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Alice Munro
11/27/2016 at 16:51. Facebook
"But the development of events on that Saturday night — that fascinated me; I felt that I had had a glimpse of the shameless, marvellous, shattering absurdity with which the plots of life, though not of fiction, are improvised."
― from “An Ounce of Cure” by Alice Munro
Coming soon as a major motion picture...

"In Alice Munro's stories, nothing is what it seems. Beneath her serene writing there is always something compulsive."
--from "Things Within Things," Pedro Almodovar's foreword to JULIETA

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“She read modern fiction too. Always fiction. She hated to hear the word 'escape' used about fiction. She might have argued, not just playfully, that it was real life that was the escape. But this was too important to argue about.”
If you care for the films of Pedro Almodóvar — and I’m sure that’s many of you — his newest picture, Julieta, will likely leave you satisfied. As we said at Cannes, “A woman recalls the pivotal moments of her adult life in Julieta, the latest film from Pedro Almodóvar and his fifth to screen in competition here in Cannes. It’s adapted from a series of short stories of Canadian Nobel...
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Pedro Almodóvar’s ‘Julieta’ Receives U.S. Trailer

“I read them like ten years ago. At that point, I was a follower of Munro’s writing,” Almodóvar explained, and was interested in how, “in this specific collection, Runaway, the three stories were part of this collection, but for the first time, it was the same protagonist, Juliet. And I was really very hooked.”

NYFF 2016: Pedro Almodóvar on the Challenges of Adapting Alice Munro for ‘Julieta’

Pedro Almodóvar’s ‘Julieta’ (based on three short stories by Alice Munro) Receives U.S. Trailer...

Julieta lives in Madrid with her daughter Antía. They both suffer in silence over the loss of Xoan, Antía’s father and Julieta’s husband. But at times grief doesn’t bring people closer, it drives them apart.

JULIETA (2016) - Official US Trailer

Julieta lives in Madrid with her daughter Antía. They both suffer in silence over the loss of Xoan, Antía’s father and Julieta’s husband. But at times grief ...

A critical analysis of the ways women write better fiction than men via WBUR 90.9 FM

Women Write Better Fiction Than Men: That's My Read

Spanish director’s sombre, mature tale of a fractured mother-daughter relationship elegantly cuts between past and present

Film review: Julieta – Pedro Almodovar adapts Alice Munro for tender melodrama on motherhood

Presented by Stellar Quines in association with the Edinburgh International Book Festival, this new adaptation of Alice Munro's short story.

The View from Castle Rock by Alice Munro

"Told in flashback over 30 years of guilt and grief, this tender melodrama based on three Alice Munro short stories is Pedro Almodóvar’s best film in a decade."

Julieta review – Almodóvar’s five-star return to form

Dear Life by Alice Munro: "This collection is close to my heart for the ways it treats the everyday business of mothering and marriage with reverence and complexity. I also think the loosely autobiographical nature of the collection, and its hearkening back to an earlier era of womanhood, strikes a chord with me as a military wife now five years into staying home with my children. There are no...
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Finding Connection as a Military Spouse in 5 Books

The author’s tales of her ancestors’ flight to the new world draw parallels with today’s migrants in a show that honours the graceful economy of her prose

The View from Castle Rock review – Alice Munro stories set sail in vivid adaptation

Previews for "If Truth Be Told" begin Wednesday at the North Huron playhouse, and playwright Beverley Cooper says she drew heavily on the experiences of Alice Munro in writing the play.

Alice Munro Inspired New Play

"People are curious. A few people are. They will be driven to find things out, even trivial things. They will put things together, knowing all along that they may be mistaken. You see them going around with notebooks, scraping the dirt off gravestones, reading microfilm, just in the hope of seeing this trickle in time, making a connection, rescuing one thing from the rubbish.
And they may get...
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Today is the 30th anniversary of Alfred A. Knopf's publication of THE PROGRESS OF LOVE.
“Now I no longer believe that people's secrets are defined and communicable, or their feelings full-blown and easy to recognize.”
―from "The Stone in the Field"
“They spoke like caricatures, it was unbearable.”
― from "Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage"

Instagram photo by Vintage & Anchor Books • Aug 19, 2016 at 12:17am UTC

Happy National #ShortStoryMonth! For the second year Vintage Shorts is publishing one 99¢ short story ebook every day for the next 31 days! The 1st story is Alice Munro's "Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage".