Creating new emotions since 1910. It’s time to celebrate some of the most iconic cars in our history with a special journey through time, from the historic 24-HP to Stelvio. Discover all the initiatives for Alfa Romeo’s 107th anniversary: [ Link ]
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Are you a social-holic? Well then, it’s time to play: go out and drive your dynamic spirit with Mito.
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Brian Anthony Cox
Brescia welcomes the Mille Miglia 2017 back for the last leg after an unforgettable trip across Italy aboard Giulia and Stelvio. Alfa Romeo awaits you in Piazza Della Loggia in Brescia for the grand final of this legendary race. #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
Dean Settinelli
Since 1927, the route of this legendary race has remained unaltered: Alfa Romeo is heading back from Roma to Brescia with Giulia and Stelvio. More emotions are coming in this 3rd Day of Mille Miglia 2017: follow us! #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
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If all roads lead to Rome, all emotions lead to Alfa Romeo. The Mille Miglia 2017 continues on its 2nd day: discover the hidden beauty of Italy on our trip towards the South with Giulia and Stelvio. #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
Francesco Cutri
Nesrine Nina
Guillermo Valdez
First stage of #MilleMiglia2017, first emotions aboard Giulia & Stelvio. Discover the most stunning Italian roads with Alfa Romeo on an inspiring journey from Brescia to Padova. #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
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Never ever go unnoticed. Enhance the uniqueness of #Giulia with #AlfaRomeoAccessories: [ Link ]
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Sicily knows how to welcome pleasure seekers: join Alfa Romeo at Targa Florio Classica for some unforgettable moments at the wheel and at the table. #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
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Alfa Romeo
Eric Gale
Sicily continues to offer real emotions: discover traditional handicraft on the road of Targa Florio Classica with Giulia and Stelvio. Keep following Alfa Romeo to unveil more hidden treasures. #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
Along the roads of the Targa Florio Classica, street-food really conquered everybody here: enjoy the most delicious moments of our trip with Giulia and Stelvio. #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
Ferdian Tanjung Mandahiling Cotto
Angélica Cruz Valencia
Ferdian Tanjung Mandahiling Cotto
Do you wish you were in Sicily with Alfa Romeo experiencing all these emotions? Join us on the road to Targa Florio Classica at the wheel of Giulia and Stelvio. Alfa Romeo, Main Sponsor of the 101st edition of the legendary race, awaits you! #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
Brent St Clair
Guillermo Valdez
Alex McColl
Beauty has always driven us: take a trip with Giulia and Stelvio and discover Sicily’s most amazing landmarks. Alfa Romeo, Main Sponsor of Targa Florio Classica, awaits you! #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
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Nothing can stop the urban fun if you’re driving Mito. Designed for big city living, created to connect people. #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
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Alfa Romeo Hakim
Even more Giulietta and now even faster. Conquer the road at the Geneva International Motor Show with Original Accessories distributed by Mopar for Giulietta Veloce!
#AlfaRomeoAccessories #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni #GimsSwiss
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#Giulia is the most genuine expression of #AlfaRomeo’s spirit. And there’s only one way to enhance its authenticity in style and performance: discover its original accessories distributed by Mopar at Geneva International Motor Show. #AlfaRomeoAccessories #MoparShow #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
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Anderson Moraes
This weekend, we enjoyed two shades of white: both led us to the purest #StelvioEmotions. Relive the enchanting drive on the snow covered roads of the Swiss Alps with #AlfaRomeo #Stelvio #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni.
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Alfa Romeo is pleased to announce that Giulia has been nominated for the Car Of The Year award.
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We spent two days full of #Icemotions. Thank you for being with us. #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
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Jean-Marc Magnan
Turn the key and accelerate: it’s time to live the real passion for driving. #Icemotions #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
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Tony Darpel
Have you ever seen anything more exciting than an #AlfaRomeo that zips on ice? #Icemotions #LaMeccanicaDelleEmozioni
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