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Never too late to start. Positive thinking is not only important for us as fighters but for everyone.
I hope you guys have visited my new website [ Link ] done by Timelab. Feels good to have a professional a reliable partner to take care of my site and make sure it represents me well.

The official site of Alexander 'The Mauler' Gustafsson - The official site of Alexander 'The Mauler' Gustafsson
My trophies #cauliflowerears
You cant say #usada #dopingkommissionen and #wada are not doing their job. Feels like my whole body is full of holes from all the tests they do. But, as long as they keep the sport free of doping, bring them on. #cleanathlete #teammauler #3rdtestinamonth
Good to have Poster Boy MMA back here in Stockholm and at Allstars Training Center. Not only a fantastic sparring partner, but also a really good friend and part of our family here in Sweden.
For all my fans abroad, the winter is not that cold in Sweden yet, Reza "Mad Dog" Madadi is just trying to start a new trend, looks nice, let's see if I will follow his footsteps ;) .
Thanks for the...
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A pictures from a few years ago from my good friend Meddi during an interview with ESPN. Time flies by.
Enjoing a good lunch after training. Had a blast in Hungary, now time for some business.
Having a great time with good friends in Hungary. Ending up the day with a nice dinner.
Thanks for all the positive feedback you guys are giving me about my biography and I am really happy that my story motivates a lot of you guys. It took 2 years to write this book and the authors followed me everywhere to actually catch up all my memories and follow my current career, it wasn't easy but I am happy with the result. Thank you my friends Martin and Leif and a big thank you to...
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Media loves to show before and after pictures, here are mine, pictures from the weigh-ins before my fights against Jon Jones, Manuwa, Johnson, Cormier and Blachowicz.
USADA is new to the UFC but for us fighters from Sweden, we have been checked since we started to compete as professional fighters.
With my best friend Ghost.
So happy for my good friend and sparring partner Poster Boy MMA for an amazing performance at UFC Manchester. I train with this guy all the time and those shots he was throwing at OSP are hard, believe me, I know. Enjoy some time off now Jimi and see you soon at Allstars Training Center again.
Current mood right now, just add sad and frustrated. But I will be back!
Watch the live stream from Viaplay Fighting Sverige
Looks like we are going to beautiful Brazil on the 19th of November. Another showdown for the UFC, this time, against one of the legends of our sport Rogério [Minotouro] Nogueira.
Can't wait, let the camp officially begin!