage Cancer Trust.

We’re aiming to raise £5 million, over five years, to support the charity’s mission to ensure no young person faces cancer alone.

You can find out more information about our partnership here: [ Link ]
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Dig into a guilt-free dinner every night by making simple changes to some family favourites.

COMMENT and tell us which of these dishes you'd like to tuck into!

That's Everyday Amazing.

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Our athletes are talking all things food… especially healthy food!

Beans on toast, eggs and smoothies are all medal winning meals.

Do you have a dish that comes 1st place in your household? SHARE with us below...
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Trying to save the pennies this year?

You can feed the family for a fiver with our Super 6 meal planner.

LIKE and COMMENT with your money-saving tips for the chance to WIN a £20 voucher.

Who knows, you might see yours on our Facebook page!

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LIKE and COMMENT if you're hitting the slopes this winter.

Our Skiing Specialbuys are back this THURSDAY by popular demand.

Make a mountain of savings this January!

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Sundays were made for smooth classics.

Like this Mango, Pineapple and Kale Smoothie.

TELL US what you add to your smoothies to make them extra healthy.

Enjoy for 59p each this week.

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