Depression is terrifying—your world is dark, heavy, painful. But there is hope for those who turn to Christ.

The Depressed Christian
What does it take to write a children's Bible that's all about Jesus? Find out from author sally lloyd-jones as she tells the story of how God led her to write the Jesus Storybook Bible.
The best thing we can do is build relationships, pray, and let God direct our speech and actions.

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For this pastor, there is no finish line except to do the work that Christ called him to accomplish in the world's most dangerous places.

The Finish Line
Do you ever struggle with what to say to someone going through hard times? Here are 6 basic things you can do for friends in pain.

What to Say (and what not to say) to Sufferers
Where does Christ show up in the story of Daniel and the lions' den? Find out when you listen to today's program.

Jesus on Every Page | Part 5
One of the most important things you can do today is pray for those who pray so fervently for you.

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For many Christians in the Middle East, "just getting by" is a way of life.

Just Getting By?
What can be more important for a parent than leading your child to Christ?

6 Simple Ways to Lead Your Child to Jesus
The Old Testament is filled with rich stories that point to a Savior who would come and redeem God's people. Here's how Jesus shows up in the story of Abraham.

Jesus on Every Page | Part 4
Christians are suffering all around the world today. Here's how you can pray for them [ Link ]
You never know where the Lord might take you and how He'll use you to further His Kingdom.

Open Our Eyes, Lord
How does someone come to write a children's storybook Bible that's all about Jesus?

The Story Behind The Jesus Storybook Bible
God's battle plan may seem crazy and unwinnable, but it would be foolish to think our way is better.

Jesus on Every Page | Part 3
Sometimes, the Lord uses the worst of situations to do His greatest work through you.

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Will you join us in celebrating the scores of Muslims coming to faith in Christ around the world?

The Long Haul
Nothing is more exciting than seeing the most unlikely of converts come to faith. That's what Naaman's story is all about.

Jesus on Every Page | Part 2
As more Muslims convert to Christianity, pray they would also grow as disciples of Jesus.

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Being a "Good Samaritan" means to love others like Jesus—with an unconditional, sacrificial kind of love.

The Good Samaritan
This is a story of how God stepped in for one couple whose marriage was all but lost.

Hope For A Broken Marriage