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Tune in to Sky Channel 505, Virgin Media 613, Free Sat 210 for the latest #PopUpStartUp, tonight at 10pm GMT on @CNBCi [ Link ]
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Bring your business to life in just 8 weeks?
Is it possible to launch your business in just 8 weeks? Find out on the latest episode of #PopUpStartUp tomorrow at 10pm GMT only on CNBC International, available on sky 505, Free Sat 210, Virgin 613. [ Link ]
We will be talking to #PopUpStartUp contestant Johnny Harris from T-tox live at 10:30 tomorrow morning, after his interview on Squawk Box. Let us know your questions in the comment below.
From robotics to virtual reality, this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas provided a glimpse of the role technology will play in our lives moving forward.

Tech Trends from CES
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Entrepreneur Rabina Mahmood spells out how she hopes to make education fun. Will her #PopUpStartUp business idea work? [ Link ]
What do you think of Johnny's healthy teas #PopUpStartUP business? [ Link ]
#PopUpStartUp is returning to CNBC this Friday evening, meet our Episode 3 entrepreneurs Johnny Harris, from Hertfordshire, and Rabina Mahmood from London.
We have just launched a new page of REQUEST FOR QUOTATION today. Join our 10 million members to submit your quote now. [ Link ]

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What do you need to start your own business? !
To find out what is happening at this year's CES, watch this recorded live directly from Las Vegas.
Calling all Startups, we will be live here again at 13:00 GMT tomorrow. Leave your questions in comments below for KOY Clothing co-founders Scott brothers.
What would be the top 5 innovative technology trends in 2017?

Top 5 innovative technology trends in 2017
Is your New Year's resolution to start up your own social enterprise? Are you one of the aspiring social entrepreneurs? Here is the inspirational story from the co-founders of Gandys flip flops and creators of the Orphans for Orphans social initiative. We're thrilled to see the growth they've had not only in their business but also in the good they're doing.
$37 for a top-notch Jacket? Watch Caroline and Jimmy discovering the endless business possibilities available to them on, tomorrow at 10PM GMT only on CNBC.
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