In 2016, we awarded grants to 122 new childhood cancer research projects. ALSF funds all types of childhood cancer research, so that all kids facing cancer can have better, safer treatments and cures.
“Your child has neuroblastoma.”

Those are four words no parent ever wants to hear.

Neuroblastoma, the type of cancer our founder Alex Scott battled, is the most-common extra-cranial solid tumor in childhood. ALSF has helped power research that is getting us closer to cures every day. Researchers like Dr. John Maris from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and Dr. Katherine...
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Neuroblastoma: Searching for the Achilles Heel of Childhood Cancer
We are so incredibly grateful to all of our generous donors. Because of you, we are that much closer to better treatments and cures for kids with cancer. To show you what we have accomplished together, please take a look at this infographic which illustrates where your donations have been allocated and how we have raised awareness in 2016!
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"She then turned to me and said “that is so selfish.” I tried to explain to her again why we were donating the money to research for neuroblastoma when she finally answered, “all kids with cancer want a cure.”' - Liz Scott, Alex's mom.

Alex’s legacy continues to show that everyone can make a difference, one cup and one act of kindness at a time. Click the link to see our blog on how you can...
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There are many types of childhood cancer and distinguishing between them can be difficult. That's why we have defined many of these cancers on our website to educate our supporters. Please click the link below to learn more about childhood cancer.

Types of Childhood Cancer
Schools across the country are invited to join Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and compete in the annual Great Lemonade War! This contest, inspired by the book The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies, challenges schools to compete against each other to determine who can raise the most money for childhood cancer research through a lemonade stand project or other event! Click here to register:
Today is International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day. Childhood cancer spares no ethnic group, socioeconomic class or geographic region, which is why we need to fight childhood cancer on a global level. Check out this research project we funded in Kenya from our blog, and stay tuned for an update on the story!

Saving Lives in Kenya: Researchers Work to Diagnosis Leukemia
Today is International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day. Please share to support all the kids who have faced childhood cancer.
We LOVE notes from our supporters! Wishing all of our amazing followers a wonderful Valentine's Day! Check out these beautiful notes from supporters throughout the years to brighten your Valentine's Day!
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Get your spot in the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend with Team Lemon before registration opens tomorrow and races sell out! Click the link below to register today!

WALT DISNEY WORLD® Marathon Weekend presented by Cigna®
Hero Chase, 4, was scheduled for his last day of chemotherapy for his relapsed ependymoma last week, but when a snow storm threatened the area getting to his appointment was a slim chance. The ALSF Travel For Care Program was able to book Chase and his family a hotel room near the hospital the night before so Chase would get his last chemotherapy treatment! Please join us in congratulating...
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The perfect Valentine's present is Hero the ALSF stuffed puppy! He's soft and cuddly and fighting childhood cancer! Order now by clicking the link below!

Hero The ALSF Puppy
February is Heart Health Month. Childhood cancer survivors are at a higher risk of cardiac problems, including heart disease, an abnormal heart beat, congestive heart failure, stroke and blood clots because of the treatments they receive. Both chemotherapy and radiation can cause irreparable damage to a child’s heart. Our researchers are dedicated to finding less-toxic, more-effective...
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Here is a throwback blog to 10 Things You Need To Know About Childhood Cancer! #ThrowbackThursday

10 Fast Facts for Childhood Cancer Awareness Facts You Need To Know
Hero Raymeer (aka Baby Bacon) is already the life of the party at only 2 years old AND this week is celebrating 1 year in remission after being diagnosed with synovial sarcoma. Please join us in celebrating this amazing accomplishment with this little man! Congrats Baby Bacon!
America Ferrera said it best! Siblings of childhood cancer heroes (aka SuperSibs!) are incredible supporters! That's why we have our SuperSibs program, which offers support to childhood cancer heroes number one fans, their siblings! Check out for more information!