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Congratulations to our learner Vivian Ngozi Osude on the completion of her Diploma and Certificate in Customer Service and Business Communication! We wish you great success in the future!
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Here's a challenge for the week ahead:

Motivate your employees and just create a more upbeat and inspired workplace! Up for the challenge? This blog outlines the various ways Alison can help you achieve that!

7 successful ways to motivate your employees | Alison

Go into the new week prepared for the future! As you prepare for interviews or a promotion, we've outlined the 5 most important skills employers are looking for. Know all about them and get ready for your new career!

Top Five Skills Employers Are Looking for

Food Safety is very important and there are new technologies being built frequently. There is a bright future in this ever-growing industry, get the free training you need with Alison here: [ Hubs.ly Link ]
Yoga has been applauded to be one of the most effective exercises at working on both the body and mind to achieve a happier, more balanced life. The beauty is, anyone can do it. So get your parents, friends and children involved. Here's how you can: [ Hubs.ly Link ]
Thank you @GearBraininc for the article about our Drone Technology courses. You can learn to build your own Drone, here's how: [ Hubs.ly Link ]

Free Class on How To Build Drones By Alison

Blogger Jessica Kirby wrote about how she uses Alison to gain new skills for free in areas like Data Analysis and Languages [ Hubs.ly Link ]

Here's to a Knowledgeable New Year

This stunning footage by Joel Schat just shows how drone technology has impacted film and photography. Learn more here: [ Hubs.ly Link ]
Petting cute animals may be a temporary stress relief, but chronic stress is seriously detrimental the health. Here's how you can live your daily life stress-free: [ Hubs.ly Link ]
We've been mentioned by @itbriefcasedotnet for our new free Computer Network Security course because of its increasing relevance for businesses, especially with the number of hackers on the rise. Read all about it here:

Protect against the biggest threat in network security | IT Briefcase

Shoutout to the blogger for writing on Alison's R Programming! :D

[ Itnerd.blog Link ]
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Interesting in learning R Programming. Checkout our course here -

Introduction to R for Data Science | ALISON

Time is running out!

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Daily, drones are proving to be of tech's most valuable inventions. Constantly providing diverse implementation, now including deliveries. Just like Amazon.com, UPS is taking the drone delivery initiative to the task. Learn more: [ Hubs.ly Link ]
It is indeed the dawn of a new day! If you haven't heard already, the solar system as we know it is now changed. The NASA Solar System Exploration team have discovered a new solar system and THREE of the seven planets are potentially habitable! This is very exciting news!

Learn more about the solar system here: [ Hubs.ly Link ]
We have been highlighted by Irish Tech News about how you can study R Programming for free with Alison! Thank you!

Learn all about R Programming here: [ Hubs.ly Link ], [ Hubs.ly Link ]

Understand Big Data: Alison launches new courses on R Programming

Know more about our collaboration with India's AISECT University to support the #SkillIndia movement with free online learning materials. Read about it below.

AISECT University: Aiming For A Skilled And Digitally Literate Workforce

We have been highlighted by Digital Times about how you can study R Programming for free with Alison! Thank you!

Learn all about R Programming here: [ Hubs.ly Link ], [ Hubs.ly Link ]

You can now learn 'R programming' for free

Like Eduardo, we are seeing changes in how food is being grown for families and communities in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. There are many health and socio-economic benefits to growing your food organically.

Learn all about it here: [ Hubs.ly Link ]
In 2015, one of the most popular tragedies in literature, Shakespeare's 'Macbeth', was made into a movie featuring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cottilard.

You can learn so much more about Shakespeare and his works here: [ Hubs.ly Link ]
Two days ago marked the 55th anniversary of John Glenn being the first American to orbit the earth. Yesterday, with this incredible drone footage shows the SpaceX rocket successfully landing on solid ground! [ Hubs.ly Link ]