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Ali Official
06/24/2017 at 00:39. Facebook
Tonight could be Laylatul Qadr. An act of worship during Laylatul Qadr is rewarded to worship equal to over 83 years. Please make a donation to Human Appeal's World in Crisis campaign, helping those in Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Yemen and Palestine. May Allah reward all those who do. Donate here ->
Tonight could be Laylatul Qadr An act of worship during Laylatul Qadr
Fáèz Ål ßãrâzý
Sania Rabbani Rahman
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Ali Official
06/23/2017 at 18:28. Facebook
Asian parents are never satisfied
Iesa Asif
Amna Pervaz
Murriam Ali
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Ali Official
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Who's from BRADFORD? I'll be in your city performing stand up this Saturday (24th) for the Chand Raat event at Rio Grande! It's a free event from 6pm till late with lots of activities! But for £6 you can have a buffet there and I'll be performing after Iftar! Shout out to BD3, BD7 & BD7 crew! Come down and tag your friends below! Look forward to seeing some of you there In'sha'Allah!
Whos from BRADFORD Ill be in your city performing stand up this
Parveen Begum
Sumaiyah Hassan Mua
Salma Mohtasem
How media reports terrorism This style of journalism needs to stop/change!
Sufyan Iss Baegoals
Gina Stevens
Irish Owen S. Oyan
Please take a minute and watch this video. I'm helping raise money for Human Appeal - UK's World in Crisis appeal. If you can help, please make a donation on this link ->
Amina Keyse
טניה פטקובה
Farhan Khan
Hayls Stevens
Siddika Alahi
Manjot Mona
Gulshan's opinion on Jeremy Corbyn VS Theresa May
Sufyan Iss Baegoals
Haffy Muhammed Ali
Rahela Begum Shopna
My heart sank as I helplessly watched a major fire rip through a tower block building in West London. Thoughts and prayers go out to those that have been injured and those that are no longer with us. I cannot begin to imagine what losing your home and everything within it must feel like, yet this is the new reality of so many who experienced last night's tragedy. As I'm reading things that are...
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My heart sank as I helplessly watched a major fire rip through
Rehana Begum
Faseeha Farid
Faseeha Farid
Words can make you hungry in Ramadan
Jannat Ul Firdaus
Rafah Tasnim
Naved Akhtar
Iftar invites be like...
Kombo Mwamuka
Azhar Adnan
Zaid Rahma
Things Muslims say in Ramadan
Safeena Khan
Tasniazaman Tarin
Daniela Shenaaz Moosa
White photographer at an Asian wedding
Jahera Begum
Micky Fudge-Quinlen
Zainab Ahmed
A proud moment. Made my debut on BBC iPlayer and BBC red button for a stand up show I did at BBC Asian Network's comedy night. To watch it you can either search "Asian Network" on the iPlayer app or watch it here - [ Link ] - I'm the last comedian on the programme.

A huge thank you to every single follower of mine! I really appreciate all the people that have been there from the...
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A proud moment Made my debut on BBC iPlayer and BBC red
Mahona Begum
Ayesha Butt
Alinoor Rohman
Middle Child Problems [who else is a middle child? ]
Sarah Woo
Kamila Janeczek
Shadab Ashraf Khan
Khabhi Khushi Khabhi Gham - Ramadan Special
Shuma Farzana
Faisal Nayeem
Shiri Bibi
Alhamdulillah, day 2 of fasting is upon us and I want to remind everyone of those less fortune than us. Over 2 billion people live in countries destroyed by conflict. These countries include Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Somalia and Yemen. Throughout Ramadan, I'll be raising money for these countries for Human Appeal - UK's World In Crisis campaign and then on July 1, I'll be doing a charity skydive...
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Alhamdulillah day 2 of fasting is upon us and I want to
Nasima Huda
Abdulrhman Yahia
13 Reasons Why - #Ramadan Special
Megan Jenkins
Preety Alam Sikdar
Aisha Chaudhry
Ramadan Mubarak to everyone! Please do keep me in your prayers and I'll do the same. What's your favourite thing about this blessed month? :]
Ramadan Mubarak to everyone Please do keep me in your prayers and
Heba Ahmad
Zin Nwe Oo
Sadie Dapron
Questions non-Muslims ask during #Ramadan [tag 3 friends]
Shahjahan Shaz Razzaqui
Morgain Alanah Larter
Eesha Qureshi
Asian Dad reacts to #FidgetSpinners
Siddiqa Shuborna
Shahjahan Shaz Razzaqui
Shelina Khan