Are you loving your neighbor as yourself?

A Home of Love
The greatest command Jesus gives to His followers is to love one another.

Today's devotional [ Link ]
No matter who you are or where you're from, you are a representative of Christ.

Like Father, Like Son
Have you ever suffered from depression? This article is for you.

The Depressed Christian
When's the last time you tried to memorize Scripture?

Memorizing Scripture: 12 Simple Steps
This isn't just a nursery song. It's a call to action.

Today's devotional [ Link ]
Nothing in the world can ever be enough if we don't have the love of God.

Show Us the Father
Humans were created with a “God-shaped hole in our hearts," so that we would yearn for our creator.

How to Find God When You're Feeling Lonely
At some point, we have all felt alone in this world; but that uncomfortable feeling of loneliness can bring us closer to God.

One is the Loneliest Number | Part 5
When you’ve missed out on the Father, all this life has to offer will never be enough.

Today's devotional [ Link ]
Christ’s death and resurrection are our doorway into the Kingdom of God. Let us fix our eyes on Him!

Follow the Son
Need something to cheer you up today? This video will probably do the trick.

A Fun Way to Memorize Scripture
Where do you turn when you are lonely? Whatever your circumstance, the Lord is waiting for you to cry out to Him.

One is the Loneliest Number | Part 4
How can we fix our eyes on Jesus when everything else seems to pull at our attention? Keep reading [ Link ]
Jesus faced temptation throughout his earthly ministry. Allow him to help you with yours.

Into the Father's House
Even the strongest believers face times of loneliness and doubt. Today's program looks at the challenges Paul faced in Scripture.

One is the Loneliest Number | Part 3
Do you have a story of how God has met you in a time of loneliness? We want to hear about it!

What's your story?
The best way to avoid sin is to pray for strength before temptation strikes.

Today's devotional [ Link ]
When we forgive others, we are only demonstrating the same forgiveness we receive from the Father.

Living Like the Father