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Proper product inspection at the origin of manufacturing can help eliminate quality issues and ensure that you get what you ordered.

Inspecting Supplier Factories & Your Goods
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This years Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas showcased the latest in gadgets and technology that will dominate in the next few years. Checkout the trends from this years show!

Tech Trends from CES
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Catch a new episode of #PopUpStartup tonight on CNBC World. Check your local listings and carrier schedule if you reside in the US.
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Claim a FREE inspection service by voting new features for Trade Assurance - Alibaba's FREE order protection service. [ Link ]

Vote for the New Trade Assurance Features
Here's a live feed from #CES2017 to help you make the most out of @AlibabaTalk
Request for Quotation is launching a new page! Want to find the right suppliers for your customized requests? Check it out here: [ Link ]
The CES -Consumer Electronics Show kicks off this week in Las Vegas and it sets the tone for what new technologies we can expect in the new year. Here are some predictions for what's sure to be the tech trend in 2017

Top 5 innovative technology trends in 2017
Happy New Year! Let's own 2017 and make it a prosperous year ahead for our businesses. This is your year to turn that good idea in to a great business!
There are entrepreneurs and there are trailblazers. Which one are you? #PopUpStartup

Entrepreneurs & Trailblazers
Happy Holidays to all!
At, we're helping you navigate your way through global trade and helping make the journey a little easier.

Navigating Global Trade
Did you watch the premier of #PopUpStartup last week? Share your thoughts and let us know who you were rooting for. And get ready for a fresh new episode this Friday, featuring two new entrepreneurs, only on @CNBCs PopUpStartup!
Get Inspired #PopUpStartUp

Creating A Fashion Brand
Emma Jayne was looking for manufacturers offering smaller minimum order quantities and found her suppliers through Alibaba. Are you ready to turn your good idea into a great business? Learn how Squid London found their niche. Buyers - Squid

Squid is a London based business that uses's RFQ service to find exactly what they're looking for.