Alexis Bellino
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This happened for real. So cool! The dolphins followed our boat the entire way! Simple blessings from God. #nooscarshere #hawaii #dolphins #fourseasons #bellinofamilyvacation
Alexis Bellino
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Take a ride on the wild side!!! We decided to it. Chartered a boat to go late night manta ray feeding! It's going to be soooooooo cool!!!!! #bellinofamilyvacation #fourseasons #hualalai
Alexis Bellino
02/26/2017 at 18:25. Facebook
Aloha #bellinofamilyvacation #fourseasons #hualalai #kona
Alexis Bellino
02/26/2017 at 18:24. Facebook
Hawaii Vacation Rule #1: Don't forget yourself when applying sunscreen on your kids. (The good news is my kids say they will never again complain when I ask them to apply sunscreen.) #ouch #ihaventbeenburnedfortenyears #bellinofamilyvacation
Just got home. James won't sleep. So we did it again....This kid is already 5'2" at 10 yrs old and I swear to my family that the only reason I work out is to always be able to "hold" my baby. So we have these trials every few months. I got him for at least another 3 inches!!!!! ???????????? #family #ilovemylifesooooooooooooo #mom #son
Moved in 5 months ago and still finding boxes of random gems, like this engagement photo.❀#family #love #blessed #13yearsago
Latest and greatest at Sky Zone Anaheim is our NEW 65 FOOT ROCK WALL open today!!!! Come climb with us this weekend and receive 30 free minutes if you mention "Alexis." βŒβ­•
Someone was super jealous of Cruz
As I'm walking out the door to a charity event, I drop my diamond earring in the sink....annnnnnnnnd 30 min later I discover my true profession was a plumber. #lateagain #itneverfails #thisonewasagoodreason
Can I cut it before they sing to me? Lol @sydaysweets Colleen Ibarra Photography #alexisgoesgatsby
The photos are in!!!!! This custom cake is so phenomenally Gatsby by @sydaysweets I can't decide if I like the feathers or the jewels more. Thank you @heovx2 and Andi for this gorgeous cake! And I can't wait to share all the rest of the amazing photos by Colleen Ibarra Photography #alexisgoesgatsby
Some housewives just bust a move mid-party.
Thank you Denise for this super cool video of highlights from the party including some of Jim's speech! You are awesome! Love you. ❀Such a fun night. #alexisgoesgatsby
The man of the hour....#alexisgoesgatsby
Photos arriving soon from photographer, but the party was EPIC!!! Can't wait to share all the details with you all!! Love you girls ❀@caseybeaubrown @heovx2 and Andi. #alexisgoesgatsby
Still waiting on photos from photographer from my Great Gatsby party last night, but the Cyr Wheel was in sane!!! So much fun celebrating with so many of my amazing friends. ❀#alexisgoesgatsby #40feelsgreat #capricorn
Love over hate. Remember that we are all AMERICANS at the end of the day. Thank you @christinaleferguson for posting this so I could steal it. It's SO spot on. AND GOD BLESS AMERICA! #loveoverhate
It Was still dark when I woke up this morning my kitchen was shining bright with these beauties! #alexisgoesgatsby #happybirthdaytome #40