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Earth Hour 2017 … the future starts today. Remember to switch off your lights and unplug your appliances and devices for one hour at 20:30 on 25 March, 2017. Click here [ Link ] to watch the official Earth Hour 2017 video and find out how to get involved.
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Follow the tips below to avoid having your insurance claim rejected.

1. Provide proof of ownership and value
• Get a professional valuation, especially of jewellery items that are received as a gift or inherited.
• Keep purchase receipts and give your insurer copies.
• Get jewellery items you don’t wear often re-valued every couple of years.

2. Make accurate disclosure
• The insurer relies...
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This Human Rights Day, let us remember that we are individually part of the wider human race and that respect, consideration and acceptance of all people is the path to peace, freedom, justice and a greater sense of humanity. Let us also celebrate the long way we’ve come in achieving human rights for all.
Do you know what the prescribed medical benefits of your medical scheme are? Do they provide enough cover for your and your family’s needs?
We’re excited to announce that The Manager Watch™ Survey of Retirement Fund Investment Managers 2016 has launched.

Published since 1994, this is Alexander Forbes’s annual survey that showcases the performance of institutional fund managers in South Africa.

Click here [ Link ] to read it online or download a copy.
It is with great pride that we announce that our Consultants & Actuaries team has been recognised in the survey as the top consulting and actuarial firm for the tenth consecutive year.

Congratulations to all Alexander Forbes employees on this formidable achievement. Let’s keep up this excellent winning streak for many more years to come.
Have you taken care to name your beneficiaries and dependants in your retirement policies?

Speak to an accredited Alexander Forbes financial adviser about how we can help you provide for your loved ones.
Let us help you protect what matters most.

Our accredited Alexander Forbes financial experts are able to provide expert advice on wills, estate planning and trusts.

Get in touch with us today on +27 (0)11 269 0000 or to let us help you protect what matters most.
We do not charge a fee to apply for or enrol on our Young Talent internship and learnership programme. We’ve received several complaints from individuals who’ve received invitations to go to a screening for our Young Talent internship and learnership programmes, asking them to bring R150 to enrol. These people do not work with or for Alexander Forbes. They are criminals. Please do not give...
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Don’t let tax season creep up on you next year. Our financial experts will show you just how easily you can capitalise your retirements whilst minimising your tax costs. #SaveTax [ Link ]
New Year’s resolutions are not just for January. Like with most goals, you need to work at them to achieve them.

Have you started on the path to improved financial habits? Need some professional guidance and encouragement to keep going?

Let Alexander Forbes be your partner. Together we can plan your long-term financial well-being.
You only have one more day left to optimise your investments with the tax concessions. Call us now and we'll show you the right way. #SaveTax [ Link ]
Let us help you build wealth for a better future. Alexander Forbes, professional advice tailored for your needs. #SaveTax
Have you acquired new assets or disposed of old ones?

If you have, it’s important you let your insurance consultant know so that they can reassess what your risk level is and therefore what cover you need.

Get in touch with your Alexander Forbes insurance consultant today so that we can make sure your assets are sufficiently covered.
Looking for a solution to overseas university costs for your youngster? Speak to us about offshore investing. #SaveTax [ Link ]
Investing in a retirement fund is one of the best decisions you can make, let Alexander Forbes show you how. Commit now and thank us later #SaveTax. [ Link ]
Are you the type of person that plans for tomorrow, today? You can be. Click here to see how. #SaveTax [ Link ]
Retirement may seem like a distant dream. The fact is, it arrives quickly and you cannot afford to put off planning for it. The earlier you start planning, the better prepared you’ll be for it.

So, make the decision today to start planning for your retirement. Not only will you benefit from the peace of mind that you’re not leaving your financial security to chance, but you’ll benefit from...
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Congratulations to Investment Solutions for winning the 2016 Fund of Hedge Funds (Multi-strategy) Award at the annual HedgeNews Africa awards ceremony.

Each year, the awards recognise the best risk-adjusted returns of alternative strategies and hedge funds in South Africa and the broader Africa region.

Well done to all our employees whose hard work and commitment made this possible – we’re...
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Would you trust just anyone with your hard earned money? Off course not. Luckily we're not just anyone. Come meet our experts today. #SaveTax [ Link ]