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Who's from BIRMINGHAM? Myself & Humza Productions will be performing in your city on Wednesday, 22nd Feb at 6pm! :] All details on poster! Make sure you book your tickets here -> [ Link ]
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Job interviews in 2017 be like
Had a great time hosting the Master Chef Promotions 2017! Was an absolutely amazing event. Thank you to all the kind people that showed so much love to me. I really appreciate it!
How to marry someone outside your own race... [tag 3 people] w/ Humza Productions

Don't forget me and Humza will be performing in London (17th) and Birmingham (22nd)! Book your tickets here -> [ Link ]
10 days to go till the London performance with Humza Productions at SOAS University! :]

Make sure you book your tickets here -> [ Link ]

Humza Arshad and Ali Official Comedy Show - SOAS, University of London

*ANNOUNCEMENT* Humza Productions & myself will be performing stand up comedy in LONDON (17th) and BIRMINGHAM (22nd) together for the first time ever! All details are on the poster! Book your tickets now ->
Vibes from the protest against the #MuslimBan in Downing Street today. So nice to see people from all walks of life stand together!
President Donald Trump implemented a #MuslimBan that stopped Muslim refugees and immigrants from certain countries entering America. This went to the extent whereby people who have lived in America for years and were RETURNING back from a country on the ban list were refused reentry. The thought of even attempting to apply such ludicrous legislation is shocking to say the least. Why should...
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All my people in LONDON! I'll be performing a brand new comedy set at the Atrium on the evening of 4th Feb! They'll be other comedians, nasheed artists and dinner! To get your tickets, click the link in Salaam Events Co.'s website at - Tag your friends/family below who may want to come ⬇ ! On the link there's also a limited number of FREE tickets for the Expo that's happening in the daytime...
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Double standards with boys and girls... True or not?