Ali Official
Ali Official
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When TV shows are your life
Khalid Shabaz
Hamza Ali Naqvi
Sheereen Nabi
Ali Official
Ali Official
04/25/2017 at 22:25. Facebook
What would you caption this? #NewYork #TimesSquare
What would you caption this NewYork TimesSquare
Elisha Sarah Shenstone
Sana Bhatti
Sadie Dapron
Ali Official
Ali Official
04/25/2017 at 17:21. Facebook
Who's seen the viral video of the man who stopped the fight between two teenagers and made them shake hands? That man is brother Ibn Ali. During my stop in New Jersey, I was fortunate enough to spend a few hours with this brother and hear his thoughts. He showed us where he grow up and where the viral fight took place. It makes me so happy to see a Muslim man getting recognition for doing...
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Whos seen the viral video of the man who stopped the fight
Fahad Ahmed
Raju Ahmed
Bahsan Yunis
Ali Official
Ali Official
04/23/2017 at 14:59. Facebook
When you perform at one of the most prestige universities in the world (Yale) then meet one of the most influential scholars in the west (Imam Zaid Shakir) but then you're still the shortest guy in the squad
When you perform at one of the most prestige universities in the
AbdulNaim Mindalano Basman-Tampugao
Abul Kashim
Mohammed Iftekar
Ali Official
Ali Official
04/21/2017 at 20:06. Facebook
Landed in America last night Alhamdulillah! Didn't get questioned at airport! First performance tonight! For now, at this epic library in Connecticut! How many books do you think are behind me? ????
Landed in America last night Alhamdulillah Didnt get questioned at airport First
Mohammed Iftekar
Kristi Jo Stephens Coultas
Khalilah Craftsalot
To all my thrill seekers, come SKY DIVING with me and Human Appeal - UK on July 1st or 2nd! I know so many people who want to do this, but never get around to it, THIS is your chance! You pay a ยฃ70 registration fee and raise ยฃ500 for Human Appeal's World in Crisis campaign! You tick sky diving off your bucket list AND help a worthy cause! They'll be coaches to and from London, Birmingham,...
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Javed Haleemi
Rumana Pixie
Siddiqa Shuborna
That friend who makes you take a MILLION pictures
Mishbah Islam
รŸenita Sakina
Waqar Hussain
Bahsan Yunis
Gul Begum
Yusrah Al-gharebawi
All my AMERICAN people!!! I'll be passing through Connecticut (21st & 22nd), New Jersey (23rd), Washington DC (28th) and Philadelphia (29th & 30th) for a USA tour! Get your tickets by contacting the email/phone number shown on the poster. - Where else do you want me to come? โ˜บ Let me know! โฌ‡
All my AMERICAN people Ill be passing through Connecticut 21st 22nd New
Hamza Ali Naqvi
Moududa Hussain
Lynn Mar
I remember during my degree, I applied for a BBC internship and didn't get the position. Fast forward a few years and I kept grinding on my social medias. The other day, BBC emailed me asking if I'd like to take over their Snapchat account as Ali Official for the day. That one day became 5 days and more days got added today. Weird how life works. Sometimes a "no" now is a "yes" in the future....
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I remember during my degree I applied for a BBC internship and
Somaiyah Khan
Idris Ahmed
Zainab Dokrat
"I don't know what I want to do with my life" - I hear this line so many times from so many different people. First of all, find comfort in knowing you're not the only one who feels like that. But secondly, don't accept not knowing and don't accept your current unfavourable state. Spending your life doing what you hate is a guaranteed recipe for unhappiness. You need to discover what makes you...
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I dont know what I want to do with my life I
Lynn Mar
Irish Owen S. Oyan
Sadie Dapron
A big thank you to Instagram for verifying my account! โ˜บ And an even bigger thank you to all you amazing people who watch my videos! All the likes, comments and messages mean the world! Much love!
A big thank you to Instagram for verifying my account And an
Faisal Nayeem
Irish Owen S. Oyan
Zin Nwe Oo
I'm SKYDIVING for Human Appeal - UK and YOU can join me too! All details in the comments below! :]
Kais Kass Mahmood
Jasmi Nabil
Irish Owen S. Oyan
When everyone wants you to get married
Salima Ahmed
Sahdia Aleem
Sadie Dapron
Distractions during revision
Onik Noor
Supti Akhtar
MoMo Mohammad
Please PRAY that they let me in America! - If all well and good, i'm off to the USA for a tour this April! Super thrilled and excited! Who's from America? And what city are you from?
Please PRAY that they let me in America If all well and
Bri Ana
Tasha NY Field
Nurul Mohshin
Faiza Khan
Anisha Najran
Ayman Jamaa
I'm a Muslim. Not the best one, but a proud one. As a Muslim, two things absolutely infuriate me. Number one, when crazy individuals use the name of religion to murder innocent individuals. Number two, when people use those crazy individuals to somehow asses or reflect my religion. No! Crazy people are crazy people. They exist everywhere and are not exclusive to my religion. Their crazy...
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Im a Muslim Not the best one but a proud one As
Michelle Baker
Laurie Whyte
Lisa May-Howard
Imagine these stereotypes went out of fashion
Pat Gibbons
Bahsan Yunis
Neelam Rai
Late night phone calls be like
Bahsan Yunis
Aafreen Noor
Konrad Niedzielski